July 10th, 2009


Estate Sale - Cause you know you love to shop for cool old stuff

60+ years accumulation! House is full and overflowing. Antiques, Eastlake chests of drawers, oak high boy, victorian lamps, antique ice box, treadle, collectibles, furniture, old books, linens, craft items, woodworking tools, push mowers, garden tools, linens, vintage lace & quilts, plus many more items too numerous to mention. Come see for yourself!

7811 SE Martins St. <=== Click Here - Go There! You know you damn well want to.

July 10th to July 12th
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
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Ranty McRantpants

In the past couple weeks I've seen bicyclists charge into an intersection on a green light, preventing straggling vehicles still IN the intersection from exiting it. I also see pedestrians do this all the time, especially downtown.

I've been a driver in that situation: I think I can get across that intersection during the light, but maybe I misjudge and there's not enough room on the other side, and then my ass is stuck out there blocking cross traffic, or a crosswalk, for a minute. Or maybe the driver(s) in front of me aren't scooting forward far enough to make room. Or (hopefully rarely), sometimes I just make a stupid decision knowing that I might not get all the way over before that light goes red. Either way, I feel like a douche until I can fully clear the intersection.

It's frustrating, but what I find even more frustrating is how other people react to this. Drivers wanting to proceed generally have to wait for the vehicle to get out of the way. However, a LOT of pedestrians and bikers will walk or ride right in front of it (and a lot do it with a fair amount of finger-waggling, glaring, or scolding).

People: this is STUPID.

First, Oregon traffic law gives a vehicle in the intersection the right of way over anyone else entering it (check ORS 811.260 and 814.040 if you're curious). In other words, regardless of whether you're another driver, a bicyclist, or on your feet, and regardless of whether the driver himself committed an infraction by trying to cross without making sure there's enough room on the other side, you are legally obliged to yield right of way until he's out. He is a hazard to other traffic, and by not allowing him to clear the intersection, you contribute to that hazard. You endanger your own safety, as well as his, and that of everyone around you.

Second, it makes zero sense to pass judgment on the reason why the driver wasn't able to clear the intersection. If the driver made a bad choice, it hardly justify endangering everyone around by deciding that you can't wait a minute for him to get out of the way, or that it's up to you to punish him by making him stay there. Two wrongs don't make anything right. Let a cop take care of that; that's what we pay them to do. If the driver's just an idiot who doesn't care, he's not going to care because someone yells at him.

Please keep this in mind next time you encounter this situation, that's all I ask. And, of course, safer driving can minimize the problem as well.

Dante's show ticket for sale - first come, first served!

I have a ticket for Dante's tonight (Friday) - they are hosting the Heaven and Hell Ball by Spartacus, complete with a see-thru fashion show and several fantastic opening bands. At the door it's $15, but I'm selling mine for $12, which is what I paid for the advance ticket. My buddy had to back out last minute. You're welcome to hang out with my friends too, if you'd like, since it's a solo ticket and all. Bonus if you're male, cute, and single*. Thanks DP!

*J/K, first come, first served...just had to throw that in there. ;)

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Little annoying but important to me!

I'm a manager of a band (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Critical/126476745496)
and we are trying to get to 100 fans on Facebook so we can get our vanity name so linking to the page is easier.

If you could add us on Fb I'd really appreciate it, and who knows you might actually LIKE the music.

thanks a lot!

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stupid tech support question

So, I accidentally hosed the windows XP installation on my laptop. HP stuck the "certificate of authenticity" on the bottom of the computer, which predictably gets carried around & handled a lot, & the product key has worn off. Does that mean I don't have a copy of windows anymore/that I have to pirate it to reinstall?
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I have a few working NES systems I don't need and would like to sell them. I don't want to be bothered with ebay and am hoping to sell them locally. I'm guessing that NES concoles aren't up the alley of the major video game trading chains (Game Stop, EB Games, etc). Before I call every indie game used game store in Portland, I thought someone here might know of a shop that will buy NES consoles. They all have controllers, the gun, and some other extra stuff like the power pad.


PS Moving to Arizona on Sunday, I will miss you Portland :(