July 11th, 2009

swore i posted this last night but it didn't work..

So, I think my van with 265,000 miles may have finally died. But I have suspicions that we ran out of gas, had our gas siphoned, or it's the fuel pump (based on what happened) so we _may_ try and have it checked out..

But my question is, is it true that there are companies that will come take my dead/unwanted vehicle and give me cash for it? anyone have any experience as to a reputable company? I'm assuming it doesn't matter if its not Oregon plates on the van?

Also, if anyone knows a cheap way to get a vehicle towed under 2 miles, would you please inform me?

thanks awesome ppl
Bike Naked!

It's not bike vs. cars, it's jerks vs. non-jerks

Disclaimer: 99% or more of drivers in Portland are polite and courteous to me as a cyclist.

But argle fargle nargle bargle did I run into a jackass today.

My boyfriend and I and I were going from my house to Chaos Cafe on SE 26th and Powell. We turned onto 26th, and because we were going to be making a left after a single block, we stayed in the middle of the one lane instead of using the bike lane. The light was red, and we were going to go into the left-hand turn lane to wait for a green light.

A guy in a car drives up behind me, honks, and yells "Get out of the way!!"

Dear douchebag: the light here is RED. There are cars already stopped. You're going to have to stop anyway. Secondly, I'm about to turn left, so if I'd been in the bike lane before, I would in the care lane about now anyway.

You new in town or something? Maybe visiting from the suburbs? HEY! THERE'S BIKES IN THE ROAD! Get used to it or leave.
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Mmk kids so I'm totally bored and recovering from a 24hour flu bug. HOW FUN.

What are you doing?

Also we should have fun with google image search.

What's the first result for your real name -OR- your username? Say which one is which!


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I... always loved Oklahoma.

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