June 16th, 2009

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dentists on macadam?

have any of you used any of the following dentists? if so, what are your impressions and thoughts?

David A. Case (on Macadam)

Family Dental Health (on Macadam)

Macadam Dental

Jodi Morich (on Macadam)
Kevin Morich

thanks in advance.

alternatively, do any of you have ODS PPO (through the Multnomah Bar Assoc, if that helps) for your dental coverage? if so, is there someone you recommend as a standout in the dentistry world?

i'm so glad i thought to call and double check on provider coverage today. come to find out there is a distinct difference between ODS PPO and ODS Premiere. ha.

i am thankful to have dental coverage, but my gosh, could they make things any more complicated?

free dental exam and xrays

hey there -

At one of the booths at Pride this past weekend, Mt. Tabor Dental was giving out cards good for a free dental exam and xrays (apparently a $200 value) - I have insurance and just got this done on my own last month, so is anyone interested in this card for the offer? Mt. Tabor Dental is at 728 SE 60th Ave., 97215; phone is 503-236-1449. You have to call and schedule an appt. with them soon for this offer. I've never been there, so I have no idea if they're good or not, but I am willing to spend the 44 cents to send it to someone who's interested, who'll actually use it. You can comment here or message me with your snail mail address and I'll drop it in the post box asap.

ETA: Taken!

Possibly just an impulse.

A wonderful vision that I had, after attending the pride parade several years in a row, was the possibility of a mental/emotional wellness parade. I'm always overwhelmed by the love and acceptance of people at Pride. I cry uncontrollably every year. If there's another group of people who are unfairly stigmatized and also need a parade, it's those in mental and emotional treatment – abuse/neglect and trauma survivors, the mentally disabled, group homes... I don't know, anything you can even think of cramming in there. We should have a freaking parade! Getting the word out, advertising services and support groups, people being themselves – not hiding under a mask because their workplace or dumbass friends can't get educated about mental health. I'm tired of spending my time surrounded by co-workers who play armchair psychologist, and strangers who look at me like I'm crazy. This is why teens kill themselves before seeking help, and people have panic attacks when they leave the house. Love and acceptance is exactly what these folks need. Once people start "coming out" about their health, the stigma will end. People never guess I have as many issues as I do, but man, I'd be driving that danged float. And our culture as a whole has to start stepping it the hell up.

You can comment with generalizations/jokes about the potential of mentally ill people in a parade, but I probably won't respond. I've come really close to walking around town with a sign that says "I have a therapist" because opening up about even something as this is seen as so taboo, or "TMI". I'm not quite courageous for it yet because, well, anxiety, hello. I like to tell myself that quaint one-on-one interactions, like having the guts to disagree with an ignorant bystander and give them actual facts, does some good. But golly. I'd love to do some other daring, grass-roots thing that really turned some heads.

Sigh. Someday?

temp agencies - part time work?

Does anyone know if temp agencies in Portland (or specific ones?) will help you find part time work? My only experience with temp agencies has been looking for full time, and the one time I was looking for part time, I was told they don't do that.

I just want to know if I should even be looking at internships, or if that will screw me over in trying to find a paying job simultaneously.

But on that same note anyway, if anyone has recommendations for places to pursue publishing or literary-related internships, I'd love to hear it! I've done my research, but still, recommendations are always helpful.
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Bones bones bones.

Hey there,
Kind of an odd question, but does anybody know of somewhere in PDX where I can buy animal bones and other animal parts (feathers, hides, claws, etc.)? I use them for art projects. I used to go to Sticks, Stones & Bones on SE 27th, but it appears the store no longer exists, and it'd be great if I could find my animal bits somewhere in Portland rather than having to mail-order them from The Bone Room in California. Naturally I abide by the DIY roadkill-scavenging strategy, but it's not particularly reliable, especially if one is trying to get ahold of a decent-sized skull, and I avoid buying from sketchy hunters on eBay.

For the love of all that is holy, no flames from self-righteous vegetarians/vegans.
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Job woes

is anyone else out there with amazing work talents and experience oozing out of their brains but no luck with the job search? i've signed up with two staffing agencies (Manpower, Adecco) and even they aren't helpful. I've managed a few interviews, but no call backs on them since my competition is half of Portland. what is everyone else trying? i've listed myself on job sites, searching CL until my eyes bleed and networking on the side. are there other temp agencies i should give a shot? they seem to have little jobs to offer as well. blasphemy.
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Dang! Late from Monday, again! Oh well, here we go!


1. Tell me about your best birthday ever. Or the best hypothetical "birthday" party someone could throw for you (or you could throw for someone).

For me: Hopefully for my next birthday I am going to have a ninja extravaganza and make everyone wear all black and arrive in stealthy ways and watch martial arts films and eat all matter of delicious foods with throwing stars instead of utensils. Also we'll take ninja pictures and have a ninja dance party. Woo!

2. Tell me two positive things that happened to you this past week, no matter how small!

I purchased a copy of The Shadow of the Wind (by Carlos Ruiz Zafon) and was given an advance copy of his next book for free! I did a little dance, I was so excited.

And also... A blog-friend of mine sent me an amazing package from Hawaii, including some yummy macadamia-nut chocolates and a tacky kukui nut necklace! Fun times.

And now, you?
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City Notices

So, apparently someone from the Bureau of Development Services came out and took a peek around the property of my house, and left us a notice. We didn't really need the notice since we KNEW our backyard was overgrown and we HAVE someone coming in today to clear cut it and get rid of the huge blackberry bush.

Got this a day or so ago, no biggie, we're getting that taken care of.

Come home today to find ANOTHER notice taped to our door, same things checked off, with a new one. "Remove and keep removed all non-trash items from the outdoor areas of the property and adjacent rights of way including but not limited to: (insert options here)" And what was checked off was "Indoor Furniture."

We have two metal folding chairs on the porch because three people in the house smoke and it is in our lease that we not do it inside, so we smoke outside on the porch. We have a butt can, and we have the chairs out there so we don't have to sit on the steps/concrete porch. APPARENTLY this is not allowed.

So, the question is should we tell them to shove it and keep the chairs out there, or should we replace it with the "proper" outdoor furniture? I mean, really, who gives a rats ass about the kind of CHAIRS we have on our porch? I've also pondered that if we still had our pirate flag flying from the flag pole provided on the porch, would they have made a stink about THAT too?

Edit #2: Apparently my nagging finally got through and the roomies bought a weed whacker, machete, and my aunt loaned me some of her gardening supplies. King Blackberry is now a sad shadow of his former self, and we made beautiful headway on the front yard.

I will be following the advice of everyone on here, though, so thank you so very much!

Die-in at Pride

Just had to share this because it is whole lot of awesome. I'm told you can still see the chalk outlines of the bodies on Broadway.

The Sisters stopped the Pride parade when we saw the anti-gay protesters that are there every year. Sister Dixie had a bullhorn and started chanting, "Words kill! Words Kill!" When we heard that, all the Sisters fell to the ground. Those marching with us ran out with chalk and outlined our bodies on the ground. All the time, the crowd was chanting, "Words kill" with Dixie. After we were outlined the Sisters rose up, showing the power of love over hate and the crowd went wild. It was an incredibly moving experience to be a part of.

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I need help please. Kinda.

I'm in a beta community for HP and for participating they give us $15 amazon gift cards every month. I used my gift card to buy Heroes Season 1 used because it was only $12 and my card covered shipping and everything. I ordered it on the 9th, it came today and I find that it's missing disk three. I don't really want to deal with the hassle of trying to have the seller find the disk and send it or tell me I'm SOL. So, does anyone have Heroes Season 1 and a DVD burner? I'll buy you a cup of coffee in exchange for a burned copy of disk three. I need this is my life.

I don't have a DVD burner or I'd obviously pirate it myself and I already called a few used places and they want $25 and up for it. Please help.

EDIT: I found it someone who has it. Yay.
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What kind of store would sell wall-mounted bottle openers?

What kind of store would sell wall-mounted bottle openers? Clearly, the internets are full of places that will sell them to me, but I need one by the weekend (father's day present) so I'd prefer to buy one in Real Life.

I'm really at a loss for what kind of store to try. Hardware? Kitchen? Restaurant supply? Antique? Liquor?

I'd prefer if it were a Coca-Cola one or a plain metal one (no frat boy type sayings or beer logos).

What kind of stores have you seen these things at? (I'm in Raleigh Hills, but don't mind taking the bus all over town if needed.)

ETA: Found at the Orenco New Seasons. Thanks for the suggestions!

Surprise party halp!

I decided yesterday morning I would officially throw a surprise birthday for someone on Saturday the 20th. Eeek! Sent a bunch of messages as a heads up to people with an added, "I don't know where it will be, but I will let you know ASAP". Problem is that I need some help on that part. If he doesn't have to work around dinner then I plan on first taking him to dinner with two friends. Afterwords we would come back to the house for a drink, and then go to a bar at around 9ish so people wouldn't have to wait too long. I'm thinking it will be anywhere from 10-20 people. So with these workwithable guidlines does something ring a ding in your head?

+Full bar
+Room for 10-20 people
+Karaoke? / Cheap pool?
*Bonus if there is a minor's area!
Any experience with this?

Do you work at a place that has that all goin' on? If so, let's chat.

I need tips, tell me some bad surprise birthday stories, and some really good ones!
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asking the intarwebs

My iPod died. Or rather, it's not dead yet, but the audio jack is going out. This makes me BEYOND sad and as a protip to you geekoids, when your girlfriend is mourning the loss of her electronic BFF, that would be a bad time to go in a rant about closed-source Jobs!ware. Just saying. -_-

I could order the repair kit and do the fix, but it is a three year old iPod and I'll likely either craigslist it for parts or keep it for an external music drive since the battery is still ok and everything else. So DP, what do you think? I'm cashing out all $500 of my state retirement funds since they're charging me 10% a year because I'm not vested, and I'm going to buy another damn iPod. Or is there another portable player that would be better? If you think it's better, I want to know why, please. With links. Because hopefully the next one - whatever I end up with - will also survive three years of being dropped at a run at times when trying to get a bus. My major requirements that I will not change are - a) internal battery so that if it does get dropped they don't go flying everywhere; b) video. Wireless could be cool but I have an eeePC. Thanks dudes.