June 24th, 2009

health clinics for the uninsured

Hey guys,

The bf is certain he's got a UTI and needs an urgent care clinic or hopsital clinic that specifically is for people without insurance. We're in the SE, but will take whatever you can recommend. We just moved here so we're not sure about this type of stuff- thanks!

Rabid raccoon!

Yesterday, at 11:50 AM a raccoon made a grab for one of our chickens.

Obviously raccoons are not usually out and hunting midday, which is a sign it's probably rabid. This was in NE, around 33rd and Killingsworth. Keep an eye on your chickens and very small children!

EDITED because this post is about the raccoon, not the chicken.

DVD player recycling - helps?

My Sony 5 disc DVD changer is dead, dead, dead. I want to properly dispose of it but tons of places want to charge me money.

Free Geek may take it, need to call them... Does anyone know of a place to take it so it gets properly disposed of? On the weekend? 

Please help! 

ps - I live in St Johns but I may have a ride to take other stuff to Free Geek this weekend. So, St John's or inner SE area preferably. also, it'd be way expensive to get the thing fixed...

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We need some damnhelp!

My boyfriend and I are in desperate need of a double ended barrel cord.. calling or asking around at electronic stores has been completely useless. No one has even heard of a barrel cord before, but they act like we are the crazy ones :\ I guess they are normally used on ac adapters.

So does anyone know where to get one of these things?

Portland related because we need to buy one these in Portland asap


for the love of god, buy these cupcakes!

so, last week, i ordered a batch of peanut butter and strawberry jam cupcakes from sister mary cupcake. ordering was a breeze and jeff was nice enough to agree to deliver them to my house. to say that sunday's cupcake delivery was going to be the highlight of my weekend is not much of a stretch.

like a magical sprite, jeff appeared on my doorstep bearing sheer bliss in cupcake form. congenial and prompt, he handed me my goodies and left, trailing faerie dust and glitter behind him. i set my dozen delights on the counter and biked to movie madness with a friend. the plan: watch cat on a hot tin roof, rip some tubes, eat all the cupcakes. i came home to this:

in the middle of my living room floor. percy, my housemate's dog, ate almost all of my effing cupcakes. he smushed some into the dining room rug and, we later found out, buried one under the covers in my housemates' bed. i was severely displeased. more like, i was about to have a fucking heart attack because i was so goddamn livid [the dog and i just got back on speaking terms last night].

we ate the tops that were half-eaten by a greedy labradoodle and the four whole ones that were left. the divinity of the remaining cupcakes caused us to lament the loss of so many fallen comrades. i replied to jeff's courteous thank you note with the sad news: a cupcake tragedy had befallen my household. he and sandi showed the utmost compassion and generosity; they replaced my cupcakes!!

jeff just dropped off more cupcakes this morning and there is only one left. i've had four [hey, it's my birthday eve]. the verdict:

"these cupcakes are sooooooooo goooooooooooood. mooooiiiiiiiisssssst! should we get cupcakes for our wedding?"
-housemate a, mom to percy

"delicious! [...] alea, you make funny noises when you eat those cupcakes."
-housemate b, fiance of housemate a


"that's one damn good cupcake."
-friend c – hater of desserts and sweets – who took one skeptical bite of my second cupcake and then inhaled one of his own

the moral of this long tale: give the folks behind sister mary cupcake all of your money. there are no better cupcakes for sale anywhere in this town and jeff and sandi the wonder baker are just the nicest people. patronize people who are cool!
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little blue dog


Any of you foolios walking around downtown today? I heard someone yelling "TIMMAH!!!" several times down on the street earlier, but I couldn't see who it was out my window. It was FREAKING ME OUT.

Summer! Tubing! AH!

Hey DPers, I come to you once again for advice.

I'm trying to plan a tubing trip for this summer, so I need recommendations! I'm looking for a gentle river that will welcome us and our cooler of beer with open arms. Also, we will need a decent camping spot relatively nearby.

Prior excellent experiences? Where? We can travel, but it would be great if the total one-way travel time could be.. an hour or so.

Thank you!
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Emergency! Rescued kitty needs home :(

Hey DP, I'm hoping some of you cat lovers might be able to help out here.

Basically, my friend's girlfriend found a kitty hit by a car and decided to spend a few hundred $$ of her own money to fix him up. He is actually in stable condition and doing okay, but they didn't find an owner.

Apparently my friend's girlfriend's sister (got that?) was supposed to take him, and had him about a week before deciding it was "too much" or some bs and will not take him back. My friend is highly allergic and can't keep the kitty in their place, so unless they can find someone within the next day or so he will have to be put to sleep.

He has a broken pelvis and needs about 2 months to heal where he will basically just be sitting in a crate not doing much. The Cat Adoption Team and other shelters will not take him for adoption until he is healthy (which he is other than this injury). It would be preferred if he could find a forever home, but even just someone who could take him until he's adoptable would be great. He is a sweet young cat who just needs someone to give him some time for healing.

I would do it myself but I already have a kitty (see: icon) and a small apartment where I'm not allowed another. :( I'm trying CL as well.

If you or anyone you know could help out, please respond here ASAP or send an e-mail to mpienpak at mac dot com. Thank you folks!

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 Ok... its here. LOL I feel a little weird posting this, but I figured that some people may be interested in reading. If nothing else, you can see how CLOTHED I actually was when I was riding trimet. :-P The pic is pretty much exactly how I was the night I was asked by trimet to cover myself. 

And for all you damned-pervs, BOOOOBS!!! :-D