June 20th, 2009

Silver Soldier


So, we have a tiny problem. Well, it's a compound problem really. The situation is this: SUPRISE we have to move out of our apartment in a month. OH SNAP our pet rodents have chewed semi-substantial holes in the carpet. FUCK, now the grownups are going to find out.

We're trying to figure out the cheapest way to deal with this. Just let the management deal with this and take it out of our security deposit? Find a reliable carpet repair and/or installation professional? Find a reliable vinyl flooring professional? Do either job myself (I am more than capable of doing said work and have a reasonably large stock of general tools and semi-reasonable stock of general knowhow just not about this specifically)?

My actual question to you, dear DPers, is for recommendations for carpet repair/installation professionals. However, your thoughts on the best way to handle this would also be appreciated.


To the dogs somewhere on our street that sound like they're murdering each other every morning:

STFU !!!!!!
seriously. stop it.

ps. N Detroit to be exact.

Someone please call PETA!!

So I was out at the Zoo watching the B-52's show (freakin' awesome BTW - how is Fred Schnieder in better shape than me?) last night and made a horrifying discovery! Literally within sight of the elephant enclosure some sick barbarians were selling a fried dough treat called - get this - Elephant Ears. PUKE. I was so mad I took a trash can and dumped it all over the counter while screaming about how they should be selling Hemp Ears.

Ghastly! Rise up!
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Best place to buy tires?

Hey all. I am in need of new tires for my 2006 Scion and am looking to find the best deal in Portland. I planned on shopping around at the chain stores to see what I can find but figured I would also ask people on here about their personal experience. It is time for new tires and brakes. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Rockin rock speakers

So, I found the bestest gift for my dad for fathers day.  They're out door speakers that look like rocks.  My dad likes to have BBQ's in the summer and he loves to really do things up for Halloween, so these would be great for both.  The only problem?  I've only seen them at Best Buy and they're sold out.  Has anyone seen these out door rock speakers arounde?  Please?  Distance is not an issue.  Within Washington or Oregon preferable.  I don't want to buy them online because they wouldn't get here in time. 

Here is what they are.  They don't have to be this brand or anything.  http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8278124&st=out+door+rock+speakers&type=product&id=1171058476697

Please and thank you!

Edit:  Meh, found an out door speaker that has a transmitter that can go to the TV, radio, cd player, mp3 player or anything else....  so that's good.  He can just make a styrofoam rock or something  to put around it.  Found it at Bed Bath and Beyond.  EVERYWHERE else is sold out.
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Woot! I'm coming home!

Ah Portlandia, I have been away long enough to forget the reasons I left...please don't make me remember then again when I come home.

So, I gave the Seattle area a year. I really liked it for a little while (ie, when I had a job), but as I have failed to find stable employment, cost of living here is so much more expensive, and I miss having someone ELSE pump my gas, I am coming back, saluting Seattle with a thanks, but no thanks.

BUT in order to come home (new boyfriend and a second kitty added to my retinue), I need to find a job and a place to live. I have no worries about my bf finding a job, he's ex-military with a fatty resume of security and fancy restaurant jobs and a business degree from Dartmouth (yeah, I found a good one up here ;) ) but I am worried I will run into the same problem I had before I left...not being able to find work.

So tell me, DP, has the job market improved any in the last year? My job fields are office work, retail management, and radio (Hopefully I will be back on the air at KPSU when I get back, but thats a volunteer gig.) The listings on craigslist seem to indicate that is has, but of course I'd rather hear from you guys.

Also, my bf is thinking about getting a home loan to buy us a house in PDX. Can anyone recommend a realtor? We're just looking for a cozy 2 BR with a fenced yard and hopefully some ample storage space.

Thank you in advance for what I know will be excellent snark advice!
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State Parks and such

Hey damned peeps who camp in Oregon,
I want to rent out a bunch of state park yurts for a giant group slumber party. Unfortunately, this group isn't really flexible in terms of weekend, and I don't have any experience with ReserveAmerica. Any tips for navigating the parks/campsites reservation system to get the weekend that I want? I know there is a nine month window, and our appointed date is more than nine months out, but I want to be ready with my fingers on the keyboard or my phone at my face when it's time. Does it help to have a bunch of people try to call in on that day, or is that overkill? Any advice you have would be great.

Thanks a lot.

Yet another how-do-i-write-my-resume post

Hai DP.

Should resumes always be kept to a single page? At this point in my life, I have a lot of fairly impressive shit to talk about and it's hard to leave things out. I'm trying hard at distilling things. I may just cut some things and talk about them in the cover letter, but do people READ cover letters? This is a position that may just go on word of mouth & hasn't been published yet, so I'm not competing with 500 overqualified resumes like everyone else, which is nice. Also, is it ridiculous to leave my current job out of a resume (as well as my last previous job) if it has less relevance than anything else? I'm shifting from one industry to an entirely different one & I have a lot of transferrable experience, but my last couple jobs have the least.

kthxbye <3

Another comment about unemployment:

This was mentioned as a comment in an earlier post, but in case anyone wasn't aware:


Oregon's unemployment rate is really, really bad. Of course, the good news is that if we continue to be 2% points ahead of the rest of the country as unemployment goes up, Oregon's lead won't be as noticeable as it was.

So how long does this go on before we get fed up and introduce our own weregild economy?
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Damn Renters

Does anyone else have a problem with people completely flaking out when trying to rent a room?

Every time this house has rooms for rent, I put up ads here and craigslist. And one problem keeps happening, no matter which room it is. People say they are coming by at a certain time but then don't. I never hear from them or I get "Got busy can I come by later" after the scheduled time. Sometimes this happens repeatedly with the same person.

Yesterday, I had 5 people scheduled to come look and only one person showed up. One person sent five emails spread over the day, asking to come by "in an hour" but they never showed up. This morning he sent one asking to come by on Tuesday or Thursday "at sometime". I know Portland is easy going and laidback but this is a bit ridiculous. I know people work and things can get hectic but I waste my whole day waiting on them; I have things I need to do too.

So far none of the people for today have arrived either, but then there's only three of them.
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law and order

My MAX Stop Is Full of Cardboard Crime

So I went out today, Portland, to deliver a sweater to my girlfriend. I headed on over to the Old Town MAX and right as I get to the corner, a police car zips up, goes over the curb and parks on the sidewalk in front of a garbage can. A garbage can with a big cardboard box on top. The officer in the car comes out and inspects the box, rightly, I guess, like it's going to bite him. I think this is likely to be resolved quickly, and head off to deliver girlfriend's sweater.

After buying some crap and ridding myself of the sweater, I hop back on the MAX headed the other way, see a man with a rainbow fro, am asked three times for spare change and all in all it seems like a normal, forgettable trip. Then we stop at 1st and Oak and the woman driving the train says that if I want to get off at Old Town, I have to get off at Skidmore Fountain, which either smells bad and if full of homeless people or smells crazy and is full of Saturday Market. It was sadly not the latter.

I approached my usual stop to find it taped off, rather haphazardly, and filled with cars and officers. I had to walk two blocks around my usual straight line home to avoid their polygonal crime scene after they got angry with me and kept telling me to go to Skidmore Fountain instead of listening to me saying I wanted to get home in the other direction.

So my question might be: What the fuck was in the box?

Or: WAS is the box?

Or even: How close are you allowed to get to police lines, because they bitched at me for trying to cross the street to get AWAY from the tape. Though I guess I'm not really concerned with this one, just kind of annoyed.

More Importantly: Does anyone know anything else?

transit police

Okay, so I know what the Tri-met fare inspectors do (check for fares and write tickets for lack thereof), and I know what cops do (taser 'n' terrorize), but can someone explain to me what the transit police do? I assume they can make arrests, since their cars have bars, but what else? Can they arrest people for non-transit related things? Do they carry guns? Are they Tri-met employees, or are they just normal cops on transit duty?
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Motorcycle fail.

Coming out of the B-52's concert last night, walking to our car, passing the line of cars waiting to get out. A woman on her motorcycle (I think it was a Suzuki GSX650), gasses it a little too fast (maybe sporty tires), it's slick and the back tire decides it wants to be in front, dumping her on her side.

She was wearing high heels.

And Capri-type pants that didn't go all the way down.

There was nothing about yesterday that said motorcycle weather.

Most of her clutch handle broke off, and I couldn't push the bike while it was in gear with the clutch in, so I'm guessing the cable broke too.

She was hurt, but able to walk, Park security got there and called her an ambulance.

Motorcycles aren't for everyone.

What are you doing tomorrow?

Hopefully you'll be stopping by the Solstice Rummage Sale happening at Burnside Proper! It's going on all day Sunday from 12 noon to 12 midnight. If you remember Daylight Savings (the secret alley shop on E. Burnside), this is a bit of a reunion!

Here's some of the description from Facebook:

Help Tanya make a little extra cash before she moves to New Orleans! All tchotchkies must go!

Stop by anytime during the 12-hour-long sale marathon to rummage through the goods, including:

-benefit bake sale and lemonade stand!
-commemorative t-shirts and mix tapes!
-hand-made jewelry & neat trinkets!
-cool junk immersed in good vibes!

Other peoples will be there hawkin wares as well.

We'll be rockin out all night long...music, maybe a uke set(?), magick oracles and barbeques are all in the mix, so check it out!

All this and more at 715 SE Grand Ave. - Between Morrison and Alder!

* I personally have a bunch of vintage clothes, purses and shoes priced from $1-5, random stuff from 25c-$5, and some awesome vintage summer dresses as well!
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(no subject)

Tell me DP, what are your remedies for making clothes kept in wooden drawers not smell so... musty? (for lack of a better word) I don't want to use those potpourri satchels because I don't want my clothes to smell like grandma. Any ideas? Home made or in a store, doesn't matter, as long as it's not expensive!