June 23rd, 2009

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Keller dress code?

We have tickets to the opening night of RENT at the Keller tomorrow, and for the cast party benefit after and I don't know what I am supposed to wear! I got distracted by some life issues and didn't realize it was coming up so quickly, and now I'm stuck. Now, I am not asking for you to pick out an outfit for me, just trying to get an idea of the typical attire at these sorts of things. Fancy? Typical Portland Casual? Somewhere in between?

Any other theatre-related tips are also appreciated (parking, places to avoid before and after, etc.) since I am totally clueless here.
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Hi! Not at all Portland related, but you guys are real smart.

I'm looking for mobile wireless interweb access. Like, I want to take my laptop all over the west coast this summer and be able to get online from the beach and the train and the bar at whatever city I'm in. I know I can subscribe to some service through my cell phone company (T-Mobile) but it's a little pricey.

I used to be able to tether my Blackberry as a modem but now that I've got the G1, I'm suddenly unable to do it. (BTW If you've figured out how to hack it and make it work, please come to my house and do it because I can't figure it out for the life of me.)

I need reliable and decent speed, since I'll be using it for work about 30 hours/week.

Is there any carrier out there that specializes in just this kind of thing? Or am I stuck signing up with T-Mobile or Verizon or AT&T or blah blah blah and payin' out the ass? I'll do it if I have to, but it seems like there's got to be another (cheaper) option. Hope springs eternal.


Edit: I'm looking for something along the lines of personal experience with this kind of thing. I obviously totally Googled this one already, like a good girl.
C&H Fight

Anyone Up?

I need someone that is half way good with advice, or at least listening, that owns a messenger of some sort, and doesn't mind the pouring out of ones soul....

Thanks DP, you get me through the rough times!


Leonard Cohen

is there anything better?

They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
For trying to change the system from within
Im coming now, Im coming to reward them
First we take manhattan, then we take berlin

Im guided by a signal in the heavens
Im guided by this birthmark on my skin
Im guided by the beauty of our weapons
First we take manhattan, then we take berlin

Id really like to live beside you, baby
I love your body and your spirit and your clothes
But you see that line there moving through the station?
I told you, I told you, told you, I was one of those

Ah you loved me as a loser, but now youre worried that I just might win
You know the way to stop me, but you dont have the discipline
How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin
First we take manhattan, then we take berlin

I dont like your fashion business mister
And I dont like these drugs that keep you thin
I dont like what happened to my sister
First we take manhattan, then we take berlin

Id really like to live beside you, baby ...

And I thank you for those items that you sent me
The monkey and the plywood violin
I practiced every night, now Im ready
First we take manhattan, then we take berlin

I am guided

Ah remember me, I used to live for music
Remember me, I brought your groceries in
Well its fathers day and everybodys wounded
First we take manhattan, then we take berlin

Screenprinting Studio Needed!

So I've been screen-printing in my basement for the last couple of years. It worked in the beginning when I had small runs but now I'm printing about 20-30 shirts a week. I don't have the space to hand dry these guys and basically I'm just running out of room and have outgrown my equipment.

I'm coming to you people of DP to see anyone can help me out. I'm looking for a local screen-printer (Portland Area preferred) who would let me come to their studio and use their press and dryer. I have my own shirts and also my own screens and I can handle making them because that's the easy part. What I need most of all is access to a dryer and a press so I can shell through these shirts in a couple hours instead of using a whole day.

Do any of you know of such a studio? Is there a place I can come and screen-print and use my own artwork?

I'm also looking for cheap. A large monthly fee would kill me right now. I would be willing to compensate somehow with either volunteering or art and design help (I'm a graphic designer as well) So I would be up for trade, we can work out a deal right?

The next step is starting to contact local printers, but I thought I would try this community as well because you guys know EVERYTHING that is Portland. :)


Hey teachers!

I'm doing some research for my graduate program on "teaching in a bad economy." We're focusing on what to do if you don't find a full-time teaching job - mostly subbing. i'm writing a section on ways to supplement your income as a substitute teacher if, like many subs, you aren't getting enough shifts. If you've subbed in the past or currently subbing, what other types of gigs have you taken to make ends meet? I'd particularly like to hear about things you've done that have involved children or stuff that has enhanced your resume!

Thanks in advance!
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Pinkberry- free

For those of you who like frozen yogurt!

Free this Friday: www.pinkberry.com

EDIT: sooooooo the interwebs probably lied about there being one in Beaverton cause i called the number and no one answered. sorry for getting your hopes up!

PDX Pop Now! Lineup announced today.

It's an exciting day. The PDX Pop Now! Lineup has been announced.

For the uninitiated, PDX Pop Now! is a free 3-day festival of local music held every year in inner-SE Portland. This year, it will be Jully 24-26. The lineup is as follows:

Ah Holly Fam’ly
Animal Farm
Autistic Youth
Benoît Pioulard
Breakfast Mountain
Chamber of Commerce (Blue Cranes + Paxselin Quartet)
Daniel Menche
Deelay Ceelay
Don Hellions
Explode Into Colors
Fear No Music
Fist Fite
Guidance Counselor
Inside Voices
Jeffrey Jerusalem
Laura Gibson
Magic Johnson
Morning Teleportation
Nice Nice
Nucular Aminals
Peter Broderick
Pierced Arrows
Purple Rhinestone Eagle
Red Fang
Rob Walmart
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside
Tara Jane O’Neil
The Andrew Oliver Sextet
The Estranged
The Mint Chicks
The Minus 5
The Old Believers
The Quick & Easy Boys
The Shaky Hands
White Hinterland

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My darling friend twilite_embrace recently made a post regarding Trimet and nudity that caused a bit of a kerfuffle.

By random chance, she ended up meeting a reporter for the Mercury, who spoke to her about her experience and wanted to interview her, and I have just gotten word that - oh yes - an article about her, including a picture of her awesome boobs, will be in this Thursday's edition.

ETA: And yes she's gonna scan it and post it here.
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Gas by PDX

My husband drove to PDX yesterday to fly out for a business trip. He pretty much pulled into their economy lot on fumes, so he'll need to get gas somewhere around there after his flight lands tonight. Problem: his flight lands around 11:30pm. Anyone know of gas stations reasonably near PDX that would be open late?

political cartoons

I've been given this assignment:

"Identify and copy 3 newspaper articles or political cartoons demonstrating how others view the US. A bonus will be given for using non-English newspapers. But you must then translate enough to convey the gist of the content."

So to you all - any foreign papers you would suggest looking in? The only language I know outside of English is French, though it's been a couple years so I don't know if I trust my ability to translate a political cartoon justly.

Headlights for a 2000 VW Jetti TDI

I just realized that on Friday afternoon I will be driving by my lonesome down to San Fran for a wedding on Saturday afternoon.  It wouldn't be such a terrible thing, except that my car has a multitude of....interesting parameters that I need to work around.....of which I'd like to minimize.  One of these is the fact that almost all my headlights are out.  I was told that I only need to buy lamps (bulbs, whatever you call them (I'm a theatre techie so terminology can be tricky)) which should only be like $3 or so and that it's not a big deal at all to change them myself.  Anyone know where I can get some headlights for my 2000 VW Jetta TDI (that's a diesel)? Is this something I can definitely do by myself or something I need to pay someone $35 gajillion dollars to do for me?  I'm handy with tools and by looking at them it seems like all I need is an allen wrench, but I'd love to hear from someone who's actually done this with this particular make and model.

And while I'm at it, my coolant is leaking.  Rather inconsistently.  Sometimes I can go several days without filling it up with water and sometimes I'll fill it up, drive 20 miles, wait a few hours and then it's leaking again.  Can anyone give me some pricing on what this might run to get it fixed?  I know that's terribly unspecific, but just wondering generally what people have paid to get something of this nature fixed.  I know I can't afford the time nor money to get it fixed by Friday, but I'm still wondering how much this is going to cost me down the road.   I'll just carry several gallons of water with me for the trip and fill it back up along my way...and hope I can minimize my sketchy altercations at road stops while doing so.

On a related note if you think it'd be feasible for me to set up a caffeine IV for my trip Friday night please provide the appropriate diagrams for doing so.