July 15th, 2009

And amidst all the confusion:

So this might be my last post in Portland.
I am sure you can carry on well without me.
The word on the streets is that Montana is already totally Portlandified...

Hamilton, with a population of 12,000, has an organic food store, a health food store, a natural food store, two produce markets, and a farmer's market.

But probably no naked bike rides.

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I know this has been posted a million times, but I really don't feel like scouring the entries...

I need recommendations for a sliding scale dentist in Beaverton/Hillsboro. One that accepts Care Credit and Amex. I have a tooth that needs fixed ASAP, but I don't have insurance and I certainly don't have a lot of money.

Thanks in advance.
little blue dog

free shit

I hear Kettleman's Bagel just opened on SW 4th and Taylor and is giving away free bagels and cream cheese and Coffee until 6pm.

Also, anyone catch Dave Chappelle's surprise show in Pioneer Courthouse Square last night?

Occult groups

Here's something different for you guys.

I'm looking for a mystery school/occult society that I can join. I've been a practitioner for nearly a decade, but I feel like my practices have stagnated and I need to take the next step and join a group to further my studies and keep myself motivated. I've done some preliminary research, and I know there are such groups in town (Portland is full of fellow awesome weird people after all :) ) but I've been unable to find physical locations to go talk to people and see what's what.

I'm 21, going on 22 in a few months, female (since I know in some groups these things matter) and I have a basic understanding and background in Hermetics. I'm looking to join a group that genuinely helps people grow, and isn't just hungry for power and money. I do not have the ability to put a lot of money into this, and I want to join a group where this isn't expected. I'm fine with donations that are within my ability.

I'd like it to be understood that I'm not looking to join a coven. I'm looking for something more along the lines of the Golden Dawn/Western Mystery traditions. I've got nothing against coven groups, but it's not the style of work that I do.

Thank you very much you awesome people. If you're worried about getting your locations hounded by fundies, just PM me and we can go from there.

PSU students:

So I am started at PSU this Fall (going to orientation tomorrow) and I had been told by my BF that PSU offers basic health insurance. I decided to look that up to see if they offer dental as well (see previous post asking about dentists).

Sure enough, they offer some really affordable dental care. http://www.shac.pdx.edu/dental/fees.php

Just thought I would pass this info along in case other PSU student were unaware of this.
stop it

Cranky drivers today

LOLZ I JUST GOT BITCHED OUT BY A TRIMETTER FOR *TALKING*. I was on the phone in the front seat, the driver asked me to hang up, so I did. I start talking to my sister sitting next to me and she goes "DO YOU HAVE A BLUETOOTH OR SOMETHING? I HATE CHATTER ON A BUS!!!!" So I called and left her router ID with customer service and hopefully the super will put the fear of $DEITY in her.

Never did that icon fit better, that's Center Garage, the main TriMet barn and since this bus was a 17, the one this chick works out of. The schedule number if you want to avoid her royal crankyness is 1711, FYI. LOLZ.

Backup Software Recommendations?

Hi DPers!

My laptop runs Vista, and I just got a nifty new external hard drive for backup purposes.  I'm looking for good backup software that will do automatic backups based on a schedule (set by me), and will prompt me to plug the hard drive in if it isn't connected when it's time to do the backup.  Any suggestions?  I'd like to pay $60 or less, if possible.  Thanks!

Running Men

Ok, who are the guys in brown outfits (not UPS) who run around downtown (literally run around downtown) with no regard to such minor things as crosswalks or traffic signals or traffic or, well, safety of any kind? I assume they're some kind of kamikaze messenger service, but I see them all the time when I get off work, and they're always in a real hurry to get somewhere.

Also, on an unrelated note, having to get a prescription for Advil Cold & Sinus is not ok.