June 6th, 2009


Storage Units

I was a little surprised to get a quote of $74/month on a Public Storage 5'x5' unit.  No Fort Knox super security on the unit or climate control, just a closet space, WTF?  Four years ago I rented a ~5x8 cubby at U-haul for $27/month.  I am looking for a cubby to store some weather resistant cases and a couple of bicycles, but I'll put excess space to good use. 

Oh mighty DP, I ask a question.  In any part of the metro area, what are the best storage rates for anything 5' x 5' (typically the smallest) and up, please?  Don't worry about the math, just give me an idea of your impressions of good going rates (e.g. "I got a garage style storage space, 10x20 for $65 a month!")
Rainy Day

Summer Camp - YAY!

I'm teaching a Waldorf summer camp for grades 7-12 this year and our first week is themed "Recess All Day". I have some great books on games, and the kids will be up to their eyeballs making their own game-themed paraphenalia to take home (read: hula hoops, jacks, marbles, juggling balls, yarn ropes, and maybe jump ropes).

However, it would be great to hear what your favorite recess/camp games were as a kid (barring the one where you chased girls/guys around the playground because they can do that well enough on their own).

Have at it - and have a crazy weekend!

Shaved pussies

Does anyone have a recommendation for a local groomer who is experienced in working with cats, especially the recalcitrant type that resist grooming?  My cat is extremely floofy and anytime the temperatures get over 80 degrees he's totally miserable.  He also refuses to let me brush his belly and tends to get mats under his legs as a result.  I'd like to get him a lion cut so he'll be more comfortable this summer and avoid matting. 


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My son's 6th birthday is coming up and he mentioned wanting to have his party at the pirate store at Lloyd Center. Has anyone actually or been to party there and could you let me know how it was?

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My sister and I went to the Farmers' Market in the S. Park Blocks today, and were witness to some sort of fabulous event which was actively Keeping Portland Weird (Or "Kay-Pea-Dub", as we've taken to calling it. KPW, make it happen!) We think it was some sort of pairs race, and registration was around Montgomery and 9th. What event was going on?

Amongst the most memorable of participants we saw were the Nevernudes and the Spinal Tappers. Were any DPers participants?

ETA: OK, we have lots of comments on whether KPW is a unique sentiment (it's not) but seriously, what was this event?

moving help?

Looking for the cheapest solution to this problem:

I am moving next week.  I can haul everything but furniture in my car.

I have:

Queen mattress and bed frame
Coffee table
Cafe table
Two bar stools

That cannot fit in my car and needs to be moved... less than two miles away.

Any ideas on the most affordable way to go around this?  My friend with a truck just called to say he is having transmission problems.
Just Jack


Waba Sushi & Grill just opened up in Beaverton this week and it's good!  Reasonably priced in this economy, fresh fish delivered daily, vegetarian options, even the option to not have your roll wrapped in seaweed.  This place rocks my socks!  Open 11-10 Mon-Sat.  It's around first and Lombard in the Beaverton Fred Meyer area, across from Stars. Tiny place, if you blink you might miss it!

Just passing on the good word.

snape potion

(no subject)

does anyone know a good iPod repair service that will repair my sick iPod at a reasonable price?

the hard drive is making this pathetic meow sound and it won't play music. sometimes it will show me the menus to choose songs, but often i get the sad iPod face. thanks in advance!
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Where can I find a carpet rake in our fair burg? My fiance and I both have long hair, we have two cats (one longhaired) and a dog, our roommate has an afro and I'd really rather not kill another vaccuum.