July 24th, 2009


Weekend plans?

So, the weekend is approaching and I'm looking for something to do in PDX. I'm kinda in the mood to go to a big music festival, but I really don't want to spend any money or leave the inner-southeast part of town. West of mlk would be preferable, and it should also be all ages, because I lost my identification.

Anybody know of something like this going on? If so, that would make me so happy I could just POP! Also, I'd really prefer that it feature a lot of up and coming local bands that I might not be familiar with NOW, but that I'll be sure to like so that I can get to know them and go to their shows once I have money and an identification again.

Bonus points for being vegan and bike-friendly.
creamy mami

Moving Sale

Next Wednesday my boyfriend and I are moving to Japan.. and we have a lot of stuff we need to get rid of. We have only been in Portland a year, but somehow we managed to accumulate a lot!
In addition to the normal yard sale-y household things.. we have some nice stuff too.. Sewing machine, computers (brand new, built by us!), dj equipment, video games, bicycles + more.
Anyways- to read more about the sale check out our listing on craigslist http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/gms/1285753174.html

If you have any questions, call the number in the ad.. we are going to be outside all day.. so thats the best way to reach us :)

I will also be selling some homemade vanilla lemon vegan cupcakes (while they last!)

If you don't want diet food ignore this

Is anyone interested in a shipment of Nutrisystem food? I have an entire 28 days plus a bonus 7 days (3 meals and a dessert each day) minus like 4 meals.

I found out I'm preggers AFTER ordering so needless to say I don't really want the food around anymore. I can still return it to Nutrisystem, but I have to pay shipping to send it back and deal with that entire headache.

I paid $295 for it and can let it go for $280. Normally I'd link you to a Craigslist ad but the site is down for posting right now.

If you want to make me an offer (barter or whatnot) let me know. Also, if you are without transportation I MAY be able to deliver within reason. Thank you and now back to your regularly scheduled DP.
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bars with AC?

hello, damn sunworshippers:

i'm yelping and barflying and googling, but i wanted to add y'all into my search engine, too: i'm looking for bars, pref in the SE, with AC. anyone know of any places off the tops of their heads?

thanks in advance...

Edit: Lucky Lab is AC'd. :)