June 9th, 2009



Which comedian said "Money can't buy happiness...but it can buy a jet-ski. Try to frown on a jet-ski." or something to that effect?

This is bugging me and I must know.

EDIT: I realized right before falling asleep that it was Daniel Tosh, and a Wave Runner, not a jet-ski.

Ever have one of those weird moments of clarity between consciousness and unconsciousness?

Heads up!

Hey guys! Old Navy(I know its not American Apparel) is having a 50 percent of ALL MENS items sale right now. I went yesterday and fetched some cute polo's and linen shorts for 41.00 dollars, 5 items in all. I was blown away by how inexpensive it was. So if you need something quick for summer go check out that sale! It's also online too:

Evil music

Toby Hemenway

NO. NOT THE ACTOR. That's Hemingway.

The other one. The one who wrote Gaia's Garden. The Permaculturist. The Environmentalist. The one that I AM WORSHIPING AT THE MOMENT.

He's here doing a very reasonable Permaculture overview course. If anyone has looked into taking these classes, they are EXTREMELY expensive. Many of the classes can run over a thousand dollars (or more!). This series is not a certification class, but it still is something that some of you may be interested in. Unfortunately, I missed the first one, which was this past Saturday, but I'll be there for the rest of them! Tryon creek is right by my house, and it's a damned shame I had to miss the first "class". So, my point is? If anyone is interested and not too far....

*Building Perfect Garden Soil* July 19

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The site !
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Theme party ideas?

My birthday is coming up in August and I traditionally throw a huge theme party of some kind, but this year I'm coming up short for ideas. I've looked on party planning sites but all their suggestions are cheesy and overdone. I can always default to a red-and-black party, but I'd love to do something a bit more creative and offbeat.

So DP, what theme parties have you thrown or attended that were particularly awesome?

that thing that goes moo

Hey there -

Anybody know someplace around town where one can buy one of those small plastic cylinders that when turned over sounds like a cow mooing? Tried Finnegan's and Lippman's already. In N. Portland, but can travel, though not too far out, I hope.


ETA: Found at Kids at Heart. OMSI had a cheap not-cow-sounding one that was similar but not up to snuff.
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let's get naked!

Has this been posted yet?

The Portland World Naked Bike Ride is this Saturday! I've never gone before, but I'm not going to pass up an excuse to be naked in public.

Info's are here.

Who's going??
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 so dp, my first pet just got some bad news and she's on her way out. im having a hard time knowing that her days are numbered, but since she has anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, i have a while to get used to the idea.

what did you do when your first pet died? how did you memorialize them in your lives? and more specifically, have any of you had to go through adrenal disease with a ferret? thanks dp
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Two Portland musicians mentioned in Paste Article

For those of you who haven't been following the Smashing Pumpkins hullaballoo, Portland musician Mike Byrne of Moses Smell the Roses may very well be the new drummer!  He is certainly very talented and deserving, IMHO.

Paste Magazine posted an article online about the matter: Smashing Pumpkins Get 19-Year-Old Drummer?

Also mentioned briefly in the article is Portland Musician Ben Spees of the Mercury Tree (aka scrumbles  here on the LJ), who is currently working on producing Moses Smell the Roses upcoming album.  Ben is one of the most talented musicians i know and an awesome soul to boot, in fact, go check out his music with the Mercury Tree right now!!!  but you know, no pressure.  ;)

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So I need awesome sushi place recommendations for Friday night. But it's a bit of a business meeting, so I need not just any awesome sushi place. I need, in order:

- Delicious, delicious sushi that will please sushi aficiandos (I'm not, but they are)
- Quiet, uncramped setting (I know, hard to find on a Friday, but being able to hear = plus!)
- Close-to-city-center location

A good friend highly suggested Hiroshi but citysearch reviews have me worried about the quiet/uncramped part. I will only have three people. Help, anybodys

EDIT: The moving-train/bar thing is not really what I'm looking for either. Me needs a sit-down-and-order place.

Chinese Classes

Hey, I'm looking to take some Chinese language classes but I don't know where to find any. I want the complete deal: writing, reading, speaking. PCC only has conversation classes and PSU would charge me over $800 for only three weeks of Chinese I. Are there any other options? Thanks for your help.

(In case it matters, I used to take classes when I was a kid but I've forgotten almost everything and so need to start from scratch.)

Where can I find ___?

Does anyone know where I can locally buy water kefir grains and get a kombucha scoby? I know there are a lot of places online but I would rather get them locally. I have tried Craigslist but I only found one or two adds for kombucha and one was in Mcminnville.

Thanks for the help..
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Apartments/landlords to avoid (or flock to)?

Seeing as how I'm a sadly ignorant soul, could anyone note Portland apartment complexes or landlords to stay as far away from as possible? I'm apartment-hunting, but don't want to end up somewhere awful, and all the apartment feedback sites I've seen don't help, being stuffed with both "THIS IS GREAT" and "THIS IS HORRIBLE" reviews for just about everywhere.

Alternately, but less easily, might anyone recommend good studio or 1-bedroom apartments reasonably near downtown? I'd be comfortable ending up with rent of up to $600 or so, maybe a little more, but I certainly wouldn't complain about less. I mainly just want somewhere with good AC/heating (edit: well, heating more, I can stick an air conditioner in a window if I have to), a good bathroom, laundry on site, and thick enough walls I can fiddle with guitar playing without getting complained at.
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positivity post is exceptionally late!

Gasp! I'm late! Y'all know the drill, right?

1. Tell me two positive things that happened to you in this past week, no matter how small.

2. Tell me what your favourite meal ever is and/or best meal ever would be!

(And responses will come tomorrow afternoon as I work at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning!)

gettin hitched

So DeePee,

I have been informed by the anti-gay-marriage lobby that, as a man and a woman, my friend & I are endowed with the full legal and moral sanctity required to get married for health insurance. How does one go about making a prenup happen? I think we're planning on filing jointly for our taxes, but we want our assets to remain separate...ie, I don't have a claim on the house he will come into ownership of, my bank account is not his, we're not responsible for each other's student loans, etc...Can I get prefab things that I can make easy customizations to?