July 7th, 2009

fuck you anyway.

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Surely you are kidding me. Surely I'm getting punked right now. Surely this is actually a clever Onion article.

... Oh wait, it's on CNN?


'Jackson image' in tree?
A California family sees an "image of Michael Jackson" in their yard.

I can't even react to this with anything other than a blank stare now. I am officially stupefied into silence.
il Marionette

Art project - you're invited

Hallo, you. Most/some of you don't know me, but that's allright. We can make friends. I'm Bastien, an artist/ragamuffin that calls many cities her home but the road her friend, and I'm telling you about this because...well, I'd like to meet you if I haven't already. Also, I love collaborative art.

A creative Project of SOME MAGNITUDE is battering at my brain, and I should vermuch like you to help complete it! To quote old Andronicus: "If you love me, as I think you do, go hence:" - anyone who has a webcam, a camera with enough memory for just a few minutes of video...hell, even still shots! This is going into a collaborative project, Hopefully!
Oh. You do NOT have to be near my geo.grafick.ally close to me or anyone else to participate. This can be done pretty much all over the internets, as I'm planning it now - though of course if you and your friends feel like getting creative, that's so much the better! It involves screaming and being crazy and, if you are VERY awesome, (fake) bloodiness. Corn syrup and food colouring, my lovemuffins. And, uh...capturing yourself/your friends in all your bloody insane glory in some way, whether in photograph, video, webcam, what-have-you.

also helpful to the cause:
- sound mixing/computery magic/industrially-music-stuffs
- simple website magicianry
- advice for me on video editing, if you would like to share some
- spreading the word

But REALLY all I need are lots of clips of everyone being all bloody and crazy and running from zee germans xombies. Let us make some magic, lumplings. Uh, I should probably mention that this is not being made to be sold in any way, shape, or form. You're not likely to make any money and I'm sure as hell not going to. It's just for fun, for art, and to put something wild and beautiful into the world.
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Video Conversion Service?

Hey guys,

I have a mini DV tape with about an hour of footage on it. I need to get it onto a Mac to edit in iMovie (yeah, I know).

Does anyone...

a) Know a service that can convert the tape into a workable format (you know, NOT 1gb/minute-- it doesn't need to be full HD, since it'll be scaled down to 640px wide on an Internet flash vide player anyway) onto DVDs in a timely and not hideously expensive fashion?

b) Have a camera that uses miniDV tapes and a USB or firewire cable that they'd be willing to let me borrow long enough to transfer the material over into iMovie directly?


they're here!!!

Greenpeace has invaded and captured the Stadium Freddy's at 20th and Burnside!!

You gave bee
n warned.

ETA: I couldn't get my Blackberry to scroll down. I just got it the other day and haven't figured out the buttons yet!


Hey all we have some moving boxes if anyone is in need or wants for whatever reason they are about 30 of them couple of them got a little banged up in our move but mostly they are great with some writting on the tops. If u want some or all let me know were se closer to Gresham. They are med and large in size

Spoken for:)

Used Car Places

I have a car that I want to sell (not to trade in on a new car). It's a 2001 VW, too old for the dealership to buy it back. Is there any significant difference between all the used car places around town, or is any one area better than another? Anyone recommend a certain place?

What should I be doing to get my car in the best shape for selling? It has been detailed already, and has a fresh battery.

Thanks for any advice.
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hey everyone, I bet everyone is asking this same question right now, but I'm looking for suggestions, so here goes.

I'm 19, and I just finished my sophomore year of college, but I want to take some time off. I have a pretty secure part-time job that could probably support me for awhile, but if I stop going to college, I won't have health insurance through my parents anymore. So I'm looking for suggestions of places to apply that offer health insurance. I'm not opposed to working at night, and I'm pretty sturdy and can handle manual labor- right now I work for a cleaning service, and I do commercial cleaning, so I'm used to being on my feet and working hard.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? My roommate works for UPS, and they have great health coverage for part-time employees, but they're not hiring. Anyone know of anything similar? Even a shot in the dark would help :) I don't want to keep going to school and getting myself into a huge pile of debt when I don't want to be there just so I can have health coverage.

Re: Comic Books

Hello friends,

I come to you for advice because I recently purchased a shirt featuring Wolverine of X-Men fame, and rather than allowing me to meet people who know anything about Marvel or any other comic book universe, people keep talking to me about the Wolverine movie and I feel like a poser. So I'm going to closet the shirt for now, until I find a place to wear it where it will be appreciated.

I know I'm not the only person in Portland who is spending their summer freetime rereading Preacher and making room in their budget for the new X-Men: Forever series Chris Claremont is putting out (biweekly!). So, DamnComicBookReaders, what is your favorite comic book shop, what LJ comms/websites do you follow that let you wax philosophical about Sandman and Y, and how do you meet people with similar interests in Portland?

Thank you!
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Internet Costs

I just got my first apartment in Portland and am wondering if there are any (cheaper) alternatives to Comcast for wireless internet. I don't watch TV much so I'm really not looking for a package deal, but I would get one if it made sense (if the cable/internet package was 10 dollars more than just getting internet, for example). What do you all use, and how much are you paying? Thanks!

Upcoming Art Auction to benefit Portland-Founded Charity


You various grassroots, activisty, arty types (and even if you're not!) might like to check out the upcoming Project Sarurun auction. Project Sarurun is an organization that uses art sales to benefit charities that are already on the ground and helping victims of war or other violent conflict.

This year, the auction of their beautiful 1000-crane chandelier will benefit a charity organization founded in our very own Portland called Namaste Kathmandu that will benefit children affected by the civil war in Nepal.

It'd be nice to see them bring in some sizeable funding for Namaste Kathmandu, so check it out and spread the word.