July 26th, 2009



Hi guys! Do any of you have any good ideas as to where a good clear river is for swimming? Or, a river other than the Columbia to go swimming in since I've been to Rooster and Sauvies many times. I hear the Washougal is nice but just wanted to hear some personal experiences. Also is the Sandy nice? Which would be better for a nice day of swimming. I usually like the rivers surrounded by rocks and forests. Thanks for the tips!
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Three unrelated questions

1. Is there anywhere in town to take lessons for Bollywood-style dancing? (As opposed to belly dancing, et al.)

2. Is there anywhere to buy kava? Not powders, not teas, not extracts, but actual kava?

3. Is there an easier way to bike to NoPo from downtown than taking Interstate? I'm a bigger girl and new to biking, and the hell-hill near Greeley is vexing me something fierce.
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Hey fellow Damnies, I'm driving out to the beach today/Sunday and I'm wonder about where to go for lunch. What good places are there in either Cannon Beach or Astoria, seafoody but affordable and not fancy? Preferable with an outside eating area so my dog can be nearby.

We're avoiding Seaside cause it's not very pleasant. That style of beach town litters California. Seen it, dealt with the tacky/ignorant and would rather not do it again.

Sun at a Beach

Mostly when I go to the coast it's with friends from Portland or south of Portland, so we go pretty much straight west or meet somewhere south of here/north of them. Which has resulted it me knowing nothing about the coastline north of us. Next weekend I'm going to the coast with friends from Olympia, so I need to find a beach to meet them at that's north of us/south of them. Doesn't have to be right in the middle, just anywhere in between. We'll have three dogs and two kids in the group, so we're hoping for a long, wide stretch of sand where the dogs can run and the kids can scream without annoying too many other people. Recommendations?
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Paw Crawl at Lucky Lab Brew Pub

I volunteer with Animal Aid and got this email this morning.

Lucky Lab Brew Pub on Hawthorne is hosting the Paw Crawl to benefit the non-profit, Animal Aid 

There will be an awesome raffle. A few of the prizes are: tickets to Miley Cyrus, Billy Joel and Elton John concerts, weekend coast get-away for you and your canine and much more!

As if the raffle wasn't enough, there will also be a pet psychic, photos taken and lots of fun activities.

Stop by today and be cool at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub on 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. From 2 PM to 6 PM.
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Yard Sale again~ moving to Japan

I am having my yard sale again today so I thought I would make another post.. Here is a link to my craigslist ad where I typed out almost everything I am selling~ http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/gms/1289715720.html

My boyfriend and I are moving to Japan in just a few days.. so we really want all of this stuff gone. I thought I would also mention we have some free stuff.. including an ironing board, small garbage cans, batting, stuffing.. and other misc. items.

We will miss you, Portland!

More specific river/water question.

Being still not able to walk so good, I was wondering if there is a clean/nice river-y place that is accessible by say... bus?

The girlfriend and I want to have a nice date thing by a river, and a friend is borrowing her car for the week. And I am unable to bicycle. Etc.

I don't mind a bit of a walk, say under a mile, but that's about my limit right now.
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Desktop for Sale

Hola DP:
I'll shut up with the sale posts after this since I know everyone's poor & unemployed. But:

I'm selling a pretty nice desktop system with a sweet monitor. I am getting rid of it because I'm replacing it with a Mac laptop. It actually performs better than my new computer, it's just that I can't put it in a backpack. I built it with graphic design & video editing work in mind.

Here's the ad with full specs & whatnot:
Quad Core Desktop with 24" flat panel

I'm looking for $1000.
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From TriMet.org

Minor MAX delays due to heat

Due to expected high temperatures for the next five days, MAX trains will operate at slower speeds. Expect minor delays of 3-5 minutes.

Updated: 7:53 p.m., Sat. Jul. 25, 2009

... they can go slower???
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effin' a.

i just found some lovely mold in the (unventilated basement) bedroom i've been renting for a couple of months. i HATE moving, but not as much as i hate going to the doctor. so i'm looking for a place in a similar area (se between belmont and holgate, 10th to 40th). i've seen a few rentals from palisades rental property, but they look kind of gimmicky. does anyone have any experiences to share about them?
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Like a kid in a WHAT? WHAT?

Hey, DamnSweetTeeth:

Are there any candy stores in Portland that would compare to the lovely Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach? I know that Caramel Corn place in Lloyd Center has some stuff, but I'm seeking a mind-boggling supply of all sorts of candy. Gummies, chocolates, sugared fruit slices, etc., etc.

I'm thinking I'm out of luck and simply have to go through the nearest wormhole to the coast, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong. Enlighten me!

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Dearest Darling Damnportlanders--

Is there someone who makes/sells a more affordable unsweetened carbonated soda with caffeine than hi ball? Flavored is fine, but the basic combo is no sweetner, caffeine, carbonation, and hopefully NOT $2 for one serving.

Alterntively if you know of someplace that has a good case price on hi ball, I would go for that too.

If I can find that, I may stop drinking pop.

Thanks much!

need to borrow/purchase a small vendor table

Hello Lovelies,

I have a gig next Thursday and I need to locate a small vendor table, perhaps one that folds for easy transportation, that I can use.
I could borrow it, picking it up before Wednesday and returning it Friday or later, or I could just try to purchase it off of you for reasonably cheap.
Or you know, exchange of services (tarot card readings), or book/clothing swap.

please let me know if anyone can hook me up.

If it's not Baroque don't fix it?

I'm not of the age where weddings happen in my life all the time, so I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of thing...

It is common for bachelorette party guests to be asked for a sizable amount of money to pay for it all ($100-$200)? I'm a poor-as-fuck-super-super-senior in college and want to know my *not yet existent* money is going toward tradition, or, something.

If that's pretty standard in the wedding world, now I know.

Tri-Met users and potential abusers.

I've been procrastinating on this one, but I figured it might be headache prevention for someone else... or at least make for a good public stoning.

Did you know that it's illegal to hold the MAX doors? Well, it is. Normally I'm Miss Goody Two-Shoes, paying my all-zone fare even though I could cheat and go that one extra stop on a 2-zone. However, about a week ago, I had a lapse of judgment and asked my husband to hold the doors while my forgetful self tried to buy tickets between stops. We'd lugged our touring bikes on at the previous stop, so... that's my excuse, even though I'm not allowed to have one. I heard a voice yell "don't block the doors!" or something, and of course, I feverishly yelled back, "just a second!" and hopped back on... thinking I was in the clear. Well, it was the transit police. After a stern lecture – because apparently what we did is legally equivalent to a DUI (?) – my husband was banned from ALL Tri-Met for 60 days. If they "catch him" riding or even on property within that timeframe, he can be arrested for criminal trespass. And if some kind of emergency ("hardship") comes up and we need to use the bus system, we need to report it within 8 days and have some sort of Tri-Met hearing.

And this is the slap on the wrist - because when my husband was questioned (not that I was the asshat who put him up to it or anything), he said we're not transit-dependent. Otherwise, I assume we'd be looking at a hefty fine. The transit cop kept telling us that they could have arrested him. Because holding the doors is totally like killing someone's grandmother behind the wheel? Is that a little harsh? I know delaying the MAX was a selfish thing to do, and maybe it's even a security risk in a post-9/11 sense. Like, lesson learned. I won't be a prick on the MAX. But I did not know that it was so... deviant? Seriously, I cried all the way home. I'm not used to being involved in Criminal Activities. :P

Thus, um, yeah. Don't get greedy, and when a voice on the MAX platform tells you to do something, you freakin' do it. A lot of people might not get caught doing stupid crap, so it's easy to let things slide. Hell, my husband used to get on my case for being such a stickler about the transit rules. Just be warned that when those guys in blue do catch you, they're not messing around.