June 4th, 2009

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is there a way to look up all the rest stops along a route youre taking for a road trip? i will be on an, at minimum, like 8 hour car trip i think, something like that, at 7 1/2 months pregnant. im concerned there wont be enough places to stop.

Facebook warning:

So, for the many of you who use Facebook, I have a little warning about something that Facebook is doing. Its relatively minor, but since it is something that they SPECIFICALLY say they do not do, its something to keep track of.

I use Facebook's "People you may know" feature often, usually it automagically selects a group of people I might know based on other people I know. And of course, since I know lots of people (at least from the intarwebs), there is a lot of people that this could be.

But recently, it has been doing something else. Its been bringing up lists from my IM programs, without me specifically putting in my username/password. This makes me think that Facebook IS storing this information, something they specifically say that they do not do. Most of these people are contacts I talked to a few times, sometimes years ago, and haven't talked to since. Its kind of weird to have them pop up.

So...just something to think about.

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Okay, DP. I'm jumping on the "Random Post that Will Net Several Responses to Fill Up My Inbox and Therefore Entertain Me at Work" bandwagon.

Tell me about your favorite mug. It can be one that you use regularly, or just one that you especially love. Maybe you keep your pens in it. I don't know.

I have two - I have my everyday coffee mug. It has a huge base, a small mouth, and was acquired from one of those friendly old dudes at the Saturday Market. It's sort of tie-dyed for lack of a better word. A mish-mash of purple, blue, and red. It holds just the right amount of coffee to get me going on the average morning (i.e. somewhere in the realm of 20 ounces.)

My other favorite in my Petra National Trust mug. Because, you know, having the city for which I'm named on a mug is pretty cool.

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What do you do when your neighbors teenage son insists on banging on the ceiling as loud and as hard as he can and when you ask him kindly to please stop the banging he threatens to hurt you? Like literally he came out shirtless and said "YOU STOP IT TOO" and said "DO YOU WANNA GO 1 ON ONE HOMIE" and brought his fist up at me just because I asked him to stop banging. I've lived in this new apartment for 2 weeks and I have to sleep during the day because of my graveyard shift. I don't like being threatened with violene. Should I talk to his Mom or call the landlord? I'm just so upset that he came at me with violence. I don't give a fuck about race or how you choose to speak to me but raising your fist at me is never acceptable.

That was it?

That was anticlimactic.

Just for comparison:

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Not that I'm mocking Portland for freaking out over weather like this. I'm not. Nor am I making light of whatever injuries or damage occurs from this storm.

Today reminded me of home, but on a wimpier scale. That's all I'm saying.