July 13th, 2009


Anyone want an Ikea coupon?

I have a $25 off of your next Ikea purchase of $250 or more that expires 7/31/2009.  If you want it, private message me with your mailing address & I'll send it off to you.  You can make up a name if you want to protect your privacy.  :D  I'll post an update once it's claimed.  Thanks!
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Cannon Beach!

I will be off to Cannon Beach this Sunday with a group of friends, because one of them has a birthday then and has never seen the Pacific. Damn transplants. Anyway, being more familiar with the Lincoln City/Newport area myself due to growing up near Salem, I have no idea about lunch places in Cannon Beach. Any recommendations for an inexpensive, good lunch in Cannon Beach?
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photography lighting advice?

Hey kids! So I'm taking photos at a wedding this Saturday! Totally exciting, right?

I'm looking for some advice from some of the many, many photographers on this community. Specifically, lighting advice!

Is there any advice you have for someone who just wants to take decent pictures? I've sadly never been to the location (not very smart, I know, but it's in Vantucky and I don't have a car) but I am going to be there earlier in the day to gauge what I need.

But basically what I'm going to be doing is taking photos of the bride, groom & extended families, but I'm worried about lighting. I don't have any sort of light kit or stuff like that, beyond my camera's flash. I've been wanting to buy a light kit anyway, but I'm convinced that something like that will be extremely helpful for the ceremony & reception.

OH, also (why do I suck so hard at writing more than three sentences?!) I'd like to hopefully spend less than $200, because I am a poor college student. Yay!

Specs: I have a Digital Canon Powershot that I've always had super good luck with, as well as a film Canon Rebel to use. Both indoor and outdoor photography, but I'm more concerned about the indoor stuff.
The wedding starts around 6pm, so I'm going to assume night to indoor photography.

What would you guys suggest?

Thank you!

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Say someone from Oregon were to get a DUI in, say, Wisconsin. What is his or her obligation?
Pay the fine to avoid the warrent, for sure but after that? Wisconsin wants this person to do the alcohol assessment.

If this person does NOT do the assessment the state of Wisconsin will revoke his/her driver's license. Should this person give a fuck? He or she will just avoid driving in America's Dairyland. forever and be just fine with that.

or will Wisco DMV talk to Ore DMV?

need to hand out some skrilla

I have run out of checks and need to reorder, but do not want to pay the astronomical fee my bank charges. Have you ever ordered checks online? What's the best deal you've found from a secure and reliable company? Even better if the company has quick turnaround/shipping time.

AND if you are getting married or just birthed a baby or have any other reason to require AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, TOTALLY ARTFUL photographs, please hire Alicia, horror_romance. She shot my wedding and I almost peed myself in delight when I saw the pictures for the first time, and now I can't stop looking at them. I'm starting to feel like a freak. But anyway, she's also a totally fun, rad, entertaining person to have around on yr special day, so hire her already, so she and her family can get their house buying on!
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a/v help!

i am in dire need of assistance. would any of you audiophiles out there be able to point me in the direction of an a/v shop where i can try out/buy some nice headphones? i've only managed to dig up fred's sound of music on hawthorne, but their number is disconnected (out of business?). i'm in southeast, but will travel for sennheisers!

thank you in advance... = )
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French Press

hey damn coffee drinkers- i have a Bodum Original French Press i'd like to sell to anyone out there. it's a little one, holds one cup- maybe a little more, i'm not sure. i used it a few times while working for an office and realized i'm not much of a coffee person. it's glass and a shiny stainless steel. i'm selling it for $10. it'll go to CL if no one here wants it. give me a buzz! merci.

it looks like this one:

Blatant Self-Promotion/ Portland Noir

I'll reading this Wednesday at Murder By The Book on Hawthorne at 7:30, along with Bill Cameron and two Seattle Noir contributors. Text from the store's site here:
Wednesday, July 15, 7:30 p.m.
Celebrate the release of Portland Noir (trade, $14.95), a book devoted to fictional short stories of the (way) dark side of Portland. Floyd Skoot, Jess Walter, and Bill Cameron are among the authors whose stories appear in this compilation.
In one corner, on behalf of Portland Noir will be editor Kevin Sampsell, and authors Bill Cameron and Kimberly Warner-Cohen.

In the other corner, on behalf of Seattle Noir will be editor Curt Colbert and Seattle heavyweights G. M. Ford and Skye Moody.

Portland represent!
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Game Night THIS Wednesday


GameNightPDX is a singles mingler type of group. We meet on the first and third Wednesday each month from 7 to 10pm + for mingling over great beer and board games. OK, it really tends to be more about card games, but it is great nonetheless.

928 SE 9th Ave
(just off belmont)

Check us out on twitter! http://twitter.com/GameNightPDX

Check out The Green Dragons website, they have a full bar, a great menu and a TON of beers, so many they can't keep them updated on the website!


bring games!! I think everyone is tired of mine!!!