July 25th, 2009


Division/Clinton Street Fair

Any y'all heading over to the Division/Clinton Street fair today? I read that Pix Patisserie is having some kinda ice cream thing going on during it all, sounds yummy. (Personally, I'll be hunting for decent BBQ.) If you're going, keep an eye peeled - I'll be wearing a bright cobalt blue t-shirt & a glass heart pendant, friend in tow. Come up and say "Hi."
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Best Portland Credit Union

Hey, Everyone. Seems like the time to grow up is finally upon me and I am looking to find a credit union to help me establish stable credit in the hopes of using said credit union to potentially finance a home. Also, I am tired of Bank of America's rotating credit card due dates, changing monthly service fees, and find it imperative that it is a company that doesn't constantly try to screw me over.

Who do you have? Why are they awesome? What are they not so awesome?

Thank you in advance. I'm sure this post could help a lot of people who are thinking about trading up.

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Raffle tickets anyone?

My queer rec softball team is trying to raise money to go to a tournament in Wisconsin this coming September. Part of our fundraising includes holding a raffle. Here's a list of awesome prizes you could win:

*8 GB iPod nano
*Healthy Pets NW merchandise basket ($100 value for cat or dog lovers)
*Dinner for Two at Noble Rot ($70-$100 value including 4 menu items, 2 wine flights and dessert)
*50 minute massage by Rachelle
*$50 Jake’s Grill gift card (Valid nationwide at Jake’s Grill/McCormick & Schmick’s/Spengers and more)
*$50 Olive Garden or Red Lobster gift card (Valid nationwide at Olive Garden/Red Lobster/Longhorn
Steakhouse/The Capital Grille and more)
*An hour of smokin’ hot tattoo work by L’Hero ** that's me :) **
*$20 gift certificate for Fire on the Mountain
*Regal Movie passes (Adult admission for 2): three sets

Just !!! $3 a ticket !!! could get you some seriously awesome stuff! Please let me know if you're interested. If enough folks want in on the goods, I plan to set up shop at central location some day in the near future and folks could stop by for a purchase or five ;)

To learn more about our team please stop by http://www.cleatsofire.com/

Is this legit?

In DP's infinite wisdom I am hoping someone will have an answer for me.

I found this website http://www.househuntersportland.com/ on Craigslist. It seems to be a vacant house sales recruiting site. Basically you drive around looking for vacant buildings, take pictures, get lot info etc and submit your info then get paid. I went as far as to create an account and I'm given "Investor Contact Info" which is:

Rick Safko
Real Estate Solutions
12018 NE Knott St.
Portland, OR 97220

Did a Google search and I found that the address is a residential address, also found a BBB listing for some Eco friendly building material company with a rating of F listed at the same address.

If this is legit it's a pretty sweet opportunity. But does anyone know for sure? They don't require any start up money. But I just don't know if they'll come through when you submit leads.

Anyone, anyone?
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Looking to go tubing/rafting/canoeing/air mattressing tomorrow. Here are some of our stipulations:

--max 2 hr float
--user friendly (i.e. no class 4/5)
--not too party hardy (this is flexible since we will bring our own small party)
--within an hour drive of PDX

Thoughts smarty pants?

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Used car inspections

Finally able/ready to buy a car. Used, around 3k. I know I'm not going to get the greatest car ever for that, but can anyone suggest any good mechanics that do reasonably priced inspections on used cars before you buy them?
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i carried a watermelon.

i know i'm an enormous nerd, but i can't be alone, right?

are any of you dpers heading to colonel summers park tonight for the free movie extravaganza that is DIRTY DANCING!!?!?!?!??!?? i may or may not be way more excited than i should be.

go ahead, snark me.
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Canvassing for The Fund for the Public Interest

*Sorry if someone's already posted about this; I couldn't find the "search" option for posts to this community*

I was just hired by The Fund for the Public Interest to canvass for them. Has anyone else here worked for them, or know someone who has? How was their experience?

I know it's often going to be frustrating work, and unbearably hot when I start next week, but I'm more looking for whether I'll actually be paid 'cause I've heard rumors that that's kind of shady.
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Hi all,

Some of y'all are prolific bloggers, and while I don't have a blog per se (or at least not one I publish under my own name), I participate in a lot of on-line forums, and I'd like to sort of make a blog out of my posts.

What I'm thinking of would be a system--maybe some sort of toolbar--that would allow me to post to a place like DP or /. and automatically have that post posted to my blog.  In addition to the post itself, there would be links back to the parent post, and maybe the original thread so that anyone reading my blog could see exactly what I was writing about.

My gut tells me that there's no way to automate this because the forums I post to are all on different platforms, but I figured if anyone knew of a tool that either does this or comes so close as to make my goal 2-3 click away instead of click-post-click-copy-click-paste-click-click-click for each post, that'd be awesome.

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Outside In voicemail

So I got a pre-recorded voicemail from Outside In this afternoon, asking me to call back at a toll-free number during the week. The thing is, I haven't been there in like 3 years. Any clue what it could be?
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FOUND: ipod nano

Damn my fundie Xian upbringing, I found an ipod while I was out walking today and I just can't make myself do "finders keepers". This is the text of the craigslist post, if you know who lost it, have them PM me - if not, then after a couple of days I get to say Jesus gave me an iPod or something.

Found iPod nano 07/25 on SE 16th. If you can tell me the cross street where you lost it, what color the iPod is, and the engraving on the back, plus a couple of other details, lets get this back to you.

* Location: inner SE
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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So I remember someone asking about this a while ago, but I can't find the post. 

Need recommendations of a place to get a good waxing, as in hair removal.  I'd prefer it be in Vancouver.  I'd also prefer it to be cheap.  But what I would REALLY prefer is not to get my skin ripped off too and not have horrible skin reactions.  So, priority list is 1) Good job.  2) Cheap.  3) Vancouver. 

Thank you!