June 13th, 2009

Scooter Haulin

Hello oh wise and wondrous DP!
My normal avenue for truck borrowing appears to of failed me, so I pose a question to those of you with scooters or those of you with trucks.
Who do you use to get your broken down scooter to the shop? Is their a tow service I can call?
Or, perhaps you have a truck, with some sort of ramp or something and would like $20 to haul my scooter(on Monday) from Interstate and Lombard to St. Johns Honda where my warranty covers repairs?

Any ideas or Takers?
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Work footwear

So, I have recently come into gainful employment that involves standing on my feet for extended periods of time. I'd like to get a pair of the "professional crocs" (oxymoron?) today in town, rather than ordering online and having to endure another week or two of foot pain. Does know of a store in town that carries these? If it helps, I'm looking for this specific model, but I'd probably settle for any other one without holes.

Dog Kennel

Does anyone know of a kennel/boarding facility/whatever that takes temperamental dogs? We rescued a little guy who is aggressive towards other dogs (he had 4 previous owners in as many years, so he's got some issues), and most kennels require that a dog be able to "play nice," which our dog certainly will not.

Anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Portland would be great.
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do not want

Does anyone know any fancy Craiglist tricks (or other sites) that would let me search for rental apartments in the Portland metro area that **aren't** big offerings from property management companies?
ryan lochte

Free Baby Bassinet

I have a  white Bassinet, smoke & pet free home. I am in inner SE by Reed. I need it gone tomorrow. I'm tired of it taking room. It has the pink bow attached but the blue bow is still sealed and ready to be attached if you are having a boy! I only have a pink bassinet sheet though.

Email me at karla.branson at gmail

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trucker ape


that stands for: Saturday night naked bike ride club. Hope you're all either gonna be biking in the buff with the rest of us or at bars along the route gawking, you goddamn perverts! if you weren't already, consider it! there will be at least 2000, maybe 3000 hot naked bods flying past you on foot-powered vehicles, just as jesus intended. and then you can go to church tomorrow and repent for your simultaneous obsession/disgust with the naked body. it'll be fun!
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