August 2nd, 2009


laptop repair/cracked screen- where and how much?

My teenage son broke his laptop- the LCD screen is cracked inside (not through to outside, but looks like it has a giant ink splot in it from the break).  i think it's probably worth repairing if the price is not outrageous.  It's a Dell xps with a camera in the flip-top screen.

Any suggestions for places to get this repaired, or experience/pricing this type of repair?

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housing, anyone?

okay dp, before i deal with craigslist, we're looking for one or two housemates (one to fill an average-sized room, or a couple/ friends who want to share a super large one). inner southeast, great neighborhood and housemates, and regular bbq/ slip 'n' slide action. if you are interested or know anyone in need of a place to live, give me a shout.
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Anyone need a housesitter?

My house is way too crowded for my liking right now, and I'm thinking it'd be cool to have some excuse to get away for a few nights. Unfortunately, I have a job, and I took two weeks' vacation to China last month, so I can't just bail on work and go bugger off somewhere.

SO, is anyone in need of someone to watch their house for a few days? I'm responsible, clean, and will take excellent care of your stuff, your pets, and whatever else. A few bucks a night as pay would be great, but honestly, just having an alternate place to chill out and sleep for a few nights would be payment enough.

Just thought I'd throw it out there for the hell of it. I peeked at Craigslist and didn't see anyone looking for housesitters there. Thanks dudes.

PSA for Multnomah Countey denizens

From someone who handles 9-1-1 and non-emergency police calls for a living.

Welcome to summertime, the busiest reason for emergency services. I am posting this PSA because being informed can make the unpleasantness of having to call emergency for help just a little less heinous.

1. When you accidentally dial 911 (everyone does it, especially from work numbers that require dialing “9” to get an outside line) just say something along the lines of: “oops, didn’t mean to dial 911, sorry, bye.” And everyone will be happy. Do NOT hang up without saying anything, because then we have to take time away from handling emergency calls in order to call you back and possibly dispatch police on an “incomplete” call to make sure no one is bleeding to death or being held hostage there. It’s a total waste of resources on an accidental misdial.

2. When your pocket (or purse) calls us and we call you back to check, don’t get all angry and indignant that you most certainly did NOT call 911…because your phone most certainly did. They do it all the time. It’s called a “butt dial” for a reason. If you did not intend to call, just say so and life can go on for everyone.

3. If you are calling 9-1-1 from home, use your landline…*not* your cellphone. If something terrible is happening, we can pull your address automatically from a land line. With a cellphone….well, we might have a vague idea where you are, but that landline is far more accurate. Especially if you are inside a building.

4. If you have an internet-based phone service, make sure to update your local address immediately every time you move. Worst case scenario: you are crushed by a mountain of falling boxes and have only the strength to pull your phone off the hook and croak “help me” before losing consciousness. We’d like to send help to where you are now, not where you lived yesterday.

5. If you have a non-emergency issue (i.e. not a life threatening situation or a crime in progress) please call 823-3333. It is the non-emergency dispatch number for police, fire, and medical. The exact same people answer that number as 9-1-1, and we feel a little guilty sometimes telling people calling 9-1-1 that they need to call a different number *after* they’ve explained their situation. But, you do. There are a limited number of 911 incoming lines and those need to be kept clear for fires and shootings and other emergencies. Examples of situation that will be handled on the non-emergency number: noise complaints…parking violations…something stolen from your car or home overnight…transients camped out in your driveway not being violent…. Basically, if there is no violence and no crime in progress, you can save yourself some time and hassle by calling the non-emer number right away, or at least telling the 911 call taker “I need the non emergency number” before launching into a spiel of what happened. Sneaky trick: you can bypass a lot of the phone tree annoyance by hitting “1” to go right into the queue.

6. Please don’t get angry that we are asking you seemingly pointless questions. With most “hot” calls (medical, fire, crimes in progress) responders are dispatched within 60 seconds of reception, then more info is added and passed along to responders as they drive. No response is being delayed by answering questions that might not seem important in your situation, but usually are. We ask them for a reason. We understand that if you are calling 911, you are in a terrible and stressful situation, but calling us names and yelling obscenities does not actually speed things up.
More helpful: telling us where you are and (succinctly) what is happening, then answering questions as they are asked.

Thank you for reading this, and here’s hoping you never have to call me at work!
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media files

what zip programs do you use? does anyone have any experience with 7zip?

is there another free program you use?

i'm looking for: ease of use, good user interface, high file support and free download. i don't mind registering a product, or spreading the word, but i am not looking for trial versions, or something that someone else may consider "cheap!". if i had cash to spend i'd probably just pay the thirty bucks for winzip and be done with it.

thanks for sharing your geekery
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Hey, Portland!

Or should I say PDX? ;)

I'm coming back up tomorrow, with the original plan of getting away from the heat down here in Las Vegas. Seems like that plan was thwarted by a heat wave, but the plane tickets have already been bought and the bags are packed.

What's going on up there right now that's free/dirt cheap? Outdoors or indoors, it doesn't matter, but I haven't got much money to spend on this trip.

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cold movie theaters not too far out?

i'm talking meat-locker cold. help me, lazyweb! i'm inner NW but interested in hearing about say an 8mi radius of town center, preferably not in the 'tron or the 'couve.

one of the lloyd theaters and the one in the mall downtown both failed me/a friend this week--i was actually sweating there :(

who's been to a particularly chilly theater this week?


So usually when Bite of Oregon comes around I get really giddy and excited knowing that they've packed this year with AMAZING music like they tend to do. Mindblowingly awesome music for CHEAP. Like Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men opening for Los Lobos or Todd Snider opening for Robert Earl Keen. Great stuff!

HOWEVER... this year? What the poop? Near next to nothing noteworthy. Is there a reason for this? Did we offend good acts? Did we anger someone enough to throw down the Garcia Birthday Band or *gag* a Neil Diamond Tribute Night? WTF?