June 11th, 2009

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Seattle vs Portland vs Vancouver vs Chicago

I'm trying to decide where to live for the next year while I finish up premed courses (via extension school/continuing education) and ideally, work in a lab. The choices: Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver. I've never been to the first 3, and am in Van for the first time, for just a few days. I knew I'd love the general vibe in the NW (a lot friendlier and more laid-back and unpretentious than I'm used to - which is exactly what I'm looking for), but I'm from NYC and went to school in Boston, so I also love the excitement and variety of things to do in big cities. (It's more a plus and not a requirement.)

Other important factors:
- Public transport/biking/walking -- I can't drive and don't plan to any time soon.
- Rent -- am willing to have 1+ roommates, preferably near a supermarket and the university I'm taking my classes. I don't want to live in a rundown place but currently live in China so am used to less than stellar conditions. Any estimates for rent? (is aiming for $300-500 realistic?)
- Don't care about sports teams.
- Do care a lot about delicious yet affordable food.
- Ease of getting to know others roughly my age (I'm 24) -- I've heard people in Seattle tend to be more closed off in their own little cliques, which makes it harder to get to know people well and break into a group of friends. Is this true? What about Portland? I literally do not know anybody currently living in any of the 4 cities (except a few from the corporate/consultant world, which I'm desperate to escape), so I'm both psyched to start from scratch, and a bit worried.
- Rumor is Portland is pretty dead on weekday nights and on weekends. True or false?
- Is the weather in Van, Portland and Seattle comparable? I picture constant rain, damp and chill, and dreariness...

Pros, cons, opinions of each? I would love to hear them, especially personal experiences and suggestions that are not easily google-able.

(Edited list to add Montreal, which I had previously discounted because I've clicked with only 1 French-Canadian of the many that I've met in China. Got to stay open-minded though...)

Thanks so much!!
portland bridginess
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got a bike? like fun?

hey damnfinecyclists,

just in case you don't have 50 friends in the local bike fun community who've already talked it to death, this is your call to fun! you may have heard of the world naked bike ride from previous posts in this community in the past week seeking volunteer help or rallying folks to attend, but that naked ride is just the tip of the iceberg for bike fun in portland this month.

today marks the beginning of pedalpalooza, a festival of fun involving bicycles that lasts until saturday, 27 Jun, featuring over 200 events! nearly all events are free and volunteer run, and nearly all aimed at all levels of cyclists: we're not talking spandex-infused races or 100 mile tours, here. we're talking bike-in movies in your neighborhood, political or costume-themed rideabouts, rolling scavenger hunts and dance parties--a huge variety of event types and topics. there are family friendly (kiddical mass & father-son 24-hour camping trip by bike) and family unfriendly (bike porn! pub crawls!), activist (bike against the 12-lane CRC!) and smacktivist (santacon on wheels?), silly (splashdance) and educational (horticultural challenge) events. literally, something for everyone who bikes (except possibly misanthropes), and even stuff for people who don't bike: http://www.portlandbicycletours.com/ has some great beginner rides listed and can provide you a bike and helmet, and unicycles for n00bs offers you a lesson in one-wheelin', no experience or equipment required.

the calendar website for pedalpalooza is unfortunately not easily google-able, so i encourage you to bookmark it that you might find it with maximal ease in the coming weeks:


hope to see you out at some events! i'm the guy with bunny ears on his helmet, do come up and introduce yourself =)

Flying on the Cheap

So, I'm going to assume that there's a healthy number of folks on here to who travel frequently...and sort of know the in's and out's of cheap travel, or where all the good resources are to learn about them. All the international travel I've done has been in student groups and therefore...I've never had to plan my own trips.

To put it simply: I'm going to London next year...around August or September. The airfares are ridiculously low right now and I want to book a flight asap. However, I'm unable to do so online because the date of departure is too far away. I don't want to wait, only to find that the prices have risen...so I'd like to jump on this asap.

Does anyone know a way around this? Where do you go for cheap international tickets? Who do you trust if you go to a travel agent? Will I just have to suck it up, save more, and wait to purchase later? Why does "Lost" air their season premiers so frakkin late?????

I would appreciate any help...especially directions to the best resources for information...there is just so much out there.




Ikea only has x-mas lights online until the holiday season arrives at their stores. They have cool LED lights but they cost 49 dollars for a pack of 4. Michaels has christmas lights that will run you 7.99 to 5.99 a package. I chose the basic white ones on a white strand to hang around my ceiling and they were the 5.99 ones. Cheers!

Morbid much?

Hey guys! I just wanted to spark up a conversation about what's considered morbid and fucked up in our culture. For no particular reason at all I keep going and looking at this website http://www.charonboat.com/. I WARN YOU this website will make you queasy and offended if you aren't in the CSI or crime scene field. I find myself gawking with my hands clasped over my eyes each time I revisit it but I can't looking at each article and image posted. What do you think about websites like charonboat that strive to expose the ugly reality of death and the fragile gift of life? Do you think the media overly censors images and truths from our reality? I'm utterly afraid of dying but here I am on charonboat.com and on youtube watching plane crashes. Ugh. Is Dannybear insane? Let's chat!

Last post I swear/Dental care

This could be useful for people like me. I noticed a post about a free emergency dental day in Lake Oswego which got me thinking about my teeth. I have 2 wisdom teeth coming in all crazy. The one coming in on the bottom right side has been pulling the gum away from my in tact molar and the pain is terrible. I can't eat on the right side and the pocket from the wisdom tooth keeps getting bloody and stuck with food. I am very worried about developing an infection. As with most people around town I do not have insurance of any sort. I work full time and can do a sliding scale. Does anyone know of a dentist that can see me and help me out? I need my teeth cleaned too. The last time I was a dentist I was 18 years old, I'm now 23 and I know I'm way overdue.
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coupla questions about Pride

Hey all -

This is my first year in Portland, and my first year going to the Pride event this weekend.  So I have a couple of questions.

The biggest one, how early do I need to be downtown to stake out a good spot to watch the parade on Sunday?

And secondly, can someone just give me an idea of what to expect while down at the water front on Saturday.  I know it's free to get in, and I know there's some music and the pet parade.  Speaking of the pet parade, is there a specific location that is held at?  

Any information would really help ;)  Thanks!

events solstice weekend?


Asking on behalf of a friend not on LJ. Anyone know of any events going on the weekend of June 19 - June 21st that might be fun for a visiting parent (mother)? She's up for anything fun, especially outside. Portland-flavored, whatever that means to you. Along the lines of street fairs, parades, outdoor concerts. Good local theater productions, food events, etc. (Already got the Sat farmer's market on the schedule.) She would be totally into last Thursdays at Alberta, for example, but she's here too early for that.

I've got a fairly robust stable of local live music venues (Laurelthirst, Press Club, White Eagle, etc) and fun restaurants (Screen Door, Pambiche, Tin Shed, Pok Pok, Nicholas, etc) that I think she'd like, to recommend in general, but I'm looking for specific event recommendations for that weekend I might not have heard about. Thanks in advance!
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Sound files, .wav files, what-have-you

Okay, so I'm tired, wee-todd-did, whatever.

Any LJ communities where I can find ringtone-ish sound clips? 'Cause I ain't paying for that shit when I can download something and make it by cutting and editing.

I'm not necessarily looking to download a whole song here (and even if I was, SoulSeek keeps asking me for a damned password to set up a username... the fuck?), I just want to make me a different ringtone for ze iphone. Apparently the one I have now is racist, according to my boss at work.

DP related because, fuck, I don't know.... make something up.


Is there any history book I can get that accurately explains world history from say 2000 BC up to the end of the 19th century?
I just want a general idea of what was happening in any significant population, anywhere on the globe in that date range.
camo bike

Keep Portland Self-Consciously Eccentric

In today's Tribune, Peter Korn dissects Portland's "weirdness" — or lack thereof. I think the best lines come from the PSU professor, who says things like:

"Except for a handful of 24-year-olds who ride funny looking bicycles, I don't think Portland is weird at all," Abbott says. "I'd call it sincere, earnest, outdoorsy, old-fashioned, and pleasant. If Portland were a person, you'd be delighted if your daughter said she planned to marry it."

Then there's the owner of the Velveteria Museum, who says:

"I've been here almost 30 years. This city is provincial. I don't care if you ride a bike nude."

Read. Discuss.
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Help me, DP! You're my only hope!

My wedding is in two weeks, and the friend who was doing the alterations on my dress told me just today that she can't do my alterations, after. Apparently because there's beading on the dress. Basically, the two back panels of the dress need to be taken out and the zipper put back in, and it needs to be hemmed. It's technically my wedding dress, but actually just an evening gown, as I had no interest in wearing white. I do not care if the beading perfectly matches up in the back. The dress has a rolled hem right now, but I also don't care if it's just serged to the right length as long as the thread matches. I need to find someone who can do these alterations in time for my June 27 wedding. I'd love for it to not be too expensive, but at this point I'm entirely aware that I'll likely end up paying more for the alterations than I did for the dress. If there's a fantastic tailor/seamstress on DP who needs some work, I don't neccessarily need a professional, just someone who can do the work well and deliver on time. Help me stop freaking out about this wedding!

It's this dress: http://www.gownsbysimpleelegance.com/gowns/Alyce6920.html
but in wine, a dark almost purple-y red.
be still my little darling

lookin' for a new damn apt

Looking for unfurnished 2bdrm (or larger) available in July, Aug. (best), or Sept., must allow one cat. Aiming for ~$1000/mo, $1200/mo is our absolute cap. We don't care if the unit is/in a complex, duplex, or house.

Belmont/Buckman/Sunnyside/Laurelhurst neighborhoods STRONGLY preferred... Hoping to go no farther north than Glisan, no farther east than the mid-40s, and no farther south than Hawthorne; how far west we'll go depends on bus stops nearby, size/cost of apt., and crime maps. On/near 15 or 20 bus lines a big plus.

Both would-be tenants are employed full-time, non-smokers, grown-ups (34 and 40). Help?

Oregon Kindergarten Cut-Off Date

Looking for some assistance.

I know your child has to be 5-years-old by 09/01/09 to be eligible for kindergarten this fall in Oregon.

But...does this apply to private schools too? My son doesn't turn 5 until Sept. 13. I am curious if he might be eligible for kindergarten in a private school. Are the private schools bound to the same mandates as the public schools when it comes to cut-off dates? Or is there wiggle room?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


(no subject)

A friend is trying to home two kittens, the mom and their sibling are already adopted.

The best guess has been the black and white is a male (nicknamed Sylvester) and the darkgrey striped one is female (nicknamed.. well, Fluffy). No guarantees made on gender! Let me know if you are interested in meeting them. They both seem to be pretty healthy happy kitties, though no shots or anything yet.

(xposted to my journal/dp)

awwww... sleepy eyes.
kitty paws! eek! how can you resist?? I can't, but we've got three already. :)
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Johnny Appleseed

I knew a song about Johnny Appleseed when I was a kid - either on one of my records or one of my parent's records. They listened to a lot of folk music. But it was probably one of my "kiddie" records, given the lyrics that I recall - fairly simplistic stuff. I get the chorus in my head sometimes, but I only remember one verse, and I want the lyrics! But it is NOT, apparently, any Johnny Appleseed song that Google has ever heard of - searching the title just gets me a shit-ton of sites about Joe Strummer (and that is not the version I want) and adding any lyrics turns up no results at all. Does anybody know the version I mean? Here are the chorus and the one verse I remember: Collapse )
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Hawkeye writes

Looking For A Roommate

My roommate is moving out and I desperately want to stay in my apartment. It is a two-bedroom unit in a 4-plex in NE’s Sulivan’s Gulch. Two blocks from Fred Meyer and a ten-minute walk from the Lloyd Center and the MAX line. Busses stop a block away.

It has a large kitchen, big front windows and lots of storage. There is a coin-operated washer and dryer out back along with additional private storage space. You would also have use of a private parking space, since I am foot and pedal-powered.

I’m a 20 year old music, book and movie-loving homebody who likes to park my butt at home and just do whatever. I will be going back to school in the fall and currently work a mixture of mostly nights and some mornings. I’m quiet, but not shy and am fine with company coming over. New friends are good friends! :) I like to keep the living area fairly clean, and am open to sharing the grocery bill or just taking care of my own food.

Rent is $895/mo and includes water and garbage services. Your share of the rent would be $447.50. Electricity (pacific power) and wireless internet (qwest) accounts are already set up, and when your share is added to rent it averages to about $500 a month. You would be able to move in the first week of July. The lease is month-to-month and I don't have any intentions to move at the moment. If I ever do move, I will give you more of a heads-up than my last roommate.

The rental management company does not allow smoking inside the unit or pets. However, I do smoke outside and am alcohol and 420 friendly.

It really is a sweet apartment and I would love to be able to stay here. If you know anyone who is looking to move, pass this along and feel free to contact me for more information. :)