June 5th, 2009

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Lost wallet

i know this is a huge long shot, but, i lost my wallet tonight and i believe it happened around 19th and W Burnside (between The Civic and that new Dollar Tree, most likely). If any of you happened to have found a wallet, contact me and i can definitely describe it. i'm already mourning the loss of my June bus pass not to mention my debit card and ID.

Thanks in advance. *crossing fingers*
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why livejournal is routing my links through my live journal page. my html is good, regular anchor tags, but my livejournal link is being added to the front end, rendering them useless.

how do i fix this and why is it happening? thanks

home prices in SW or SE?

Hey all,

Has anyone recently bought a house or know anyone who has?  I'm heading up from Medford to scope out neighborhoods today and tomorrow.  I want to buy something that won't stick me with unreasonable payments for a full-time student, so probably within the $90-$125k price range.  Condos, townhouses, bungalows, duplexes, etc. are all an option.  Not looking for anything brand new. Just want to know what my chances are for something decent.

My only requirements are that parking is reasonable (I have a truck and a motorcycle), public transportation accessible, and within 20-30 minutes of PSU and downtown. 

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car audio?

where should i go (or NOT go) for new car speakers and possibly a deck? i would like them to install them for me - i have the ability to do it myself but i really hate how much effort it takes. i already know not to go to best buy or car toys, etc. but i dont know where else to go! i would prefer westside. i have $400 i can spend (at the most. this is how much i have budgeted and i can't go over!)

since i'm not purchasing subs or an amp, i should be able to get an otherwise decent (though not amazing) setup. at least better than what came stock in my 08 impreza, i would hope.

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Just saw an ad for a bar that plays all Red Sox games, so I'm wondering- does anyone know of any bars in Portland that play every Yankee game? Location within the city doesn't matter, I'd be surprised if there were even one. THANKS!
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Elevate Broadband?

Two nice young folks just came to my door offering not God or newspaper subscriptions, but Broadband Internet + Digital Phone. They had a good pitch, but I'm skeptical about changing my internet service provider to someone that I've never heard of. Comcast isn't my favorite company, but at least I know what sorts of crap to expect from them.

Did these Elevate Broadband people visit anyone else today? Does anyone have service through them and, if so, how is it? Their website is supremely uninformative (goelevate.com).

Chase sucks- It's time for a Credit Union!

So, I'm joining the ranks of ex Chase customers, and I'm looking for a local credit union. Oregon First has a location near where I work, and I'm wondering how good they are. My main issues with Chase is that my money I deposit, isn't mine until they "process" it for a day or two, and on top of that their online banking sucks and I can't keep track of my money as well as I used to.

So DP, is Oregon first any good? Or do you have any other suggestions for a good CU that won't fuck me over? My only transportation is the Max/bus, I live a block from the Quatama max station, and preferably would like to be able to take care of my banking needs between here and Hillsboro Central. Thanks!

Back from the Dead!!

Circuit City LIVES again! Apparently, they were finally bought by another company SYSTEMAX.......seems creepy to me.
Why they didnt just scrap the name and the brand and the negative associations with it and take the junk they got and sell it Costco-return style?


Their warranties are skimpy to say the least (30 days on a $1400 TV -->http://www.circuitcity.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=4786189)

I for one will not be shopping there.
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Ice cream cakes?

Dear DP,

Where is the best place to get ice cream cakes? I'm in Tigard, so closer is better, but if it's really good I'm willing to drive a fair ways. My sister's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm getting the cake. I could always go to Baskin and Robin's, but that's where we always get the cake and frankly I'm a bit bored with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love, Me.

ETA: She apparently wants 'Venezuela' flavored ice cream. Actually, she just wants Venezuela, as in the entire country Ceasar Chavez and all, as her birthday present. Maybe it's because I'm drunk, but I find this hilarious.

Barring that, she wants pralines and pecan.