June 21st, 2009

To Qwest or Not too Qwest that is the question

 Mighty all powerful Dpers, 
  i seek the opinions of those in the know. I currently have qwest as my net and home phone provider, mostly as a personal snub to Comcast because I had many issues with their service when I had it back in the Midwest. I'm considering adding the TV package to my qwest and possibly verizon since My AT&T contract expires in July (yay). Has anyone done this bundling offer and found it to worth the cost? More problems than it's worth? 

    My cell phone use is rather limited , even the smallest package we could get orig with AT&T we've never used up even half our minutes in a month, so I'm shopping for small minute packages anyway.

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so i just watched vh1's 40 hottest hotties of the 90s. yeah yeah, i know...

so i want to know, who did you think was hot in the 90s? not who from the 90s do you find hot now, but back then who did it for you?

here is the list of the ones they picked along with my choices:

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Must Do Summer Hikes

Ok Damned Hikers, list your must do summer hikes in the PNW. I'm trying to make a comprehensive seasonal list. I'll even share. Exciting I know.

Please note them as such: Trail-Nearest City-State-Hiking Level

Feel free to suggest camping favorites as well.


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Suggestions for trivia night music mix?

(This is Portland-related, because... Medford and Portland have so much in common.  Umm... like, being in the same state.)

So, I'm hosting Medford's first (as far as I know) pub trivia night tomorrow, and I've hit a block with my song selection.  Rather than think about it for five minutes, I'm going to take the easy way out and ask this mighty community for its favorite tunes that fit the atmosphere of a trivia night in a not-so-musically-groundbreaking-town.  I've got 22 so far (Eye of the Tiger, Layla, a few selections from Sublime, Matchbox 20, the Raconteurs, Journey), just to give an idea, and probably need about 30 total. 

So, DPers, what are some of your favorite thinky/drinky tunes?

Allllso, if anyone needs/wants another repository of useless info for their PDX trivia team, let me know!  I'll be all moved up there around August-ish. :)
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new runner, looking for marathons?

So I just (TODAY) did the epilepsy run over the steel & hawthorn bridges, and loved it! I'm a total novice to running, so I'd like to restrict myself to run/walks over this summer...

Does anyone know of more marathons or run/walks coming up (in the metro area)? I've done some googling and have only found one listed for July 4 (while I'm working) and things happening in like, Mt. Hood or places too far away for me to get to easily.

I'm mostly asking because even googling for the run I did today, it was hard to find evidence of it on the "running calendars" I could find for Portland, so I'm convinced there's something I haven't found yet going on soon!
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Community Service for Money/Food/Housing?

I know this is a long shot and a pretty crazy idea in the first place given the unemployment here, but are there are local programs such as Americorps that give you a living allowance and/or cover your housing/food in exchange for community service? I have a friend who just graduated college and would love to dedicate her time to helping the community but can't afford to have no way of covering house/food. Obviously part time job and part time community service would work but just curious if there is something like Americorps locally. Thanks!
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local, immediate bumper-style sticker printing?

hey yeah so we waited too long and need a relatively small number (50-100ish?) of bumper-type stickers (waterproof, ~2"x8") printed up by tuesday evening. single color, just [words in brackets]. would be nice if we could choose the font/color but would settle for any one that's not too fancy in black--does need to support italics or /slant/ for the letters though.

any ideas where i can call to get this done? any of you have the ability & wanna let me pay you to do so?

Lost Keys

Fucking fuck, I lost my keys last night somewhere between the NE 30th and Weidler Fred Meyer and home. Where could a good samaritan have dropped them off? I already checked with Fred Meyer and retraced my steps with no luck. Damn, without my car keys I'm stuck with a 1.5 hour commute to work by bus.

(If you live on NE Wasco and came across a ring of keys last night/today, they're likely mine and I'd love to get them back.)
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xkcd meetup tuesday, 8pm, powell's tech books

dudes & dudettes.

you & your bicycle should come to powell's technical books @ 33 NW park street on the evening of 23 june at 8pm. we will be dressing, parodying, talking about, and participating in re-enactments and enhancements of many of xkcd's finer points in a mobile celebration. cosplay of xkcd characters encouraged (come on, it's at least an excuse to get out your firefly wear), and when has cosplay ever been simpler to overachieve at? we'll have a handful of activities including live geohashing and mind games, maybe a hammer slide competition, and definitely good geeky times. join our leader, cory doctorow and see where the night takes you!

free event, featuring slow group bicycle ride (not so slow you could walk it, nor drivable, but you don't need to be a speed demon on the bike or even very athletic. you don't have to be faster than the raptors, you just have to be faster than someone else. anyone else!) do bring your blinky lights because it will get dark while we're out. bringing laptops also encouraged (we will try to have a mobile wifi setup along with us).

here's the event info in less detail: http://shift2bikes.org/cal/viewmonth.php?month=06&year=2009#23-897