June 3rd, 2009

Cookie Juice Apophenia shield

I often make cookies. Tonight, I was attempting to make cookies for the graduates of my Master's program tomorrow...
And the cookies tried to do something else. They tried to autoboil/autofry themselves.
The first batch, I was using some different ingredients...lime, perhaps too much vanilla. I found the fact that the cookie tray was awash in some liquid somewhat alarming, so the next batch, I tried to make a more standard recipe. Less liquid ingredients, a lot more flour, and I chilled the dough.
Same thing happened.
The real mystery here is APOPHENIA, the fact that our minds constantly try to make ORDER out of CHAOS. One of those invented patterns is our believe that cookie dough will not spontaneously exude liquid, seemingly ex nihilo, in some belief that it knows more about cooking than you, and believes its destiny is to be boiled/fried, not baked. And yet, it does. We have pictures.
I even sampled the self-exuded juice. It was...greasy...I don't know what it is.

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I need to arrange a work lunch, and the votes are for Italian (not pizza), yet I have one vegetarian and one vegan in the mix. I understand there's a restaurant called Portobello that does vegan Italian. Any reviews, particularly from non-vegetarians? Are they still open? Do they deliver? Do they have a website (I've googled, can't find any)?

EDITED: Okay, Porto's is not open for lunch. Anyone one got other suggestions? I'm most assuredly a carnivore, so I know squat about vegan restaurants for lunch that might deliver downtown.

First Annual Portland Anarchist Book Fair!!

Hello lovelies. This is coming up this weekend, and I thought some of you all might be interested.

2009 Portland Anarchist Book Fair

Saturday, June 6, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, June 7, 10am - 4pm
Liberty Hall - 311 N Ivy | Portland, OR
503-516-9220 | axiom.infoshop@gmail.com

The Axiom Collective is hosting the first annual Portland Anarchist Book Fair. This two day event will feature over 20 booksellers, publishers, and zinesters offering a wide range of radical literature and art. There will be over a dozen workshops, cheap eats from the Red and Black Cafe, a rad raffle, and more! This event is FREE to attend, and childcare will be provided!

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Zoot Suits in PDX

anyone one know where to buy (or rent) a zoot suit?  we specifically need it in purple.  i checked ebay and all the other usual avenues but i don't really want to but it online. 
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Rocking horse shoes? A portland metro-related offer

Would anyone be interested in these? They're imports from Double Decker; the design itself was popularized by british designer Vivienne Westwood.

I've got both of these. Not direct photos, obviously, but rest assured they're in pretty good condition. Haven't worn them much outside of the house, they have wooden soles. Sturdy, but there's no way I can fit in them anymore.

A note: These are for people with small feet. I myself am near an 8 and struggle to wear them (even after I sent them back for the store's 'widening technique'!), so if you want these I'd suggest anyone a size 6 in women's and below could do them justice. I understand that's a rarity, but I figured I'd ask. XD; Somebody might want these.

If you do, comment and we'll work it out. I'm over in Vancouver and looking to sell them for about $100 per pair (I only have these two styles and one of each), though I might knock the price down if you're nice. I would've just gotten myself a Paypal and tried garagesalejapan or something but I can never get online payment to work, so we'll have to meet up in person... Anyway, if you're at all interested, please tell me! Feel free to ask any questions.

And if this post isn't allowed, erm, sorry guys. Delete it if necessary, I just really want to get these off of my hands and craigslist wasn't biting. ಠ_ಠ

Dear dp

If you wanted a used adult sized tricycle, where would you go besides Craigslist? Upright would be preferable to recumbent. I am going over to look at Coventry, but I thought I should ask here.
doctor snap fingers by ?

PDX Events?

Are there any websites (or LJ's or twitter accounts) that list the happenings in PDX for the coming weekends? The newspapers seem to only cover bigger events like the Rose Festival and the big concerts you had to buy tickets for weeks ago. I'm more interested in smaller things like local bands, tastings, charity events, festivals, book fairs etc.

Paws & Saws: a tour of pet-friendly remodeled homes to benefit the Oregon Humane Society

Hi Dee Pee-- this is a great event for a great cause-- and a nice alternative to Rose Festival madness!

Paws & Saws Tour Highlights Pet-Friendly Remodels

Lean the secrets of making your home pet-friendly when six local families open their homes on to the public in Portland first-ever “Paws & Saws” remodeling tour, a benefit for the Oregon Humane Society.
The six homes on the June 6th tour have been recently remodeled with the idea of incorporating pets as members of the family.  Each home on the tour will be staffed by design experts who can help visitors make sure their remodel is pet-friendly. 
Tour attendees will experience a wealth of pet-related design and remodeling ideas, including:
  • selecting building materials that are both environmentally and pet-friendly
  • choosing innovative solutions for two-legged and four-legged residents
  • incorporating litter boxes, cat walks and dog baths into remodels
  • creating outdoor and transition spaces that facilitate a pet-centric lifestyle

The tour begins with a complimentary cup of Iron Mutt Coffee to start the day off right, and concludes with the Portland Spaces sponsored gathering at Old Town Pizza's Vanport location, where attendees can mingle and enjoy complimentary pizza and beer with designers, animal experts from the Oregon Humane Society, and fellow pet lovers, and enjoy a musical performance from members of the Jack Straw Band!

The Paws & Saws Tour was conceived as a tribute to Arciform owners Anne & Richard DeWolf’s beloved Afghan hound, Salvador, who passed away on Christmas Day 2008. Local design/remodel firms Arciform LLC, Green Hammer, and Mosaik Design will be showcased on the June 6th tour.
For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.pawsandsaws.com.  Tickets are $30 until May 31; $35 after May 31.

(Mods, I hope this is okay, but if not, I will happily delete. Thank you!)
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Artist's Opening!

My roommate, Laura, is a very talented artist who will be having a show downtown this First Thursday. She takes commissions for art, tattoos and jewelry. She also has some of her pieces as prints and greeting cards. She’s enormously talented and does all of her work by hand.


Her website is : www.laurahudspeth.com

She also has a place where you can purchase her lovely jewelry: www.juxtaposies.etsy.com

Bonus points: She works at Sock Dreams!

The show will be for 1 month, starting June 4th (Tomorrow!)at:

Teazone and Camellia Lounge

510 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Laura (and I) will be there from 6 to midnight. Please feel free to come say hi!

wool felt?

anyone know of a good place to buy wool felt in portland or nearby? so far i've checked out joann's but they don't have the best selection. i'm looking for a variety of colors. next i'm going to check out mill end, but anywhere else i should check?

thanks in advance!

dry cleaning?

I am looking for dry cleaning recommendations. I need to have a gown cleaned. It was purchased second-hand, and it has a mystery stain on it. The stain might just be water, or milk, or, OH GOD SOME SCARY BODILY FLUID THAT I DO NOT WANT TO THINK ABOUT, THANK YOU. It is satin. I'm looking for a place that excels at stain removal, preferably in SE, NE or downtown (no 'burbs, please!), and it would be super awesome if the prices are reasonable and they are eco-friendly.

Thanks, dudes!

Want to buy some CDs?

Want some new/old music?

Through the magic that is Delicious Library 2, I've scanned a bunch of my CDs, and exported them as a web page. I love magic.

Rather than post a giant list here, I've put the page on the interwebs.

Most of what I have isn't very rare, though I do have some local/independent artists, and some Radiohead imports.

If there's a bullet in the first column, I'm asking $7 each.

If there's no bullet in the first column, I'm asking $4 each.

If you want to buy a bunch, say, 10 or more... I'll consider your offer.

If you think my price is too high, make an offer and give me the info I need. I have to admit that I haven't researched every single one of these gems to be sure they're worth selling. I'm half-assing it. Sue me. Or rant and complain and call me names. That might be entertaining for everyone!

Whatever doesn't sell in the next couple of days is going to end up on Amazon Marketplace, per anomar 's suggestion. Thanks, anomar!

I have another hundred or so CDs that weren't recognized by Delicious Library for various reasons (shitty compilation, bar code is damaged, or promotional copy). Still have to manually enter all those.
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someday b/w

Singles Game Night! June 3rd 2009 is TONIGHT! Now Even!

928 SE 9th Ave
(just off belmont)

Check us out on twitter! http://twitter.com/GameNightPDX

Check out The Green Dragons website, they have a full bar, a great menu and a TON of beers, so many they can't keep them updated on the website!


We are here in the south side of the bar (right side as you walk in) playing games, no sign sorry :( but you can miss me, i'm in a bright yellow dress!

Moving to NW PDX -- need some opinions re: utilities

I scored a cheap room in NW Portland today and am trying to figure out my options for utilities, especially Internet. Right now, I'm paying Verizon Wireless a whopping $140 a month. This includes my cell phone plan, BlackBerry data plan, and broadband access. I love my BB, but I'm sick of paying $140 for it every month. (I can't afford it anymore.) I need a cheaper cell phone plan and I NEED the Internet. (I go nuts if I'm without it.) Should I visit Cricket Wireless? Sell my soul to Comcast? Are there plenty of WiFi signals in NW that I can "borrow"? Any cafes/bars offering WiFi?

Any advice would help. Thanks!
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Teach For America

Hello all,
I am planning on applying for Teach for America this Summer. I have basicly set my mind on applying, but I am still curious to know of other people's experiences with the programme. Any thoughts on TFA?