July 21st, 2009


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I know this is a long shot but hey.

I want to buy a very specific type of bike. I'm looking for an older 10 speed cruiser that is in good shape, both functionally and cosmetically. Ideally, it would be a red Schwinn. I haven't had any luck on Craiglist in the past week finding this particular combination of things. I might settle for a green, blue or black bike, or something like a Peugeot or a Raleigh. I don't want something that is rusty or malfunctioning or something in any color other than red, green, blue or black. Ideally, I'd like to pay less than 200 dollars for this, but for the right bike I'd make an exception.

Are you selling this bike? Do you know someone who is? Does it exist? Either way, I am interested.
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Hey, for anyone still sore about how there's nothing in the TriMet code banning bare female breasts on MAX, the monthly TriMet Board of Directors meeting is tomorrow, which is open to the public and allows public testimony. So now's your chance to go speak before the board on why you shouldn't have to see nipples during your commute :D Who knows, maybe they'll change it for you!
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Changing your name

Hey folks!

So, I've been wanting to change my name for years now, but I feel really self-concious about announcing the change to my family and friends. I shouldn't care what they think, but I do. (And it shouldn't be that big of a deal as the name I want to could effectively be shortened to my current legal name)

Have any of you legally changed your name? How did you bring up the subject with family and friends, and how did you and they deal with the change?

Auto/Car BROKAH'!!!

Ladies and gentlemen...and the people subscribed to this list.

I will be buying a new car very soon and my preference is to go through an auto/car broker. I did this when I purchased my last car 10+ years ago and ended up paying only a few hundred bucks over the price it cost for the dealership to transfer the car to their lot. It was awesome. I would prefer a broker that deals in Honda or Toyota, and if there are ones that specialize in hybrids, that would be even more awesome.

Anyone have any contact information for one, or more, that you know of, or maybe had a good experience with?

Also, as you could figure out from above I will most likely be purchasing a hybrid. This decision has already been made. That being said, this post is just to find the broker, not to gather suggestions about why, or why not, to purchase a hybrid (although, after having said that, I will probably start getting a bitch ton of replies regarding just that).
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Hi all- I am in desperate need of a dermatologist who takes people without insurance. I'm in the SE but will travel for what I need, of course. This is for acne (sigh) and I'm frustrated so a good doctor who will hear me out AND takes people sans insurance is definitely a plus.

Kinda Random and probably a shot in the dark asking...

My sister-in-laws Husband works at Intuit in Arizona and she was saying something about Intuit actually opening support call center or something here in Portland..But My sister-in-law has a HUGE tendency of making things up to fit her fantasy world...to put it nicely:) Has anyone here heard any such rumors? it would be Huge I think for employment here if they did, but I'm curious if anyone else has read anything or heard rumors of the sort (I dont talk to her husband otherwise id just ask him...i actually don't even talk to her this is just info my husband relayed to me:) ) thanks!

Cell Phone Recommendations?

My phone is absolutely dead and I need a new one. I am with AT&T. I have been looking at phones and am completely grumpy about which one to choose. I would like to spend under 100 and get a phone that will work well. I have been thinking about the Blackjack 2, Jack or Blackberry Pearl. Does anyone have any experience with any of these or have any suggestions as to another phone.

Jury duty

I got a jury summons in the mail today for the first time. I'm not fully sure how this all works, but the summons says that the trial is estimated to last 15 days. I can do the jury duty, but not for 15 days (I'm leaving town 12 business days after the date I'm supposed to get there). I'm lucky to have a job where I get my normal pay during jury duty and don't have a problem doing it. However, if I already know I can't do 15 days, do I have to say I can't do it now? I'll call them in the next few days to get the official word, but figured that many of you have probably been on jury duty in Multnomah County before and might have some information or can just tell me what it's like. Thanks in advance!
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Help! Boredom Strikes!

Dear DP,

I'M GOING STIRCRAZY! I've looked through DP entries but was unable to answer my question: what should I do tonight? I've been moving for over a week straight and am tired of sitting here in it and picking between moving and video games. Anything good going on in the city tonight? Anyone want to hang out, do whatever? I'm pretty chill, though not that wordy at first.
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different cell phone request

so my phone effectively doesn't work, and i need to get a new one, but i have to leave town early thurs. morning and won't be back until next week. the original plan was to buy a new one before i left, because i qualify for a free one at this point anyway. unfortunately, i have a cockton of things to do until thurs., so i don't think i'm going to have the time. soooo, does anyone have an old t-mobile cell phone lying around that they aren't using that i could pick up tonight or sometime tomorrow? i can even give it back when i get back into town if you want. i can buy you a beer for it?
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Portland and the Heat

Something funny I've noticed lately. Everyone around here complains about the heat and how hot it is, but I see people out in denim blue jeans. Coming from the South, I know what blue jeans feel like on a hot day. They're not very comfortable I can tell you that much. Yesterday I saw a guy on the MAX wearing a fleece jacket!

So ... if everyone doesn't like the heat, then why do people wear blue jeans in 90ish degree weather?

awaiting snark...
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my 1st PDX Tarot Card gig : Thurs July 30th

Thursday, July 30 @ 3pm-10pm
1101 NE Alberta
Portland, OR 97211 
Radio Room Art Square filled with local artists. 
"March Off"- 5 Marching Bands from the Northwest including March Forth Marching Band!
&.... Beatnik Betty Tarot Card Reader
Readings $10-$20 suggested donation 

video editing software?

So the DVD of my dance recital is finally here. And I promised to upload my piece onto YouTube for people who couldn't come see it (ya know, like my friend in Malaysia). Except that the whole dang show is one giant file, which is a) so long nobody else will care since I'm only in one number, b) way too big for YouTube, and c) not a file type that YouTube can recognize anyway. Of course. So is there some kind of software like Audacity that works with video files as well? Where I can chop it up into tracks (funny, it has tracks when I /play/ it, but it's still one giant file) and export as a different file type (aka one YouTube can recognize) and such? Preferably free since I am broke and my car is making scary new noises?

Never have I ever

I saw this in sf_drama and thought it would be fun (TNNLC?).

The game is called "Never Have I Ever."

Someone comments with a statement saying "never have I ever..." (e.g, never have I ever thrown up in a moving car) and then if you HAVE done that thing, you comment saying so. If not, or you don't want to admit to doing it, come up with your own Never Have I Ever.