July 8th, 2009


Inexpensive / DIY frame shops?

I have a photography show on Saturday and haven't framed any prints yet. I recall someone posting something here about an inexpensive / DIY frame shop were you could sometimes find cheap stuff in the scrap bin, etc.

No, I have not tried Google, because I have so much more respect for your opinions over those of some faceless corporate giant. Anyway I know you're just sitting there bored waiting for your Hot Pocket to cook / the network server to reboot / looking at LJ on your iPhone during some boring meeting.

"When the going gets dark..."

Korean BBQ?

Where's a decent place to get it? It's been so long that all the haunts I remember from the old days are (probably) gone. I will accept outer suburban locales, if you're willing to state that it's worth a long drive.

Anyone? Yes, I can use the search engine, but I want that authentic DP two-cents as well.

kim + thurston

Tipping question

I've got a mattress, two dressers and an entertainment system wall unit being delivered for free to my apartment today from a place one block away (I had no way of picking the stuff up myself). How much do you guys and gals think I should tip?

Edit: My apartment is one flight up.
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remodelling permits

as you may recall from a previous episode, i am trying to buy a house. i'm almost there, i think! however, the inspector said i should check permits on all the remodelling (refinished basement, attic, new electrical, new furnace, yada.). so i check portlandmaps.com, and they have bupkus. but it's also the case that permits newer than 2000 won't be online. so down went i to the development services center at 1900 SW 4th, strolled up to the records/resources desk. (where there was no line, no wait, and friendly staff person. wish any of my other bureaucratic experiences ever in my life went that well!)

They have exactly 1 permit on file--from the date the house was built in 1923. there is no question that extensive remodelling has been done, some of it by the current seller in the past few years. and the inspector says that remodelling was done well. so hey, i'm not worried about that. what i am worried about is his comment that

"non-permitted work can be inspected by the city under and you can be forced to redo it in compliance with current building codes." so, like, i'd need a new basement and attic. and i'd have to raise the roof to make the attic officially living space. and i'd have to tear down walls built in the basement. and get new stairs for the basement and attic. basically, a lot more hassle than i want.

why i'm here today is to ask: what the heck conditions can the city come and inspect it under? where can i find the exact verbiage about what they can make me do? it's a tough one to google, though i found this:


which scared the bejeezus out of me. does anyone know where to look for this info?

I also just talked to a contractor friend who says that all this crap is effectively grandfathered in anyway since it was like that when i arrived. and that the city is unlikely to point out that loophole in their law. i wish i knew how to research this effectively. and then i wish i had the ability to understand the laws i'd turn up :/ grr!

thanks in advance for your help, folks.
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bdays, beers and b00bs

(haha, made you look)

hey damn peoples...

i know this question has been asked before, so feel feel to direct me towards any old threads about the subject... but i am interested in getting some fresh new ideas related to summertime and (waay ;) over-21 birthday gatherings.

where is your favorite place in town to gather with a medium to large (10ish) group of people for a late dinner, drinks, and/or awesome happy hour food... on a monday night... in a centrally-located spot in pdx?

a unique spot with a delicious menu that is not too expensive is ideal. i am leaning towards portland city grill for their 10-midnight happy hour, but there's no way to tell how busy they will be. plus i would love some new ideas!

also, has anyone been to rogue brewery on nw14th and actually gotten a free yard of beer on their birthday? the last time i tried this (several years ago) i was told they don't do it anymore. booo.

so yeah... cool spots to gather and eat yummy food, and cheap/fun/free ideas for a monday night birthday... anyone?



Illegal rental fees?

My landlord is trying to charge me $660 for breaking a lease, because I did not give him 60 day notice. I understood when I signed my original six month lease that 60 day notice must be given, however, I had no idea I would have to be moving out due to financial reasons until just a few weeks ago. I gave him 30 day notice.
Now they are saying that since I did not give 60 day notice, the lease "rolled over" into a NEW six month lease (my original lease is up July 31st, the day I am moving out). I NEVER signed a new lease. Is this even legal? How can they charge me a lease break fee for a lease I never signed? I really don't have $660 to throw around...

EDIT: I called the renters rights hotline and just got the "full mailbox" recording.
Also, apparently if I find someone to move in and take over my magical non existant lease, they will "reduce" the fee. So if anyone is interested, here is the craigslist ad they have posted
it's an amazing place, and ONLY $400 a month! I just have to move out for work and school related reasons.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever parked an RV at MT Hood Meadows for the entire winter season? I have been wanting to do this for a while, and have recently acquired an RV. Are there any extra fees, or a sign up/waiting list?

Im unable to find any information online.



okay, what is the deal with amazon's shoe size descriptions?

7 B(M) US

for women's shoes? are they reaffirming the standard width or listing men's sizes for women's shoes?
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