July 30th, 2009

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ok people, please dont talk on your cell phone while in a bathroom stall. no one wants to talk to you while you pee or poo. and no one in there trying to do their own bodily functioning wants to listen to your conversation during their efforts. thanks

Save Salmon with the Stream Stewards! (Clark County)

Ever wonder what happened to the salmon in Salmon Creek?

Become a Stream Steward!
The Stream Stewards Program is a free learn-n-serve program of Clark Public Utilities' StreamTeam. Commit to 45 hours of hands-on, professional level workshops on the following:

· Hydrology ·Geology ·Birds ·Mammals ·Water Quality ·Native Plants ·Macro Invertebrates ·NatureScaping ·Riparian Habitats ·Salmon ·Reptiles ·Amphibians ·Native Plant Restoration

The Stream Stewards Program is free of charge for Clark County residents. Stewards pay back their tuition through 45 hours of volunteer time with the StreamTeam or one of our partners. Stream Stewards also enjoy continuing education opportunities and social events with other like minded individuals!

Stream Stewards come from all age groups and backgrounds. Stewards are interested in building their skill set and putting their new knowledge into action!

What are Stream Stewards saying?
"Excellent! Everyone should take this course!"--Stream Steward 2005
"It's been a very long time since I've had such an enjoyable time learning."--Larry, Stream Steward 2008
"I was very happy to be part of this experience."--Stream Steward 2005
"I was thoroughly impressed and felt that many of the presentations, although only touching the basics, were better prepared than some of my university classes."--Jeff, Stream Steward 2008

For more information, please contact Lisa Beranek at (360) 992-8585 or visit www.StreamTeam.net

Noctilucent clouds (don't ask me to spell it correctly)


Apparently these "glow in the dark" clouds on the edge of space are being seen in our area. They are normally not seen below 50 degrees north latitude. Global warming is apparently the cause (and probably the reason we've been shoved into an oven for the past week). The Kos article has a picture of them over Portland. Did anyone see these? I'm going to keep an eye out.
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90 bucks, or ride your bike, or get lost

A couple days ago, Oregon's governor signed House Bill 2377, which prohibits the driver of a motor vehicle from using a cell phone unless a hands-free accessory, which permits both of the driver's hands to remain on the steering wheel, is also being used.

This is an upgrade of the current law, which applies to drivers 18 and younger, and doesn't include an exception for a hands-free accessory. Also, the violation under the current law is a secondary offense, meaning an officer can only issue a citation if the driver is pulled over for a separate suspected offense. Under the new law, it'll be a primary offense. The maximum fine under the current and new versions is the same: $90.

I'm all for this type of law, but this one has problems:
  1. It doesn't apply to bicyclists, whose personal safety depends more on their manual dexterity and reaction time (both of which, at least in the legislature's thinking, are compromised through use of a cell phone) than a driver's does.

  2. It's overinclusive. My phone has a couple dozen functions other than transmitting voice calls or texts. I use a map application for directions all the time. However, since I'm operating my phone in order to do it, I can get fined under this law, even though use of a similar device to do the same thing (like an in-dash GPS computer, a handheld GPS device, or, for that matter, the same app on an iPod Touch) is perfectly legal. Same with using a music app for some tunes while driving.
The second case is likely inadvertent, but in practice it's going to be a hassle. Cops seeing drivers looking at their phones will ticket them, regardless whether they're texting or talking or not, because the new law says so.

Anyhoo, just my thoughts. Interested in what DPers think.

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Tarot Tonight @ Radio Room Art Square

WHO:        Beatnik Betty (me), the newest Oracle of Oregon! 
WHAT:      Tarot Card Readings for $10 a pop, and some spiritual books for sale.
WHERE:   Radio Room Art Square, 'Last Thursday event', 1101 NE Alberta
WHEN:      Today, 5pm-10pm, or until the heat kills us all.
WHY:         Because I'm new to PDX and want to meet you all. What better way than to read your cards for you....
Read this blog-article written by a blogger team (http://thesegentlemen.blogspot.com/) back in the DC area before I left town, and gave some of my final Tarot card readings to friends and strangers.... 

antidote to story of sucky and stupid parenting yesterday

overheard in a local air conditioned coffee shop with a kids play area, a conversation between a dad and his daughter.

the 4-5 year old girl walks in and complains to dad that there's nothing to play with. dad says, well there's a couple of pirates behind you.

girl: "but she's a princess, not a pirate."

dad : "maybe she was kidnapped by pirates and then she pushed the captain overboard and she took over."
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tell me your memories

alright, my sweaty fellow portlanders:

has anyone noticed the dazed faces of fellow travelers on their commutes? i swear, traffic is nutty with all these sleepless, muddled people behind the wheel, myself included.

i'm comforting myself with the notion that lovely pacific northwest autumn is around the corner and so i ask you: what are your favorite cool weather memories and/or favorite things about the weather turning cooler? let's summon them en masse and maybe keep the heat cranking on down.

for me, it's the first time i pull on my o'yummies (sock dreams for the win!!) and shuffle around the house feeling toesty.

bbbbbrrr.... is that a nip in the air?
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Hey dp

I'm about to hang out with some friends in a bit.

We're all clueless on where to go.

Have any recommendations? portland or beaverton is fine. we're living in beaverton tho

thanks ;D
Lego Castle Making


Oh my goodness, is this oppresive heat wave over? I'm bored at work (with our awesomely tempermental A/C clicking on and off all over the place, so nice....NOT). Entertain me with pictures of how you've dealt with, are dealing with the heat wave. I'll start!!

I dealt with my dog's incessant panting by buying a hair trimmer and shaving him as much as possible without making him bald. While I still giggle when I see him, he's much more comfy.


I dunno 'bout you, but when it's hot like this, I like dancing to crazy gypsy music for a low low price. Because sweating + dancing = win.

And Last Thursdays at Alberta Street Pub is Chervona's monthly awesome concert of awesome.

For $5.

But what? You want something a bit more mellow and beautiful prior to something so crazy? Well, fear not! The opener, Miss Ashia Grzesik and her cello shall provide excellent Eastern European mellower music.

I'll be at the door, say hi!
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Bathroom Question

I can't figure out why people do this so maybe you guys can help.

The other day I was walking into the bathroom at an enclosed retail compund when a gentleman came in a few minutes after I did. He walked over to the sink and washed his hands and then he made his way to the urinal to do his thing. After he was finished, he washed his hands again and left.

I can understand washing your hands AFTER you use the restroom, but BEFORE you do and afterwards? Did I miss a memo somewheres?

Give me hell.


I am heading down to Eugene tomorrow to spend some time at Faerie Worlds. I will be coming back tomorrow night as well. THat is a lot of driving alone so I thought I would see if anyone was interested in carpooling. So.. DamnPortlanders. Are any of you wanting to go to this event

Kiss-In Protests vs. Mormon Anti-gay Kissing Incident

Remember reading recently about that gay couple in Salt Lake City who made the mistake of kissing in a plaza that had been public, but was recently ceded to the Mormon church by the city? Private security hassled them, then handcuffed the two offenders. Then they got charged with trespassing.

Well, here's the video, courtesy of a Dan Savage post in the Portland Mercury. In response, there's going to be a large number (24 so far) of Kiss-In Protests in cities nationwide on Saturday, August 15th. at 2pm. Here's the info for Portland:

The Great Nationwide Kiss-In
WHEN: Saturday, August 15 at 2pm
WHERE: Pioneer Courthouse Square
CONTACT INFO: Robert Moore - youngadults@affirmation.org   and  

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Bring your husband, wife, partner, bf, gf, intern, friends and neighbors, etc... Twitter this info to your friends!

Seriously, how Portland is this? Kissing as a form of political action!

Crazy allergies

Is it just me or did anyone else have crazy allergies yesterday but felt fine today? I was sneezing, stuffed up, runny nose, all day yesterday, and it was the worst I felt like I've had hit me in years. I couldn't get away from it, indoors or outside, in air conditioning or in the heat.

Today my sinuses are happy as a clam.

What gives?