June 22nd, 2009

Movers: Personal Recommendations

For the first time ever I've accumulated so much crap that I think I need to hire movers for my upcoming move. I'm especially concerned about my living room set making it down 3 flights of zig zag stairs. When it was originally delivered (and wrapped in factory plastic) the delivery men had trouble getting it up the stairs, so I assume it will need to be wrapped for the trip down the stairs. Aside from having a lot of stuff to move, I don't want to deal with the couch and love seat on my own which is why I'd like to hire someone. Anyway, with the stairs being as difficult as they are I'm worried about damage to the couches on the way down so it's important for me to find movers who are insured. There are a crap ton of movers on Craigslist but I think I'd rather go with a company that's been recommended. So I'd love to find out who everyone here has used. I'm moving from SW to Milwaukie, so it's local. I have the equivalent of a 1 bedroom apartment to move. Names of companies, and prices if you remember would be much appreciated. Also, is there any thing to watch out for, ask about etc.? And oh, input on going with a company that provides the truck vs. one that does not? Thanks all!
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(no subject)

so, a few friends and i decided to go to the roxy's last night. we tried to talk to the people next to us but this chick dressed up as a guy said to us "we dont want you talking to us."

what gives? are most of you dykes like this?
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Sea Beans

Does anyone know where i might find some for purchase?  They aren't really beans, but an underwater vegetable.  Don't know if they are available anywhere near here, last time i had them was on the Northern coast of France.

trading bikes?

last summer i bought a bike on a whim. i hadn't been on one in 15+ years and the bike shop near my house had this pretty bike on the corner. without any knowledge of bikes or my real needs, i bought her and named her matilda. the bike was used but in great condition. all i needed to do was add lights and a basket. it's great for casual riding, got me on a bike again and helped me conquer my fear of riding bikes in a city. however, the more i ride the more i realize i need something more. i still don't have much (er, any) bike knowledge but i know that i need something lighter and with gears.

that's why i come to you damnportlanders... i am looking to sell my current bike and get a new one. i thought about keeping matilda because she's so damn gorgeous. however, i realize i won't utilize her if i have another that gets me around easier. i'm wondering if you could recommend bike shops, ideally in SE, that might buy my bike?? preferably, one that would help educate me on the best bike for me and do a trade? will bike shops do trades? what do you think - is this the best option or should i try to sell her on craigslist instead? i'd go to the bike shop where i bought her but they were less than helpful.

thanks in advance!

Beauty - HUH?

Shelter donations

So I'm looking for a somewhere, probably a women's shelter, that might be interested in taking a couple boxes of lightly used toys off my hands. It's stuff I really loved (Liddle Kiddles! An enormous stuffed dog! Doll clothes! Littlest Pet Shop!), and I'd like to see it go to a good home, or at least somewhere that's not Goodwill. I also have some work-appropriate clothes and books that I thought a shelter might be interested in as well?

You guys are good with the charity and whatnot. Any ideas? The closer to Hillsboro/Beavertron, the better for me.


Postcards or Stationery

I will be visiting a friend in NY this August. In anticipation of this trip (the first in years) we seem to be in the midst of an Epic Postcard Battle (each sending one a week as a form of countdown). My normal supply of postcards is dwindling and I need to rearm to keep up the fight. Do you know of a store (other than Powell's) that has a selection of gorgeous or weird postcards? I'm in the 'Tron but willing to head wherever.

Thanks all!

GF's friends visiting soon, ideas other than the obvious things to do?

Yes, I'm asking the perennial and timeless question; what should I show the friends while they're in town? This comes with a proviso, however. My GF is on summer break from school, and as such has to stretch every cent as far as something made of zinc can possibly be stretched.

I know all you brilliant DPers usually have great and unusual ideas in this regard, so I'm going straight to the source. While I'm certainly going to help out in the "shelling out the green" department, we're still hoping to keep it on the cheap.

Here are a few of our ideas thus far;
Saturday Market, Farmer's Markets, hiking at various places of interest, checking out the test rose garden, OMSI, Multnomah Falls, getting beer and a movie at some of our wonderful theatres, hitting some of the more interesting and scuzzy bars around town, maybe visiting that awful yet great velvet painting gallery...

Also, what's a good site to find out about upcoming events, musical and otherwise? I used to use Portland Citysearch, but the new version sucks even more than it used to. I check Oregonlive and WillametteWeek.com, but I have yet to really find a site that does exactly what I'm looking for very well.

Thanks to all you prospective responders.

Room for Rent in SE Portland

$325 first month's rent + $400 deposit
$400 for last month's rent, which can be spaced over 2-3 months
You'll also be required to fill out a rental application so that if the landlord shows up, she can't just throw you out.

After our other roommate moves out and my boyfriend and I take over his room, rent is by room, $420. (Larry's said he'll pay $450 for the having the biggest room).

One share utilities (should be under $100ish, I believe).
Pet deposit is $200/animal, though, and that's all Medak, not us. (Cats/lizards/snakes are just fine, dogs and birds will have to be discussed on a case by case basis.)

Just make sure you can cover around $500/mo. normally for rent, with certainty, and things should be A-OK.

So, re-hash. Cozy house on SE Portland, 76th and Flavel. We NEED a roommate by the end of the month or we're all going to overdraft our bank accounts making rent and bills and eventually lose the house as we three together cannot pay everything and also afford to eat.

Three bedroom house, bedroom on the floor level is the one needing to be filled. Bedrooms have carpets, living room and dining area is hardwood, kitchen and bathroom is linoleum. There is a huge basement as well as a garage for storage, and the backyard is HUGE. 80 long, 30 wide, at least. Right now it's three guys and a girl (me) living in the house, one of the guys will be moving out and my boyfriend and I will be stealing his room.

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is onenightstandachance@gmail.com. I would love to hear from anyone needing a room and myself and the other housemates are completely willing to show the room and the house to you.

Edit: The first month is cheaper because if we get someone in, there will be five people living in the house, and rent is split five ways. When Jace moves out at the end of July, my boyfriend and I are moving up from the basement and taking his room, bringing the number down to four people living in the house and the rent will be mandated by room, not split four ways. As I said above, the last months rent can be split up over a few months to make things easier for whoever is moving in. The 400 that would be required with the first months rent is a security deposit.

Bills will still be split four ways. We have internet, though no cable tv and we like it that way. Bills are water, gas, and electric, and we have regular trash/recycling pick up but that's included in the rent.

Jack Medack is the owner (also name) of the company that the landlord works for (property manager is the title, yes?). He is who is mandating the 200 per animal deposit, not the people who live in my house.


Dear DP,

Where do I go to get a rockin haircut for a reasonable price?  Last time I went to bishops, and I love, but I also like to explore my options.  Also bonus if you know any fairly affordable colorists, but I'm prepared to diy that project if need be.

Edit for clarity - A reasonable price - $30 at most for haircut.  Dying, I might pay up to 60 for all over, but I'll probably just dye it at home.
Bike Naked!

Volunteer for the Multnomah County Bike Fair!!

Please note: I'm not the person who wrote this, I am merely posting it to help her out. Email her at anomalily at gmail.com. The MCBF is this Saturday! I volunteered last year and had such a good time, I volunteered for two spots this year.

Each year, we celebrate the end of Pedalpalooza by taking over Col Summers for drunken debauchery, jousting, games, eating falafel (this year it's burritos instead), and volunteering for the Multnomah County Bike Fair. If you've been before, you know the MCBF requires a tremendous amount of volunteers to keep it rocking all day long. The Fair will be a guaranteed blast with the usual fun plus Kid's root beer garden and Bike Craft! AND, most important, volunteers get 2 free beers!

We still need quite a few of y'all, so PLEASE step up the plate so we all can have a sweet time!

- Phone number
- Preferred shift (see below)
- Preferred position
- OLCC card is not required to serve, but it is helpful to know if you have one & want to serve

Thanks all!

Shifts are:
Help setup and get done early!
This includes the fabulous Move By Bike of fair stuff to the park from just a few miles away. Trailers needed.

Be in the heart of the action early enough in the day to still chill
all evening. You'll be helping with t-shirt sales, beer garden,
music stage (keeping those musicians in line), and water hauling
and more.

Be in the heart of the action. You'll be helping with t-shirt
sales, beer garden, music stage (keeping those musicians in line),
water hauling and more.

Be in the heart of the action. Volunteers at this time
will also be helping with packing up, t-shirt sales, beer garden,
music stage (keeping those musicians in line), water hauling and

7:00- 8:00PM
Special short breakdown shift (just one beer token).


Your Pedalpalooza Event Volunteer Nagger-in-Chief
Email: anomalily at gmail.com

recycled air bags

So, I bought this extremely sexy (Shun!) bread knife for 50% off at Amazon.com. It came in a giant box with it's own little army of those weird plastic bags full of air they use for padding now. Anyone know how to recycle them? Can I take them to a packaging store for re-use, do I puncture them and toss them out with the plastic? Does anyone who lives in inner SE want like five small connected bags full of air (I highly doubt it's worth it otherwise)? or maybe a set of small inflatable pillows for a series of little-headed houseguests?

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plastic balls

you know, the kind they fill a pit with at mcdonald's playland and chuck-e-cheese, that you drop your kid into and then the wriggle around in the things for awhile.

what's the closest-in place to downtown what has em? edit: i mean has them in a pit. for us to jump in! so, mickey d's with a playland? or something else? and it needs to be open til at least 9pm tomorrow (tuesday) night.

this may or may not be related to my xkcd-themed post yesterday.

thanks for your help, folks!
C&H Fight

3eb Show

So it wasn't as terrible as many tried to make it out to be, honestly I had a good time. It helped that I landed a meet & greet ticket for after the show, but none the less I felt that the Third Eye Blind concert was all in all a good show. Those few of you that attended, how'd you like it?

gluten-free dairy-free pizza

Yes, this is an earnest question, but feel free to snark away.
Anyone know if there's a joint that sells pizza that is both gluten-free and dairy free?  I can find a lot of places that look like they might have gluten-free dough but none that definitely offer that and dairy-free cheese (or "cheese" as the case may be).
Thanks all 
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Tell me one of the best childhood memories you can remember.

I think my best memory from my childhood is that for a period of time every Christmas we would drive to visit my Aunt out in Angel's Camp, California. It was around midnight, pitch black, and we were driving on a scary mountain road. I was crying, so my Mom and Dad turned on the "Mary Poppins" tape that my sister and I liked, and while my sister and I sang along to "Let's Go Fly A Kite" it snowed.

Totally corny and totally awesome. Yes!


Two positive things that happened to you this week!

1. I got to hang out with one of my best friends, ever, and played the TMNT video game (which is TOTALLY AWESOME) and that was pretty rad.

2. I ran across two bridges, completed my first Run/walk, and am super proud of myself! Yay!

And you?

And if you have any discussion ideas, please send them along to me, or suggest them in the comments! Thank you!
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(no subject)

what are considered to be the conservative political beliefs these days? my boyfriend told me tonight that im conservative both in general and in my political beliefs but then failed to give me examples. so now im curious to see if i actually have any conservative political beliefs.
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Reverse question

Usually people at work would ask if anyone is on here but I am asking this.... is there anyone that is on here that works at Barnhart?
Maybe we could meet up or something....
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