June 12th, 2009

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I'm doing a little photo shop work and I got emailed some multi layer PSD's
The layers showed up separated and all that but photoshop won't let me do anything

it only gives my the grabber hand no matter what tool I choose.

and ideas?

i have 7.0 I feel like I'm just pushing the wrong button


do a SAVE AS  jpeg and you're allowed to work on the psd.

the Adobe works in mysterious ways
little blue dog

Facebook and trademark rights PSA

Maybe some of you are rights owners, not sure.

Facebook recently announced that it will begin providing access to vanity URLs tonight (June 12th, 9:01pm our time). This means that a user's Facebook URL can read <http://www.facebook.com/username>, instead of a random number-based URL. These vanity URLs will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Facebook explains that this new vanity URL service will make it easier to locate FB pages. There is a concern, however, that this will open the doors for a flood of trademark infringers and cybersquatters. This may be especially pertinent to Facebook users who use Facebook to promote their own businesses.

To address this concern, FB is giving holders of trademark rights the opportunity to prevent requests for URL extensions using their marks.

To register your mark with FB, go HERE and complete the form. You will receive a submission acknowledgment from FB, and your submission will be examined. If approved, your mark will be withheld your mark from the public reservation process that begins tomorrow.

It's unclear from the form whether commonlaw (i.e., unregistered) trademarks can be withheld. I also have no idea, beyond checking submissions against the USPTO database, how the validity of such claims will be assessed by FB.

I'm happy to try to answer any questions about this (although my legal expertise is more on the trademark side and less on the Facebook side).
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So here is another one for you Damnportlanders

I just went running through the parking lot at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and in the parking lot is a very healthy looking white rooster!

Now I have no rooster experience, and the poor little guy didn't want anything to do with me, and seemed lonely as when I came back he was still there, but hiding in a bush and crowing. Which I'm guessing means he's lonely.

So what do we do about this rooster? Anybody want a rooster? I know where you can get one.

Unfortunately I'm now several blocks away from said parking lot, but I'd go back if I could figure out something to do with it.