August 1st, 2009


Hey Deepee,

I need more info on tanning places in the area, and I'm also trying to find out if I should get one at all. I was running amok in the Lebanon/Albany area a couple of days ago, and acquired some very annoying tan lines, and a sunburn (my shoulders are red and tender to the touch) I have a modeling gig (topless required) in a few days. I'm wondering if going to a tanning place would even out my tan, or if I would just tan darker in the areas that didn't burn. If so, should I wait until my sunburn goes away? or if I apply something with a high SPF should I be fine? Any places you would reccommend?

bwahaha, omg lol
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Free desks; also Yard/Moving sale

My family's holding a Yard/Moving sale to get rid of stuff for those of us who are moving out of and into our home. What's being sold are mostly clothes, furniture, tools, electronics, Nintendo Wii ($200), Novarra Bonita MTB ($250), Yamaha receiver ($60), Suzuki V-Strom DL650, Subaru Outback Sport, Chrysler PT Cruiser, and other little things.

9am to 5pm this Saturday and Sunday at 5305 NE Wygant Street, behind the Rigler elementary school in the Cully neighbourhood.

Also, we have three two beaten-up desks that are available for free.
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Can I be considered a local now?

So I appeared on Channel 8 KGW news on Thursday evening when the news van showed up to interview some of the artists (and Tarot Card vendor!) that were set up at the 'Last Thursday' Alberta Street/Radio Room Art Square.

3 min video:

Several great local artists in the first two minutes, then I'm during the last minute.

So, does appearing on local television make me a PDX LOCAL now? plz? kthx.

<3 <3 <3
~Beatnik Betty


Favorite DP tent campgrounds within 30-45 minutes of town?

A friend and I are looking to camp this coming weekend (Aug 7-9) and take the puppy along.  I just am wondering what campgrounds are likely to have space available and aren't shitholes?  I realize most places are probably pretty busy this time of year, but I'm not looking for something super secluded, just a place with enough room to pitch a tent that doesn't cost too much.

I'm moving to town Aug. 15, so I'll be meeting a few people to check out their rooms for rent.  If it all possible, I'd prefer to room with Portlander(s) of the Damn persuasion though, so let me know what you've got/know of!  Here's my dealie on CL:

trucker ape

yelp+bars/cafes with a/c

if you are a person who posts reviews on yelp, and in the annoying event that this heat continues, or we have another heatwave this summer, consider including in your reviews whether or not a place has a/c or not.

also, to all drivers, bikers, pedestrians out there:

please stop doing retarded things and endangering lives just because you're hot and trying to get to a place that's air-conditioned.

Selling my crap.

Yes, me too. I'm selling my Wii, cos well, I never use it and I'm moving so it's time to downsize. Thought you DPers might be interested. It's $450, but I'm definitely willing to take offers from DP. All is explained in the CL ad....

Snark/buy away.

Also, I'm looking to get rid of my Gamecube and/or FC Twin (NES and SNES) and a Virtual Boy, so let me know if you might be interested.


Edit: FYI, it is not just the Wii, it comes with 7 games, 4 remotes (and a charger), 2 nunchucks, a classic controller, a Wii zapper, Mario Kart wheel, and a three year warranty.
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A girl's dream -- SHOE SHOPPING!!!

SInce y'all know where to find almost anything, here's what I'm looking for:

I need new kicks. My old ones are getting ratty and I've pretty much walked the soles off of them. So, DP, where can I find a good selection of running shoes? Either Adidas or New Balance.

I don't want a place that has three pair of shoes for guys and 50 gazillion shoes for women. Or for 16 year old kids.

Lay it on me.


It's Saturday night, I've got a roll of quarters, but I'm short a two-liter of Shasta and my all-Rush mix tape.

If you're reading this, you're probably not going out tonight, either. What's been up with you?

If you're reading this and going out as well, the rest of us despise you yet yearn to live vicariously through you. What will you be doing while we envy you?

Also, should I eat that other half of my footlong sub?
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Fatty Goldfish

lipo? fat removal?

  what are your thoughts on these things, portland?
   what kinds of people, prices, and procedures have you encountered? 

ive been considering little things here or there for a certian problem area. im not hugely overweight, but i do have one single problem area that makes me want to consider lipo after the past 18 months of working every day to get it to minimize, go away, or at least look healthier.
      i know 'being comfortable in the body god gave ya' is the advice alot of people have given me, but i really feel like its just this one spot that is holding me back from being really happy with what ive got.

    it might be a bit of a personal question, but have any of you out there experienced fat removal, or lipo? what is it like? i dont trust the testimonies on websites xD

    input appreciated :)

update:   the method of lipo that i am looking into is the one where they inject salt water and some other things that break down fat into a substance that gets excreted when you go to the bathroom, and doesnt actually suck things OUT, and its only for small problem areas.
       I dont really have much problem with my looks, but this particular area (my stomach) is troublesome, because it is always in the way of doing good crunches, and hurts because it pulls on the skin while running. i feel that if i get some of whats in it removed, i will have a more comfortable time doing my already very regular workouts.
      updated again:
   i am NOT a skinny girl worrying about one tiny area that might make me overwieght. i am a 5'5" 168lb woman who is heavy set, and is very thickly built. 

Cat sitters

Anyone have any personal experience with cat sitters? Like, someone you would pay to come to your home twice a day when you are out of town to feed a couple of cats and clean litter boxes? My regular sitter is having a difficult pregnancy and not an option this time, my cats HATE going to professional boarding...but i'm super wierded out by the idea of giving a stranger a key to my home. Anyone else been here before and having good or bad experiences?