May 31st, 2009

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a swim spot.

I headed to Rooster Rock yesterday (22 miles east on 84 right past troutdale) it was great! When we first go there we went over to the "clothing optional" beach but found no actual beach just a marsh with a bunch of naked people. So we went back to the regular part of the park. There are stairs straight into the columbia river. There was some people on them with their feet in saying oh it's so cold... I jumped my overheated self right in, sure it felt tingly and hard to breathe at first.... but get past that and it was great!

Also I checked out High Rocks in Oregon City the day before. Pretty cool spot for sun bathing and splashing yourself with water... had I been on the side of the river with a small rock jump I would have gone all in.... but I don't wade into freeing cold water, I jump.

I hope others will post nice swim spots!

Oh and Sauvies is a long time fav! Warm water for those who don't appreciate ice water!
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So, The Eris and I are of the opinion that if there are good nachos in this town, we have yet to find them. We seem to keep ending up with a pile of chips with everything just thrown recklessly on top and blasted in the oven. You know, you pick up one chip and it has ALL the goodies fused onto it, and then you are left with a crumbly pile of dry chips, or worse, a giant blob of stale guacamole.

Given the fact that y'all are a teeming mass of munchie-ridden, shiftless drunks, I figured that you might be able to steer us in the right direction.

So, how about it, babies? Where do you get your nacho fix?


Ok, is there anyone on here computer tech savvy that can save me from freaking out even more than I already am?
I was backing up my music and the way I did it was Cut and then Paste in to the external hard drive. Well everything else that I did that to is there but my music is just up and gone. HOW can I get this back. I do hope there is an answer.
Thank you so much.
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Be Careful of Road Rage!

I've just experienced the strangest case of Road Rage!

Some poor fellow felt like I wasn't giving him the room to merge into the left lane while coming down the on ramp to 205 at Stark. He steered his car towards mine like he was going to side swipe me and when I jammed on the brakes he cut in front of me. I ended up behind him on the freeway and he started throwing shit at me. A roll of toilet paper, a few plastic bags and a fast food cup. Then, as it happens in Portland, it just got weird.

He started throwing his clothes at me. Starting with a t-shirt. He used both hands to hang it out the window before letting it go; I'm thinking it was in hopes it would plaster across my windshield. Then through the sunroof came a shoe followed by a sock and then it repeated with the other foot. I called the police to report this lunatic and gave his plate and got off the phone. When I exited at 224 he threw out his baseball cap and then decided to cross 3 lanes of traffic to follow me off the freeway.

I got back on the phone with the police and got patched through to Milwaukie Police dispatch and told them what was going on. I ran a yellow light and he went through it to keep up. I started looking around the car to see if  I had anything to throw out but decided against it. The operator was trying to find an officer in the area when I saw one in front of Bob's Red Mill parked on the shoulder. I told the operator about the cop and he got him on the horn.  We went by and the officer pulled out and pulled the guy over. The operator told me not to stop in case the guy had a weapon. We stayed on the phone together and he told me that the guy was screaming and dressed only in a pair of blue jeans.

So, watch out for angry stripping drivers. In this heat wave I can only imagine it'll become more popular.

another bicycle post

I want to buy a bicycle, preferably used and from a reputable store that will help find me a good fit as well as adjust and tune it for me.

The problem is that I've only ever bought my bicycles from big box stores (I know, the horror), and they've all been piles of crap that broke down or weighed more than a small car. I'm seriously intimidated by the vast range of bicycles that are available. The only bike store I've visited tried to push me into buying a $900 road bike that I felt was excessive.

I've tried to do research, but even blogs like "bikes for the rest of us" seem to be way above the level of my bike understanding. So, where can a total bike noob go and find a helpful staff that won't hurriedly try to push me out the door with a new bike?

I'm looking for something that will be used 95% of the time on the road, something that'll help me in a commute, and something that is built for comfort, not racing.


You guys like podcasts, right? Well, I'm 9 episodes into one and if you wanna listen, you can go here:

Some Portland related highlights:
Episode 8 is a tour of Foster rd.
Episode 6 features Damnportlander mechmuertos
Episode 4 is a review of "Best Buffet" out on SE 82nd.

Any ideas for other Portland streets or landmarks that would make good podcast material?

Thanks friends.

Edit: Forgot to say that I do indeed produce and host this podcast.


Ok, Portlanders. I'm getting into my first summer in this great city, and this is usually the time of year when in Oklahoma the mosquitoes start making me miserable. I was out at the Starlight Parade last night (which was a hoot), and I didn't get a single bite. I'm being told that Portland doesn't have much of a problem with mosquitoes. If this is the case, then I'm a very happy camper. What can you tell me?
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Hi! First, a simple introduction. I've lived in Portland for the better part of my life and will probably never move.
I am the co-owner of a local online business called Sock Dreams, now with a store front at 725 SE Powell Blvd.
I did not know about this community until  nostrapotamus from Steampunk Fashion mentioned it to me, and suggested I join, specifically to cross-post something I published there. So here is that post.

While traveling back (or forward) to The Information Age, I realize that a good Businessperson must embrace whatever tools are available to keep everyone appraised of our activities.
Sock Dreams has been on Facebook for awhile, but we'd never done anything with it until now.
We have a fan page:

I humbly ask that, if you like Sock Dreams, please become a fan. The CEO is feeling a bit down because of lack of sales in this economy and this heat. It would lift her spirits ever so much if you participated with us!
I've almost convinced her of the benefits of Twitter as well.
And hey, if you are lucky and we happen to be in the store, and have a camera, we might pose with you!
Like these two!

(those are sunglasses on my derby, not goggles)

I thank you in advance, and if you want to follow me on Twitter, @BstiNatosi
I'll follow back!

And that's that. Now that I am here, I intend to read the past posts and hang around, if you don't mind.
My wife and I love PDX and support local businesses. I can post deals just for PDXers right here in the future!
I hope this wasn't too long and/or boring, and thanks to the Mods for letting me join!

Erm thingy

Hair Salon

Hey DPers,

Yup another question about where to get your hair cut. I have very long hair that is not dyed and is in good condition. Does anyone know of a salon that would be willing to cut and buy hair? I live off of Lombard and Interstate but certainly don't mind going downtown. The place has to be accessible by transit since that's all I have to get around. If you don't know any place that would buy the hair do you know someplace that would cut it for free and donate it (I used to be able to do this back in Phoenix all the time)?

On the other end do you know of a good place to take a 3 yr old to get her first haircut? Do you know a stylist that is just wonderful with kids?

Thanks a bunch!

Ride to Southern California?

Is anyone driving to California (as far as L.A., but S.F. would be all right) any time soon? Two of us are looking to leave as soon as possible. We are laid-back and fun to spend 15 hours with, one of us can share the driving, we'll both pitch in for gas, and we have very little stuff to bring along.
If you are driving down in the next few days, holler.
-Emily and Chandler

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Another Swim Spot update.

Today I drove out past estacada I want to say n the 224? Does that sound right. Anyways past a place called Carver, must be a really good Swim spot because there wasn't any parking left!

Drove by a few places but that river going through mt hood is COLD and I like cold water and it was to cold for me brrrrr.

Ended up at Sauvies which was packed but the water felt wonderful (to me at least)
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Old 15 Vol Encyclopedia Set - FREE

I'm moving and want to get rid of an old encyclopedia set.  The set is free to whoever wants it.  I figured I'd give you folks a shot at it before I post to Craigslist.

Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia from 1961, 15 Vol set in good/fair condition

FREE to whomever is willing to pick it up within the next couple of days in inner SE

Email me at wolfspire [AT] gmail [DOTCOM] if interested or reply to this post with your email and when you'd like to pick the set up.


coin machine?

it's time to cash in my change jar and I really don't feel like wrapping up however many pounds of coins so my bank will deposit them if I don't have to.

I know coinstar takes 10%, anyone know what some other options are? I've heard some credit unions have the coin machines and don't take quite as much but I could be thinking of a place in washington...
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