July 28th, 2009

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hi pamndortlanders,

i used to grow a variety of poisonous and/or psychotropic plants back when i lived with my parents and had the yardspace (wormwood, datura, morning glory, etc.). i loved this and i never (alright, mostly never) harvested any of the plants to use for myself. i just really liked the idea of the powerful presence that it felt like many of them had. the last two things i had to give up (for the move out here) were 2 brugmansia trees that i had spent a good amount of time caring for.

anyway, i haven't really had a yard since i've lived here, but despite that fact, i now have a growing space for things, and i want to grow some datura again. so my question is this: i'd prefer not to order online and would like to get the seeds locally. but i don't feel like i ever see the seeds at nurseries. so does anyone know where some datura plants in portland are, so i can harvest the seeds myself? i know i've seen some, but i can't think of where. or, if you know a nursery has some, feel free to mention that.
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hot positivity?

What's up, kids? Besides the fact that it's hot and sticky and we're all kinda miserable...

1. Tell me something about yourself
Whether it's an idiosyncrasy, or something that not many people know about you. Just let loose, man!

2. Tell me two positive things that happened to you this week, no matter how small.

...and... go! :D
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Best damn VW auto shop?

Yes, it's that time again: I need a tail light replaced on my Jetta TDI. And since I need a new mechanic anyway, I was hoping you fine people know of someone who does good work on imports in the Portland area. A VW dealer that does good work (and doesn't try and rip you off) would work too.

Extra points if they are in or near SW Portland!
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(no subject)

Recommendations for a good auto body shop anywhere in the metro area? I just need part of the bumper reconnected after a fender bender, I don't need all the scrapes and stuff replaced. Help? Willing to drive where-ever.
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Tasteful and Classy....

  When I lived in San Francisco, there was a tasteful and classy adult store that specifically catered to women and their sexual needs. Videos, toys, and other products were all chosen with women in mind, and whenever I went there I always had a great experience in a situation that would have otherwise probably been a tad embarrassing. The store is called Good Vibrations, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything like it that was similar in Portland?

I mean, there are so many porn stores here that you'd think that at least one of them would be tasteful? Anyone have any ideas? I don't mind driving so it doesn't have to specifically be in Portland.

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(no subject)

I spent last night worrying about my cat being overheated and possibly dying. He kept panting and was super hot all night.

Today I decided to look into finding an a/c on craigslist and buying another fan.

I didn't find any small a/c units on craigslist in my price range, which was sad. So I went to Home Depot, who was sold out of all a/c units besides ones that run on their own power source, like heavy duty shit. As I was leaving I called Target, no fans at all. Fred Meyer had no fans. I called Walgreens and they had one fan!

I rush over to find out they sold it before I got there. But! They sold me a big box fan that was a display for only $10, plus I got a $5 rebate!

The problem with this fan is that the cat won't sit in front of it and just goes to pant in the bathroom. I decide I just need to shave him, I'm so worried he's going to die from hyperthermia. I was orginally going to ask for affordable cat groomer recs, because I don't have $65 to drop on shaving my cat. Well, I call Petsmart and the girl on the phone gives me a great idea. Apparently when she's hot she turns her shower on cold and turns on a fan, making the bathroom cooler.

Eduardo Scissorhands is now in his own little cool room, happy as a fatass clam. I figured I'd tell some hot DPers about the shower and fan trick, because I know I'm not the only one without a/c. I'm not leaving the water on for that long, maybe ten minutes. My bathroom is tiny and it's pretty chilly in there!

Also, Walgreens has the medium sized reuseabe ice packs buy one get one free. I got two for $4.99!
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Gia asked me last month to set it up, and it sounded like Don had or something, so I was confused, but now we have a reservation... Yay!

So, that said, the meetup is tonight at The Deschutes Brewery starting at 7pm! Minors welcome, FAQ here! I'll probably be a little late, but the reservation should be under Damn Portlanders, but if not, they might have it down as Ash... and I have the name tags for tagging each other.

Edit: Pretty sure they've got air conditioning... we'll be inside, luckily.
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So I have a cat that is basically insane.  I've held onto him because of the whole "a mothers love" situation and frankly I'm concerned that the pound will simply put him to sleep.  However I've reached my breaking point with him and I have no idea what to do.  He's always been fairly crazy, but over the past year it's just gotten way worse.  He can't go in a carrier of any kind, he starts thrashing around, scratching the walls and biting the bars.  He howls and wets himself.  He refuses to be held, yet wants attention.  He is scared of strangers and doesn't really like dogs.  He can't handle it when both bedroom doors are closed, and tries to hide, howling the whole time.  My sister and nephew recently moved in and while he never did it before, he is now ripping up the carpet.

I would love to just give him to someone with a farm, because it's not like I want to see him dead or anything...but how do I convince someone he's worth loving?
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Corset shopping in Portland

I tried searching the group before posting this and couldn't find anything. Are there any good shops to buy corsets here in Portland? I have a friend visiting from the UK in a couple of weeks and last time she was here she was looking for a sturdy heavy boned corset and couldn't find one. I was hoping to have some options this time around for her.

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Help Me Sleep Better

Hey. I'm sick of sleeping on my futon but also slightly broke. Anyone know of a place I can find a decent, firm queen sized mattress for not a lot of money? I live in SW but could travel. I've considered craigslist but would rather buy something new... too many 20/20 episodes as a child.
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Hey, does your collection of 90s technology require a 27" tv or a microwave?

I have both. I don't want either. Just come and get them, please.

E-mail me for directions and a time/date I can expect you to pick them up. I'm in NoPo by the PCC Cascade campus.

First-come first-served ... and no I'd rather not hold them for you; I've tried that a couple times now and I still have them.

watermelon beer?

So I went to Brewfest and I had a beer from 21st Amendment Brewing called "Hell or High Watermelon Beer"

Does anyone know where I could find this or have you seen it around? Apparently it's on tap and for sale in Oregon, but I just don't feel like driving around to every store looking for it, especially in this heat. All I know is that is sounds like heaven right now.