June 30th, 2009

Doing a search of this effing thing

I know LJ doesn't give you any search tools but does anyone know enough about teh Google to make it search DP for previous posts? I get really sick of asking questions I know were asked a few months ago but don't want to spend all the time going back and guessing when and reading tons of posts.

Bonus points if this has been answered before.

jewelry making

Hey DP,

I've decided to give jewelry making a try and see if it is something I could enjoy. More specifically I want to do origami jewelry.

I was wondering if there was anyone else on here who is into jewelry making and could give me some pointers or join me sometime and make some stuff together. Might be fun to get into the hobby with the help of someone who already does it.

Any takers?
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Yahoo! mail phishing?

I'm 99.9999999...% sure this is a scam. I just got an email in my Yahoo! inbox from the email address alert@cc.yahoo-inc.com with the subject line "Important Information Regarding Your yahoo Account". So I read it and it immediately struck me as fishy. (Also phishy.) Here is the text, under a cut:

Collapse )

Just the fact that they ask for my password set off red flags and alarm bells for me. Anyone else get anything like this in their Yahoo! mail?

edit: yep, definitely a phish. From Yahoo's Help section: "No Yahoo! employee will ever ask you for your password or personal information in an unsolicited phone call or email message." Gonna go report it now.

Tex Mex hunt

I need to get some sour cream chicken enchiladas. Where?? The only place we've been to so far that even has them on the menu was Chez Jose, where they were kind of watery and not altogether appetizing. Esparza's doesn't seem to have them although everything else was pretty decent. Don't want authentic Mexican, want authentic Tex Mex, yo!
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neigh con sweater


Okay kids, it's that time of the week again...

1. What's your favourite kind of playground equipment? Either from your childhood, or now.

Me, I love the merry-go-rounds you propel yourself and having to get a bunch of people working together to make it go fast! That's the best. Swings are a close second, but they hurt my hips, so I'm gonna stick with merry-go-rounds.

2. And tell me two positive things that happened to you this week, no matter how small.

1. I got to go to the Sunday Market and found a sweet new pair of earrings.

2. A friend of mine asked me to house-sit for her doggie, = extra $$ ! Awesome!

And now, you?
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Scooting around Portland

I'm fairly new to riding a scooter. I have been riding for five or six months now. The woman who owned it advised me not to ride over the Hawthorne or Morrison Bridge because of the metal gratings. I used to live on Stark Street so it was a convenient jaunt to stick to the Burnside Bridge, but now I live very close-in, one block from Hawthorne.

Can anyone with experience advise me as to whether or not it really is very troubling to ride over Hawthorne or Morrison? I ride downtown for school a lot and it would just be more of a straight shot for me. For reference, I'm on a Yamaha Zuma, and it seems to have pretty big, sturdy tires. They have served me well in the rain.

Thanks for any advice.
Maggie Canada
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As I'm sure all of you know, tomorrow is Canada Day and this ex-pat wants some fucking poutine. I know there's that food cart on Hawthorne and 12th, but are there other/better locations to get my gravy and cheese on?

I've never actually eaten poutine outside of the motherland, so I'm wary but determined. For the love of donuts, hockey, and English-Quebecois unity (I know, oxymoron) help a hoser out!
On the Road
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Heya, everyone. I want to go camping today, from Portland, where there is decent swimming. I'd like to stay within a couple of hours from the city. I would prefer a lake, but safe rivers are good too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It should be stated that we are avid campers and split our time between the beach and Mt. Hood National.

Thanks, DPers.

Um, yea...

So, I'm in need of rope.

Soft rope.

The kind that won't tear the shit out of your wrists/ankles.

The kind that I dunno, you could tie one end to your bed frame, and one end to two ankles and two wrists.

Hypothetically speaking... where would one get some of this?

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Am I the only one who thinks online voter registration is 1) stupid and 2) not going to change voter turnout?

From what I've read while on long and distant travels to the lands south of our border, Oregon is close to passing such a law.

I just think that if you can't find it to go to any greater number of places where voter registration cards are or feel you don't have the time to take the 2 minutes with a person registering voters perhaps you should maybe...not vote. I mean, you don't even have to leave your house to vote in Oregon. Technically, you don't even have to leave your house to register to vote already. You can already get your voter registration card from online, and just MAIL it in.

Shouldn't voting and registering take a bit more effort than the effort it already takes to be blissfully uninformed?
Fuck Work

(no subject)

So, it turns out I'm broke, which never really occured to me because:
1) I have everything I need
2) I'm doing better than a lot of other people I know
3) I've been poor this whole time and never noticed

regardless, I've got some help from the government coming but I have NO idea what to do,

So who do I go to for food stamps, rent help, etc? and what else might I have coming?

If those Washington fat cats can get free money, Nate wants his too.

coffee, awake, anne traitor

4ish AM coffee

Greetings again DP,

Tonight I am going to the VNV Nation show, which will end probably around midnight or 1. Then, I will be up at 4am to take some friends to the airport and they will be buying me coffee in return.

Here's the thing - I'm in NW and I have no idea what coffee places are open that early or 24 hours anymore. I have no preference on what coffee place it is, coffee is coffee. I'm a dirty omnivore, so I don't care for vegan coffee.

Anybody know for sure? I'd enjoy not falling asleep at the wheel.
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Serious pedicures. . . .

I know someone posted a while ago about this but I can't find it. I need a pedicure place in SE that will actually scrape the hooves off my feet. I will pay for the disposable nail kit, hell, I'll bring my own. . . .

But I need excavator for these Fred Flintstone feet. Help, my feet are sweating in these boots.
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