July 17th, 2009

support groups

Does anyone know of any local support groups for those struggling with epilepsy and their families?  I'd like to compile a list of resources for a friend, but haven't come across much in my search, and thought perhaps there are a few DPers that have some answers.   Any ideas are greatly appreciated. 

True story

I had a mad craving for Arby's earlier tonight and so I trek on out to the one on 82nd in "Milwaukie". When I get up to the drive thru the girl says, "I'm really sorry but we're out of Roast Beef".

Really? No, Really??? How does Arby's run out of roast beef? What a disappointment. That's like McDonald's being out of fries, or Subway being out of bread.

I think I may send corporate a note about my disappointment. Maybe I'll get a free burger out of it. Anyway, anyone else have any similar stories? Please share.
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cleaning up my act

I think my vacuum cleaner died. I had the belts replaced a little under a year ago, but suddenly it's making a tremendous noise. It's the only vac I ever bought - 18 years old. I'll take it over to my local sew & vac shop, but if it's not fixable, I'll have to shop for a new one.

Anyone go through this recently & have a suggestion? Or have access to a consumer reports vacuum issue?

Portland related because portlanders are such neat-freaks (I clean my house every other month whether it needs it or not!)
Bike Naked!

NE Sunday Parkways! This Sunday! EDIT: Now with a video!

Psst: I put a short video on the end of the post, if you really want to see what Sunday Parkways is about.

Sunday Parkways is a 6.6 mile loop of streets and parks (this time in NE) that are closed to car traffic (except for people who live there, and a few intersections so people can get through the loop). The entire loop feels like one big park! People walk, jog, bicycle, roller-blade, you name it. Residents on the loop have parties or yard sales or lemonade stands. The parks have all kinds of activities and music and food! You can rent a bike if you don't have one so you can ride the loop.

The energy is beautiful and amazing. There's all sorts of people out there: adults, kids, whole families!

Here's the official website, with an explanation of the idea, and pictures and videos of other Sunday Parkways, both in Portland and around the world. If you go to the specific page for northeast, you can see what's going on at all the different parks.

My boyfriend and I are "intersection superheroes" near Fernhill Park from 8:30 to 11:30. Woo! Say hi if you see me, I'll have on a dress (with the volunteer tshirt over it) that's white and covered in black hearts, crowns, and musical notes.

The map!


flowers in palm

Crave at Crush

good morning DP.

anyone been to "Crave" at Crush before? i've got a date tonight and i'm wondering about the vibe at this event. it advertises go-go dancers on their website, so that gives me an idea, but i'm wondering about personal experience.

thanks in advance!

Beer drinkers...

I have an extra entry/glass available for the Portland International Brewers Festival today. This is for entry and the glass only, no drink tickets (those are only a buck each though..). The only catch is, you have to meet me at the gate at 4pm today..oh and I would love a great anecdote telling me why I should give it to you..Best one posted in a reply here by 1pm gets it =)

Creativity is encouraged.
Psycho face

Job hunting? It's scary out there.

I just saw a job posted this morning for a Receptionist, $10/hr, with this qualification:

Candidate Requirements:
Bachelors degree and approximately 1-3 years of professional office experience.

THIS is what we're all up against!  These are the things we need to be telling people that think they can move here and pick up a job.

A receptionist for $10 needs a bachelors degree?  Why not?  There are enough people out their with degrees that are bussing tables.
Reality like this is so very depressing.

*deep breath*
Back to job-hunting :-)

soviet red star

Lookin' through telescopes

Hey DPers!

So...I live in inner SE and I really miss being able to see millions of stars at night when I look up...and I love learning about planets and space and shit. What kind of groups are out there that will let me join them and look through their telescopes and ask all sorts of dumb newbie questions? Anyone know? Anyone here a part of a group or club?

Hope you're all staying cool today.


can I borrow your widget?

So, portland...I need to use the system restore dvd on my netbook, but it's a netbook. Which means no drive. Does anyone have a usb dvd drive I could borrow for a handful of hours pretty pretty please?

Alternately, I'm planning on selling the netbook. If you want an HP mini 1000 with a 16gb ssd that needs to be wiped & reinstalled with some kind of OS, it's yours for $200.

Stream folks

I am posting for the eleventieth time today.

If you work in the Adobe Tech sector of Stream out in the Beavertron, I'd like to ask you something. Maybe private message me?
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cardamom nom nom

Hey, so on a recent trip to Bend, a friend had us over for coffee and pastries. He served us something called Ocean Rolls, from Sparrow Bakery, and oh GOD they were good. I think the secret is the cardamom, which is a spice I'm not too familiar with. Kinda a mix of cinnamon and pepper is the best I can describe.

But damn if I haven't been craving these things ever since! Does anyone know any place around Portland that might serve something similar to this?

bookworm beauty

Not just kid-friendly, but kid fun!

Hey there damnparents. I want to go out for dinner tonight and bask in some AC and not deal with dishes. I have a one year old. What places do you like to go that are quality AND have some kind of play space for kids? We love Laurelwood Pizza but surely that can't be the only place where I can enjoy a decent brew and let my rugrat stomp around? He doesn't really stay put and I don't want to child-wrangle or annoy other diners. Suggestions?

Thanks! I hate this fucking weather!

(no subject)

I have access to a kayak tomarrow and I want to go out near the Portland area...

I also don't wanna get run over by speed boats.
Where can I go for an afternoon...find a sandbar to eat lunch on and maybe see some birds and fishes?

I see alot of people putting in at Oaks Bottom on the Willamette...but I don't wanna go near the downtown area...anywhere up by Lake Oswego or farther north?
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(no subject)

Camping question! Last post by me today...promise.

So, have any of you been up to Badger Lake? From what I've read, the only access to the lake is via a narrow and rough access road. How narrow and rough is it? Would it be advisable to drive up in a truck or SUV? Or would a sedan make it okay? Or should I find someone who knows how to drive off road? LOL I've never been up there and there doesn't look like a lot of info is available via the web.

Hopefully it's not too crowded.

butterflies in my ears

rotture, anyone?

i really want to go to the atrack show at rotture tonight, buuuuuut...
i sort of snapped my license into two pieces a few days ago. it's taped securely with packing tape, but you can definitely tell that it's... well, broken. i've been using it for drinks at bars/ restaurants (such as bridgeport on hawthorne) and nobody has even made a comment so far, but this will be my first time at rotture and i'm not sure how lenient they are with such things. do any of you frequent/ have any experiences or information to share? it'd suck to make the trip out there and have to leave, so if i am screwed, who wants to drink alcohol and bitch about the dmv with me?

Do you remember *dances*

No not earth wind and fire. Do you guys remember how to write in cursive? I just filled out a form that required cursive and it felt like trying to ride a bike for the first time. I particularily had trouble with S's. It made me sad that my handwriting is such crap but my typing skills are flawless. Does anyone have concerns about the art of handwriting going out as technology, typing, and texting takes a front seat? Should we all sit down and start writing stuff in handwriting to retrain ourselves? Will cursive in the coffee shop replace knitting as a new trend?


Guys, is there anything a pair of 17, 18 year old girls could go to tonight after 7:30? I checked the Mercury's music listings and there was nothing that sounded appealing.

It's like the first time I get to show my friend from Vancouver around at night but there's like.. nothing I can think of. :/

Anonyed Kaien

My (violin) bridge collapsed.

Taking my soundpost out with it.

Since I have now learned my lesson about messing around with my violin, does anyone know a good luthier? Preferably one that can see me this weekend since I hate playing my other violin. I live in Tigard, but I'm willing to drive a ways to see a decent luthier.

EDIT: I took it to Geesman Fine Violins on SW 13th. It's a nice store and the guy was very helpful. I'll be getting my baby back Wednesday (I suppose it was too much to ask for it to be done today), and he identified a few areas that could cause problems in the future (open seams due to it being Very Old apparently). It turns out whoever fitted my bridge for the violin did it backwards! So the feet need to be recut properly. Over all a very nice experience, I'll definitely be going back to upgrade my bow at a later time.
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(no subject)

Any Sprint customers here?

how do you like Sprint so far? I'm thinking about changing companies. I've had AT&T for 2 years and haven't had any problems.

So tell me what you think about Sprint. Do they suck? is it the same shit just a different company name?
C&H Fight

Gaming Pub

Im looking for a pub/bar that is gamer friendly. Im talking full on nerd shit. G4tv on screen, Blizzcon coverage, the works. Anyone know of such a place? If not anyone know of a place that has direct TV and if I was willing to pay for the program would air the Blizzcon special pay per view?