June 7th, 2009

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rental negotiations

Ok, DP. I thought I was going to have to move out of my apartment because I'll be starting school again in the fall & won't be able to work as often, & therefore won't really be able to afford living in my own place (or maybe just this place) anymore.

My lease is up at the end of this month, and I'm wondering if it seems like a good idea to try and negotiate re-signing my lease with a lower rent. I went to my complex's website and noticed they have a studio available for $50 less than mine is now! I'd totally just move into that studio, but I think it has the same specs, so that just seems... well, kind of silly, doesn't it? $50 less a month will still be cutting things awfully close for me, but maybe I could get a little bit more knocked off (is that totally wishful thinking?). I'm mostly thinking that moving again with pets will require so many security deposits and fees that it'll negate the whole 'cheaper rent' thing, as opposed to staying put where all those initial fees are already paid up. Plus, this rent includes utilities (aside from electric & junk like cable/internet). Plus, this place is just about the perfect location between my job & school, & the transportation business isn't as crazy as if I moved elsewhere.

I've been here for almost a year now. I'm a good tenant. I'm quiet & clean & pay my bills on time & follow the other rules.

So does anyone have advice or experience with this kind of thing? I honestly only recently learned that it was even considered an okay thing to try and negotiate your rent. How exactly would one approach that with the landlord? "Yeah rent was cool this last year, but not next year..."?

Pirates in the European Parliament!

The biggest theme in Sweden [Swedes were voting for members of the European Parliament in Brussels] was an upswing for small parties. The Green Party was expected to increase its support dramatically. The Pirate Party, which advocates shortening the duration of copyright protection and allowing noncommercial file-sharing between individuals, was expected to get one or two seats for the first time.

"It is not just about file-sharing, it is about the entire way of thinking about personal integrity on the Internet," said Jonas Pettersson, a 34-year-old IT manager in Stockholm who voted for the Pirates.


Shower routine

I'm curious like a kitten. When you guys take a shower what's your routine? I know it's an odd question and you can censor what you like but here's mine:

1.turn the water on(prefer it hot)
2.hop in
3.brush my teeth(yeah I brush in the shower :P I floss before I hop in though)
4.Shampoo(every other day)
5.Condition(every other day)
6.Body wash
7.Face cleanse
8.Wash out conditioner and tada! You has clean Dannybear!
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(no subject)

My boyfriend and I would like to get married at Washington Park/Forest Park this summer. Any suggestions for a good spot? What are your favorite secret locations in the park?

Ideally this spot would be secluded (minimal stray frisbees), fairly accessible (for the comfort of our rickety grandparents), and more on the woodsy than the parky side. The ceremony is small (maybe forty people) and short (half an hour maximum)--we're not setting up chairs and bunting, or releasing doves, or singing a duet, or any of that nonsense--we just need a good three hundred square feet or so in which to cram our dearest friends and succinctly declare our undying love before rushing off to the MAX for cake and ice cream.

Walking access to the MAX station (within a mile or so) would be nice.

Selling Books to Powells

Does anyone happen to know whether it's more profitable to sell books (and, if it's important, they're mostly art books... though I also have a large amount of literature/writing books) at the Powells on Burnside versus their warehouse in the NW? They're both about the same distance from me, but I'd rather go to the one that may offer a bit more. Advice? Experiences? Many thanks!
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foundation repair recommendations

i'm trying to buy a house. it's an old house, has some problems, but nothing i don't think i can handle or get handled easily, somehow.

except the foundation. inspector said repeatedly "i'm not a foundation guy. but i can tell there are problems with this, this, this and this." he tempered that with a "but i can't tell how bad--it could just be a "'replace a cinder block or 3 and you're good to go for lotsa years'". also, current owner has spackled over and painted a lot of stuff so it looks fine but doesn't sound fine when whacked. so i need a pro to come out and give an estimate on what needs to be done & how much it'll cost.

i'm looking for a relatively quick turnaround, and i'm not looking to get it fixed right this second, but am willing to pay for the time spent estimating at the going rate for your/his/her time.

so of course i turn to the lazyweb. got someone you can recommend? can recommend yourself? i take all comers. geez, i wish yelp did home repair stuff. maybe time to join angieslist.com, but i'm gonna hold off on that until i buy a home (if i don't get this one, i might put it off for a few months).

muchas gracias!

Somewhat random question:

American society is very litigious, and there are many lawyers. And people often threaten to sue people. Or are worried about being sued.

But with all that, how common is it really? I myself have never been sued, or thought seriously about suing someone. And I don't know many people who have ever been involved in a lawsuit. Maybe that is mostly because I know younger, poor people.

So (if you don't mind saying), how many of you have ever been on a giving or receiving end of a lawsuit?
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swimsuit shopping in pdx

Hey all,
Looking for recommendations on a local store in the Portland metro area where I can purchase an awesome bikini swimsuit. Must have a nice variety.

I looked on Popina's website and the cuts featured seemed more hipster cute than sexy, which is really what I'm looking for.

Any tips?

video card wanted

Anybody have a low profile video card they're looking to get rid of? This is one with the half height bracket on the end where the port is. I am specifically looking for an nVidia 8600GT, 8500GT, 7600GT or ATI equivalent that can be used on a power supply with +12V rails of 16A and 5A.

home furnishings

Hey Portland,
I made good on my threat to move here- though in a different area than we first thought. (22 and W Burnside)

So right now I'm sitting on the hardwood floor of my new apartment, having just slept on my thermarest, because we have no furniture. I would like to rectify this situation, because my butt has gone numb. So I ask you fine folks: where is your favorite place to get cheap, used furniture? We've checked a few of the Goodwills (we're across the street from one, even) but I'd like to hear of any smaller, local, or better places. I have a car, so I don't mind traveling, but I can't move a couch in it, so anywhere that delivers would be extra awesome. I've been watching craigslist, but since this apt is only ~450 ft^2 or so (and up 3 flights of stairs), we have some fairly strict requirements.

And, while I'm at it, something completely unrelated: Besides REI, which are your favorite outdoor gear stores, for selection and quality? Where do you go when you need an 800 fill down jacket, or a tent that weighs less than a loaf of bread?

Thank you!


I found an awesome mix CD on the side of the road the other day and have been able to identify all but 3 of the 22 tracks. Two of them are covers, which renders programs like Shazam! useless. I figured out the original songs, at least.

#1 - Cover of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" featuring prominent piano and a female lead vocalist. It's by Detroit artist MoZella on her "I Will" album.
#2 - Cover of Eliot Smith's "Between The Bars", also with a female vocalist (Regina Spektor?) and prominent piano. I'm almost certain that it's not Metric, though it could be an alternate version of the Metric cover. Chris Garneau, "Music For Tourists".
#3 Isn't a cover, so I was able to look up the lyrics. It's A Wish by Gregory & The Hawk.

I'm willing to do some more looking, I'm just not quite sure where to look. Any ideas? Both were found through iTunes and Everyday Music is holding copies of the CDs for me.

Thanks to whoever threw out their mix disk! I love it!
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(no subject)

my boyfriend and i are looking for a one bedroom in portland and i was wondering for those of you who have one bedrooms what are you paying for what area? ive been looking through craigslist but just want to make sure i have realistic ideas while doing my search.

also, any tips on great areas to look or anything? looking for someplace safe to walk around in since im having a baby in a few months and want to be able to take him out for a walk by myself. also we have one cat.

i assume that we wont be able to afford to rent a house but i have even less idea what those go for. clues?
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How did I miss this?

From Page Six:

"RON Jeremy (above) -- whose career as a porn star contracted as his waistline expanded -- is branching out with a swingers' club. Later this month, Jeremy will open Club Sesso in downtown Portland, Ore. "It's an odd fit for this crunchy town known more for its burgeoning foodie scene than its penchant for three/four/fivesomes," blog Transracial notes. Jeremy, who's partnering with a local club owner, hopes to make Sesso a nationwide chain."
C&H Fight

Dance Dance Pad

Has anyone done anything like a dance dance revolution pad conversion. I want to make essentially a box for my "roll up" dance pad. I have very little experience with something like this but would be really interested. Any help would be golden. Thanks.

EDIT: Also if anyone is a "modder" and doesnt mind having a tag along, Im dying to get into the scene and would love to help or learn anything I can.
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PS2 shite

My 9-year-old girl is itchin' to play some Sly Cooper and Sims 2, but all the peripherals for the PlayStation 2 went away during the last big run to GameStop to sell everything in the house for a new XBox 360 game. She's short a power cable, controller, and TV connector cord dealio. If anyone's got PS2 stuff cluttering up the house, and would be willing to part with it for super-cheap, please let me know!

And, of course, I'm more than willing to barter cupcakes. haha
Fatty Goldfish

Giant tank/filter needed!


  I am wondering if any of you might possibally have a large (30+ gallon) tank that i could use to treat a sick koifish. Im sure i could probably use a kiddie pool, but if i did that i would definatly need a pond filter, or at least a good bubbler, so my second question:

   Anyone have a used/free/reasonably placed source for a temporary pond filter/bubbler?

third:  Anyone here really knowledgable when it comes to Koi fish?

Fruit flies like a banana

Fruit fly season is upon us. I got a few in a bag of cherries from Safeway today. "Fuck that shit," I thought, remembering my infestation last summer. I whipped up my eradication method with a quickness:

1. Small amount of water—1/4 or 1/2 cup is enough—in a drinking glass or whatever.
2. Dissolve a lot of sugar in it.
3. Add a little bit of dishwashing liquid. If it doesn't want to dissolve properly, microwave the concoction and stir again.
4. Leave out.

The cider-vinegar-in-a-glass thing works, too, but then your place smells like cider vinegar all day, and I don't think it works quite as well as the sugar-detergent bit. The weird thing with sugar-detergent is that you don't see any corpses in the glass. They go elsewhere to die.

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