June 25th, 2009

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So I know DP is infested with writers...I need some advice. I seem to have completely lost the spark for writing. I come up with all these great ideas but I have no motivation to write them down. I mean, I *want* to, but as far as the actual process, it's all "meh".

Additionally, one story I'm working on depresses the hell out of me because I have to completely ruin a character's life in it (it's a fanfic so I can't change what happens to him) (yes yes, know people will deride me for doing fics, don't care). And I think that's the heart of the problem--because of that one story's effect on me, I can't work on any others.

So how do you all deal with it, writers?
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Total longshot, but does anyone here work at a cafe, deli or bakery that they know is hiring or plans on it in the future? Or has anyone seen help wanted signs at these types of places in ANY part of portland that I may have missed? These craigslist interviews with over 40 other people interviewing at the same time are getting really frustrating. 

I've been job hunting every single day for a while now, I swear I'm not being lazy! Any leads will help, and I'm sure it'd help others in the community too.
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clothing store on division......

ggrrr... ok, i am having one of those "what the hell is the name of that...." moments, and i'm stuck at work and can't just drive over and get the answer.

what is the name of the used clothing store on division at 60th? it's not Bearly Used... it's a little bit east of that, maybe 2 doors down from it? currently there is the MOST AMAZING red dress on a mannequin out in front of it. anyone know the name of this place??

thanks in advance, damnclotheshorses.

Traveling to the Netherlands cheaply

I was just reading a post about someone who needed to travel to London and was looking for cheap tickets. As it turns out, I want to travel to Amsterdam to see a friend soon but I am a college student and pretty broke. I would like to go sometime around mid december to mid january, since I just found out I get an entire month for winter break (yes I know it's cold and rainy but I figure it will be cheaper and I can't wait until spring to see this person).
Someone on here posted about a regular $400 fare from PDX to Minneapolis to Amsterdam, does anyone have any more info on this, or their own tips to add? I am looking primarily on studentuniverse.com and kayak.com and also Northwest Airlines. I am thinking about talking to a travel agent for some tips but I don't know if that costs a lot of money if you just turn around and book the flights yourself online. I've been looking at both direct flights and flights from major US cities (chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, NY). Everything seems to be around $730 round trip which is a lot of money. Is that reasonable?
I'm worried about waiting until the last minute to book a ticket, in case I don't find a good deal and miss out on going altogether. I'm somewhat flexible about my flight times, but I do need to ask for the specific days off work about a month in advance.

oh and PS - I have never been outside the US except for a small time when I was a baby. I have no clue about international flying or even flying inside the US! I feel really clueless.

o wise and helpful portlanders

this is a little off the track, but my daughter is moving to the seattle-tacoma area soon and i'm wondering if any of you former or current seattle-ites might know if there is a livejournal community similiar to this one where she might meet a few cool folks to commune with and perhaps get tips and hints on finding a good job...thanks in advance :)

The shoes have been hung up

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.

Jackson had 13 number one hits during his solo career."

a tale of two houses:

I am both looking for a rental house and seeking to help my current landlord find new tenants for my current one.

I am looking specifically for a 3+ bedroom house in inner SE that allows pets, or at least cats. Ideally, no further south than Powell, no further north than Glisan (yes I know that's NE), no further east than the 50s (unless we're talking about a house right on Mount Tabor, in which case, up to the 70s). Ideal move-in sometime in July, no later than Aug 1. If you know of any, I would dearly appreciate a shout. Myself and two others are ready to apply and sign a lease immediately.

I am vacating a house on SE 35th, just south of Hawthorne, at the end of July. My landlord lives in New Mexico, and I'm tryihg to help him find his next tenants. It is a 3-bedroom 1-bathroom house, about 912 sq ft, attached garage, washer/dryer included, large tree-shaded backyard with a big wooden deck, convenient to everything, year lease. I've lived there for 4 years and been happy with it, but I'm vacating for personal reasons.

Please email me at minae dot lee at gmail if you have any leads on a place or are interested in the house for rent. I'll have pictures and more details about the latter up on craigslist soon.

Thanks DP!

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I'm needing to get a website off the ground for a small business I run and, despite weeks of Googling, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Most web design companies seem to specialize in really boring/busy corporate websites that make me want to gag. I know some html and have a general idea in mind for what I want for the design (think Tim Burton-esque meets super minimalist) but the main hiccup is implementing a shopping cart system as well as possibly embedding something so I could do news/blog updates via wordpress on the website itself. Trying to learn how to get a shopping cart implemented seems ridiculously complicated (I'm talking a real cart through my bank, not a paypal/ccnow thing). Are there any website developers on here who might want to make a little extra money in these tough times? If so, post a comment (or message me) with your portfolio. Otherwise, if someone could point me to a good company/helpful resource who caters to small businesses (and with an eye for creativity and innovation.. this is a must), please link me or give me any advice. Local companies preferred, if possible.


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God must have needed a bankrupt pedophile who hasn't worked in 20 odd years...I'd say you'll be missed but you never touched my penis and payed my parents millions to keep it a secret.

You truly were "Off The Wall"


I lost the key to my U-Haul storage unit and would rather not pay the facility $50 to cut my lock off. Does anyone have boltcutters a guy could borrow? I could give you a photo portrait session in exchange.

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In NE Portland, looking to buy some religious sacraments. Willing to drive 40min or so if necessary.
  • Shpongle's "Divine Moments of Truth"
  • The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
  • Portabello Mushrooms (least desirable, but i've all but lost hope for the first two)

Thanks for your mind share.
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Rent! - June 27th 2009

So due to a friend person who has hurt me too many times, I now have an extra ticket to the early show of Rent on Saturday. Basically, I would want to sell the ticket to a cool person who wouldn't mind hanging out with a nerdy girl or sell both of them if someone wants them both

Info as follows:

Keller Auditorium
June 27th 2009
1st Balcony, Section B Aisle 4 Seat's 9 & 10

I bought them both for $114 ($57)  I would love to sell one for $45 or I will part with both for $80.

If anyone is interested email me at karla.branson at gmail.


Apropos of nothing (well, apropos of hot dogs)...

Asparagus and tomatoes? Bacon and cabbage? And what are those in the last pic? They look almost like Cap'n Crunch cereal to me. (Yes, it's another Japanese post...feel free to snark me.)

EDIT: It's a meat sauce spicy crouton dog...thanks to rathanylakan for the translation. And thanks also to whoever first took a meat sauce spicy dog and said (in Japanese) "What this needs is the careful placement of five croutons."

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Fundraising Yard Sale

Come support my queer softball team as we head toward a tournament in Wisconsin this fall. We're having a yard sale this FRI+SAT (26+27), as in tomorrow! at NE Holman + 25th from 8am-5pm. Lots of good stuff for sale, plus raffle tickets and baked goods. Also potentially my friend who mines crystals in Arkansas will be there selling a bunch of really awesome crystals.

So come check it out you DamnYardsailors! I'll be the one in crazy orange plaid shorts, fyi :)