June 19th, 2009


glass worker on coast?

Anyone know the contact info for the artist/glassworker on 101 near arch cape?  I know this is terribly vague, I remember driving by and there were all these glass pieces out in the yard, a little shop run by a guy and his wife.  I took a card but subsequently lost it, was hoping to figure out how to reach him without waiting until I have time to drive all the way out there.
TIA all.  Who's enjoying the cloudy cool weather and who can't wait for the sunshine to return?

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Sunday morning Bloody Mary spots?

Anywhere in the city, any price.

Outdoor seating preferred, I like to smoke cigarettes while I drink myself stupid while the "good" people sit in a "church" praying for my "soul"

holy crap burnside.

what on earth is going on at burnside? i drove by on my way home from a movie and there were seriously at least 20-30 (if not more) cop cars posted up on burnside right off of the burnside bridge headed west. they have everything to one lane, and are shining flashlights at all the cars and at their license plates.

i looked everywhere i know to look, but some of you know things and websites i don't. anyone else see this?