July 29th, 2009

C&H Fight

Discount Shoes

Back where I used to live there was this store called "Shoes Right Here" essentially it was a shoe store that got "factory rejects" or over stock shoes and sold them pretty cheap. Your standard 70 dollar shoe was more like 45 bucks. So Im curious, does Portland have something like this? Im not looking for a Ross or anything, Im talking just shoes and not "Puma Out Let Store" I want variety. Thanks Dee'P's

Up all nite!

Good evening Darned Platypusers.
I work a graveyard shift between the hours of midnight to 10 am. I'm not one for bars, but what on earth can I do that does not involve drinking late night and early morning in this fair city? Ideas not involving internet in bearded cafes a plus.
I know I'm being massively vague, not mentioning my interests. Just casting the net hoping to catch a funky fish.


PORTLAND! Let's boycott this shit! I'm taking a stand against the heat and posting a photo of Portland that I took in winter. Yes! This is a big "F-YOU" to this highly humid heat wave that has us in a funk. I encourage you all to post photo's taken during SNOWPOCALYPSE to offset this HEATPOCALYPSE!

Carmen San Diego

Taro ice cream

Hi all! I discovered the wonderfulyummyness of taro milk tea/ice cream/smoothies while I was travelling abroad, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get it in bulk here? Not like a huge amount, just more than one smoothie or cup of tea. Several cafes sell it here in Portland, but I'm wanting to get a container to have on my birthday. Ideas?
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The Songlist of Summer...

here is the obligatory music playlist compilation for the great oregon heatwavesummerpocalypse 2009™. if your favorite song about summer or the heat isn't on here -- it's not an omission, simply an opportunity to add to the list :)
  1. Summer (from 'The Four Seasons') by Antonio Vivaldi (kickin' it old school.)
  2. Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald (though just about everyone has recorded this; i'm partial to ella, though.)
  3. In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry (was there ever a more quitessential summer novelty song...?)
  4. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet (why yes, there was.)
  5. Island in the Sun by Harry Belafonte (thought i was gonna suggest the eponymous song by weezer, huh?)
  6. Summer in the City by The Loving Spoonful (complete with road noise a la NYC)
  7. (Love is like a) Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas (i look outside and that's pretty much the first song that pops in my head.)
  8. Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys (a T-bird ride to the coast sounds pretty darn awesome about now...)
  9. Cruel Summer by Bananarama (i hated this song growing up!)
  10. The Sun is Burning by Simon & Garfunkel (it just seems so quaint for the sentiment it expresses. this should be deathmetal...)
  11. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves (too relentlessly cheery for me.)
  12. Summerland by Everclear (woo! local band!)
  13. Island in the Sun by Weezer (thought i was gonna suggest the eponymous song by harry belafonte, huh?)
  14. The Boys of Summer by Don Henley (we need more deadhead stickers on cadilacs.)
  15. Sunshine Superman by Donovan (Superman! Green Lantern! very comicon!)
  16. Fat Old Sun by Pink Floyd (before anyone asks...it's off 'Atom Heart Mother'.)
  17. Waiting for the Sun by the Doors (Come monday: 'Riders on the Storm'....)
  18. Steal my Sunshine by LEN (one hit wonders of the world, unite.)
  19. Invisible Sun by The Police (oh, if only...)
  20. Summertime by Rascal Flats (yeah, i know. it's not the song from 'Grease'. but my brain isn't fried enough for wanting to listen to travolta singing...)
  21. Wipe Out by the Surfaris (mmmh. instrumental goodness.)
  22. Hot! Hot! Hot! by Buster Poindexter (and he was in the NY dolls? heh!)
  23. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden (truthully, i hated this song when it came out.)
  24. Surf City by Jan and Dean (two girls for everyone...is this a surfsong or a letter to the penthouse forum?)
  25. Hot in the City by Billy Idol (so very, very, very true atm.)
  26. On the Sunny Side of the Street by Frank Sinatra (directing your feet to the sunny side of the street isn't hard atm.)
  27. On the Road Again by Canned Heat (if only they had named the band Sterno, it wouldn't be here...)
  28. Here comes the Sun by Nina Simone (ok, the original is just about my favorite Beatles song ever, bu hey...check out Nina Simone. she's incredible.)
  29. Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams (back when Bryan Adams actually made decent music...)
  30. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream (this list needs more AOR...)
  31. Waiting on a Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen (no. thank. you.)
  32. I Will Survive by Cake/Damn near every other artist, ever (just imagine the heat as the antagonist in this song.)
  33. City Screaming by Concrete Blonde (if you're thinking 'he's running out of thematic songs'...)
  34. Free Fallin' by Tom Petty (...you'd be right. adding a few songs that just kinda fit the mood.)
  35. A Million Miles Away by David Byrne (wish i could be right about now!)
  36. The Birth and Death of a Day by Explosions in the Sky (one of my favorite bands atm. so yeah, i'm plugging them.)
  37. Singin' in the Rain by Gene Kelly (i damn well wish i was!)
  38. ... Like Starlight Into Day by Hammock (can't wait for a little less starlight, personally.)
  39. Mambo by Herbert Grönemeyer (from his '4630 Bochum' album. kinda hard to understand if you don't know german, but it's a great 'stuck in traffic on a hot day' song.)
  40. Going to California by Led Zeppelin (i hear it's actually pleasant in cali atm. much hate.)
  41. Solar Sex Panel by Little Village (if you actually have this album, you're a true cooder/hiatt/lowe/keltner fan!)
  42. A Year since Last Summer by Life is Sweet (just in time for oregon heatwavesummerpocalypse 2010™)
  43. Zorba's Dance by Mikis Theodorakis (sort of oddball, but really...but i hear it and i think 'sunshine, greek islands, anthony quinn...')
  44. Everlasting Light by Mono (god, i hope not.)
  45. Sit Down, John from '1776' (either William Daniels or Brent Spiner will do...and someone should open up a window because it's hot as hell here, too.)
  46. Come Away wiith Me by Pretty+Twisted (ah, i wish. arctic circle here i come...)
  47. Sumer Is Incumen In by Richard Thompson (from his '1000 years of popular music' album. i bought it pretty much for the ancient music tracks, although his 'oops..i did it again' is killer.)
  48. Heat Wave by Robert Miles (ooh! electronica!)
  49. Cool Dry Place by The Traveling Wilburys (screw storing old amps in such a space. humans first.)
  50. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore by The Walker Brothers (i'm ready for rainy portland fall/winter seasons. pretty please!)
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This kind of heat is exactly why I left the Underworld and came to the Pacific Northwest to harvest innocent souls.

Can't a guy catch a break?

DP? It's me again

Today is the boyfriend and my 2-year anniversary, and I have no idea what to do for him. I'm a romantic at heart, I know he really isn't but I'd still like to do something nice for him.

What would you do (or have you done) for your significant other on your anniversary? I think dinner is ruled out, I have a suspicion he's doing something along the lines of that.

And yes, I know it differs from person to person, I'm really just looking to get some ideas and hopefully find something that sounds good!

If it helps at all, he likes video games. A lot. I guess I could try to make him Captain Falcon cookies, but I really don't know if I have the talent time for that.

inb4 bacon and a blow job.

The weather outside is frightful ...

Well –

Record breaking temps are expected for the area and that’s … no fun. Less fun for some of us than others so, here’s a list of cooling shelters for those who don’t have air conditioning.


Now’s not a bad time to check on neighbors to make sure they’ve got somewhere to go/are okay. Do it politely folks!
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Local businesses

First, I want to say how awesome the folks at Organics to You are.  Yesterday, the delivery guy went out of his way to make sure my produce box didn't bake in the sun. 

Second, I need two recommendations.  The first is for a dog trainer and preferably one that offers classes for the whole family.  Dog's age is around five months if that makes a difference and I don't think he's ever been in a class before.

I also need recommendations for a wedding planner.  Who is good and who should be avoided? (not for me personally, just gathering info for a friend).

Free sno-cones

They're giving out free sno-cones outside of the Montgomery Park building at NW 27th and Vaughn. I think it's probably supposed to be for building employees only, so it might be a little obvious if you show up with like 10 kids in tow. But if you're up in NW and already suffering from the heat, you could probably show up and grab a tiny bit of sweet free relief. Just don't tell 'em I'm pimping their free stuff all over the intarwebs.
Mr Yuk

How can people do this?

I'm sitting at Wendy's on Broadway and there's this group of people in front of me. Two older women and three children ranging in age from about 2 years old to about 7 or 8. A few minutes ago a boy who was about 9 or so walked in complaining about how hot it is outside. I overheard one of the women tell him that she will get some Frosties and bring to them AFTER they finish eating. This poor boy and probably a friend are sitting outside in a car and it's 97 outside according to Weather Underground. The group of women have been sitting here inside for about an hour while those poor boys are sitting outside sweating in this heat.

Gosh, I can't believe the stupidity of some people especially in this weather!


My boyfriend has expressed an interest in renting a canoe and paddling around somewhere for his birthday next week. Google turns up Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe shop at Brown's Ferry Park in Tualatin, but I'd love some first-hand recommendations. Has anyone been there or someplace else for an enjoyable paddle?

Looking for canoe rental on a lake or slow moving river within a couple hours of Portland. Pleasant swimming conditions would be a plus. Thanks DP!

Dog friendly anything

We adopted our first dog about 2 weeks ago. I know of all the dog parks around town but I'm curious as to any other types of places that are dog-friendly (beyond what Portland Pooch has listed). By this I mean bars, restaurants, stores, etc. He's a well-behaved social guy who likes to tag along so I just want to be aware of any places where he's allowed to do that.

I've been meaning to ask this for a bit but this ridiculous heat wave is making me wish I could take him somewhere with AC right now. Poor guy (and poor all of us!)

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New Rule:


Instead of being a typical passive aggressive Portlander, how about actually saying something the next time you see something incredibly fucked up and wrong instead of fuming about it in silence then racing home and venting on the internets.


This town has quite a reputation for being very passive aggressive, sitting there saying nothing when you should be saying something, then hours/days later when nobody is around and you're safe behind your computer you can finally muster up the balls to talk about the dog or the baby who was trapped in a hot ass car while you sat around doing nothing.


I don't give a shit what anxiety problems you have. Grow a pair and do the right thing, you pussy. What if that dog or that baby died?


And no, this isn't passive aggressive. Feel free to PM me and we can arrange to meet somewhere, sit down for some beers or coffee, and I can repeat what I just typed directly to your face.


What a wack ass city this can be sometimes. Sometimes doing the right thing is more important than this cliche bullshitty "oh but I have anxiety issues" excuse people always dote on about in hopes this psychobabble nonsense will stave off the VERY warranted criticism you deserve.

Oct 2010

Two tickets to see Jewell at the zoo FOR SALE

Anyone interested in seeing Jewell on Friday night on the concert lawn at the zoo? We bought two tickets that cost us a little over $45 with fees (total) and we planned on taking out toddlers. The heat looks like it will be less intense and if it were just us going, I would still be going, but we were planning to take out toddlers and they have been getting super flushed in much less heat than this, so I don't want to risk it and take them. So unfortunately, we will not be attending. /blathering.

If you are interested, drop me an email at kaleidoscopeeye at gmail dot com

Thanks :)


Has anyone been to a concert at the Oregon State Fair lately? i'm trying to find out if they are only acoustic shows. We saw Daughtry a couple years ago and were very surprised when it was all acoustic. Although i totally enjoyed it, i do not want to see anymore acoustic there. i heard a rumor that Salem has a noise ordinance or some such.

What do you guys know?
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So, Accuweather says 93 Sunday, noaa.gov says 92, KATU says 87, KGW says 87, WeatherBug says 87.

Has anyone ever back-checked the forecasters to see who has been the most accurate? People do it with stock market predictions, NFL prognosticators, etc. What about weather dudes and dudettes?

P.S. you are all so fucking HOT. I mean that.

(no subject)

I drive along the Sandy River on my commute home every day.  I have never seen as many cars parked along the river as today  And along all the side streets, and anywhere a car could possibly fit.  No parking signs be damned!  Bummer for all of you that got parking tickets though - I saw a couple of cops out scratching out the citations.   I did feel a little bad.  If it were me, I'd make an exception on days like this.  Sheesh.

Any of you all out there today?


First there was Snowpacalypse 08

Now what are we officially calling this one? Opressiveheat-o-rama 09?

*disclaimer= I have tried to keep up on damnportlanders this week but I've been busy and stupid so I may have missed the official discussion and if I did, I'm sorry. I get the dumb when the temp is hot enough to cook my head
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Another really random question for you helpful dp-ers, especially ones who have been to hawaii! We finally have enough frequent flyer miles for a trip to Hawaii and want a belated honeymoon there. Neither of us have ever been there before and have no idea where to start. Googling for this brings an overwhelming amount of information, most of it just company websites. Has anyone gone to Hawaii for a romantic or just fun time? Where did you go - where is best to visit? Where did you stay? Do you know any good sites that have some good tips for planning this kind of thing? We don't need crazy luxury, but a mostly secluded beach would be amazing (does that really exist there?). Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!

ring resizing

I need to get my Grandmothers wedding ring re-sized...I Think it is silver at least that is what i was told so i may have to go to someone who deals specifically with silver, but i could be totally wrong on both counts. That aside, any recommendations for jewelers or jewelry places that re-size rings? It is quite the sentimental item to me so I'm willing to drive anywhere really

Thanks DP!
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(no subject)

I'm looking for a great shoe repair shop in inner SE Portland. I have an old pair of shoes that I need re-soled/heeled, very clunky (half of each heel has worn at an angle that makes they unwearable)... I don't know the time frame for these things, but if possible to be done by Mon/Tues if dropped in the next few days or on the weekend. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Also looking for a store/smoke shop that would carry peppermint rolled into cigarettes (no tobacco). Or, would buying the bulk herb for making tea, etc and rolling it be just the same?
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(no subject)

dear deepee,

I come to you with a question of utmost importance.

Why do people who drive Jeeps take the doors off of their cars?

I await your answers with a trembling heart.


ryan lochte

Damn Sofa

So, I sat on our couch and realized that our father in law broke it last week. So I am in search of a new couch. We are looking for new, around $500 in price. Other than Ikea and Macy's furniture, where would you recommend?


EDIT: Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions!

Going back to Portland State...

...and I have a question about curriculums for anyone who has/is attended/attending.

I went for a VERY brief term in 2001 that I ended up dropping out of, and now at the ripe old age of 32 I'm going back to major in Film Studies as a Freshman.

So, beyond Freshman and Sophmore Inquiry (ugh) and the classes I take after I actually enter the department in my Junior (?) year, what classes need to be taken for the core curriculum? I can't seem to track any of that information down on the site.


EDIT: I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how do the Inquiries work before entering my major's department? Will they fully guide me through what I need to take? Can someone break it down into idiot terms? It's too hot to think hard.

Share the wealth, pickup lines

Alright, guys/girls, time for a pow-wow.

What are some pick-up lines that have worked for you? And by worked, I mean it at least got your foot in the door. (Har, "foot" in the "door"...)

Here's one: *sit down at their table* "Thank God I found you guys...I had almost given up on finding any attractive, personable ladies to talk to! :)"

C'mon people, share the wealth. What's worked?