July 9th, 2009



good morning, dp- I have a question.
I'm maid of honor in a wedding next month, and I need a dress. I can't afford to drop more than $200, but I'd really like to get something for under $100. I've been scouring thrift stores, but I'd appreciate some recommendations of consignment or other used clothing shops that have a good selection of semi-formal to formal dresses. (Or new dresses with good prices) My only restriction is color (burgundy.) Anywhere in the city, or even within a half-hour/45 min drive is fine!

Thanks a bundle
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Dogs that need walking?

Sorry for the kinda-spam, so I'll make it quick:

I miss having a dog. I want to get one, but I'm not completely confident I could take care of it as well as I would like. So, instead, I am soliciting you damndogowners:

Does your dog stay at home while you work? Do you melt in the heat but your dog is still full of energy? I WILL WALK/EXERCISE HIM/HER FOR YOU! $7/dog/hour.

I'm near Woodstock, but probably I'll go anywhere this side of the West Hills. Drop me an email if you're interested: balogsss @ gmail . com

Thanks dudes! (sorry I don't know how to put things under a cut)
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long winded cry for halp

So... I just came back from vacation and my desktop computer won't turn on. Like, at all.

My system is hooked up to a big power-cord switch thing, which you flip on, and then turn on the computer. I flip on the power, and everything else hooked up to the surge-protector turns on (printer, monitor, lamp) but my computer won't turn on at all. I've changed the power-cord on my computer (thinking maybe the cord was bad?) but it made no difference.

I'm seriously frustrated, since I'm now stuck on my laptop which has no RAM and is only good for surfing the 'net (I really really really need my desktop's hard drive for my photographs), but that's just complaining.

Anyway, I haven't had any problems with my computer before this: it acts normal and turned on and off okay, just suddenly with the surge-protector it won't turn on. My Dad (who is only about 75% computer literate) says he's going to have to tear it appart (again. sigh.) but I really don't think this is like, a harddrive problem, unless there's something internally wrong with the power-source thing.

So, any advice? Or snark, I've been on vacation so I'm kinda going through withdrawals.

Edited because I'm also sleep-deprived and can't talk, apparently.
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night time sight seeing

Roomie and I went on a quick adventure from around 9pm-midnight last night to the Bridge of the Gods (renamed by us: Satan's Ironwork Bridge) and Multnomah Falls. She is a night owl, and I am a recent insomniac trying to wear myself out so I can sleep at night. We had a lot of fun doing it, so tonight we're looking to find some more night time sight seeing opportunities. Within an hour to an hour and a half drive hopefully, and nothing that involves booze or drugs. We are looking at maybe hitting up the coast, but don't know which beach would be best after dark. Any other suggestions are welcome!
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Gamer dork needs a room for rent

Alrighty, DP. I searched, and searched, and searched...through almost ten whole days of previous posts. I didn't find anything regarding this, so here we go.

I am looking for a new living situation, and need to find a room to rent. My friend's couches are wonderful and all, but not having to shift around every two weeks would be even nicer.

This is me (I feel like I'm signing up for OK Cupid or something):

- 30
- Male
- Soon-to-be recently divorced (the most amicable divorce the world has ever seen)
- Gainfully employed at the same job for a year and a half (office monkey at FEI Nanotech in Hillsboro)
- WCI grad
- Never been late on rent or bills
- Currently have a car (2002 Corolla)
- Drink and smoke
- 420 friendly, although not a follower myself
- I have no pets, but I have no aversion to them

What I'm looking for;

- Month to month
- $500 or under, total rent + bills
- An established situation that I would be renting in to
- No farther north than NoPo/Kenton, no farther west than St. John's (certain exceptions may apply), no farther south than Sellwood/Woodstock, no farther east than approx. 60th
- Enough room for a full bed, computer desk, TV set up, dresser, and a few bookcases (being able to turn around once arranged would be nice too, but I'm willing to be flexible).
- Cable or DSL internet, either hook up or wireless, with me paying my share, of course.

So...um...yeah. I think that's about it. What say you?
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Getcher plastic swords and mini canons ready, me harties!

JUST in case there are some people out of the loop, Plunderathon is this Saturday, July 11th, high noon, at ye ol' Skidmore fountain.


See some of you there, I am sure! (or, some of you not, if you decide to avoid the drunken silliness).
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On my way home from work, I was behind a pokey Prius. When pedestrians started crossing the street a block away, the driver would slow down and put the hazard lights on.

"WTF is wrong with this ass?" I said to myself. And when it came time to pass, the problem was that he was trying to drive AND smoke a bowl at the same time.

Stick to the single-handed distractions! Up the Adderall!

Toy guns

Dear Deepee,

I'm trying to find somewhere I can buy a toy gun that looks like a real gun. Specifically, guns that cannot fire. This means no airsoft, no cap guns, no rubber band guns, etc. I'm looking for a replica of a beretta, but if you can just point me in the direction of a store that would carry maybe some wooden guns or something similar, that would be awesome.

And yes, I have checked google. I've been searching online for months, and the only site I found that had a beretta water gun has been sold out since forever.

Thanks as always!