May 30th, 2009

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I'm listening to Green Day "Dookie" for the first time in my life and it is too good. Every song could have been a single... I can't believe I snubbed my nose at this band back when it came out and was always so persistent in ignoring them on the radio or mtv (back when they played videos). So I pose to you, what albums did you completely ignore when you were younger, either in defiance of the hype at the time or some other inane reason, only to discover them later down the road and love them? Another I can think of is Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw and the Cooked, so good! I'd never even listened to Radiohead after "Pablo Honey" until just last week and it made me think of this subject.
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Okay DP, I would LOVE to go outside and enjoy the sun this weekend and work on my tan and whatnot, but I don't know where to go!! I have never been to 99% of the places that all Portlanders are supposed to have seen/been to, so I am open to all suggestions. Pretend I am a tourist and I only have one weekend to see all of Portland's outdoor wonders. I am thinking like lakes, rivers, good walking spots, anything within an hour or so of the Portland metro area... I am looking for alternatives to the coast, although that is my fallback plan. I would prefer suggestions that won't require me to exert myself to the point of heatstroke, but thats negotiable ;)

How is everyone enjoying the warm weather, anyway? Loving it or hating it? What are your plans for this weekend?

Shanghai Tunnels

I went on the Portland Underground/Shanghai Tunnels tour for the first time tonight. I came home and started reading more about them and found a lot of skepticism about whether or not this actually occurred. Apparently there is a lack of documentation about the goings on. I just wanted to hear what everyone here thinks. Have you been on the tour? Did you believe what you heard? I also really want to hear from people who may have experienced or seen something paranormal on their tour. If you experienced something, what specifically did you experience? I have a long history with six sense/paranormal/psychic stuff, but have never actually SEEN a "ghost", or spirt but I am 100% positive that I saw one tonight during the tour. I spoke with the tour guide about what I saw (and smelt!) and he confirmed I did in fact see what I saw. I'm just wanting to compare stories. So please, have at it.

Also, a big thumbs up to the folks over at Voodoo II--my "dozen" donuts included a whopping TWENTY donuts. Yeah, big time score.

Hope everyone has a good weekend-try not to melt out there!


I was eating nuts today & doing the typical tongue-cleaning afterward to remove all the various nut detritus, when I felt some odd type of protrusion. I investigate further with fingertips & discover it is poking out of my upper gums, at the very back of my teeth, past my last molar. Definitely hard, almost bony. It's only on the left side, not the right.

WTF. Are my wisdom teeth coming in? It barely hurts to touch, & doesn't hurt at all when I'm not poking my face. I wear retainers post-jaw-surgery; will wisdom teeth affect the alignment of my teeth? Will I need new retainers?

What else could it be?

I can't afford to go to a dentist right now, so that is simply not an option, unless some dental DPer wants to stick the tiny mirror on a pole into my face for kicks & giggles.


Verizon phone for sale!

LG Dare for sale for $175 OBO. Bought phone w/o realizing that it needed the Nationwide Plan, which I don't have or want to add-on to my account.

Phone has minimal wear. Comes with original box and books, charger, screen protector, and black silicone case.

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We want to do some outdoor activity this weekend. I'm thinking hiking but all the places I'm familiar with are in the Gorge, the other doesn't want to drive or let me drive his car so it's got to be somewhere in Portland. The forest park trials I know are like 8 and 11 miles respectively which is a decent stretch for me and I run every morning. The other, well, doesn't. Trying to figure something out is driving me fucking insane so I'm going to go for recommendations.

Is there some place within a reasonable distance (like no more than 15-20 minute drive tops) that has some hiking that's around a 3-5 mile loop and is pretty easy to figure out if you haven't taken the trial before?
Or do you have another suggestion of something more active than a walk that we can do that's free or dirt cheap?


Okay, so this summer I need to replace the roof on my house.  Maybe I suck, but the intertubes seem useless for finding reviews / recommendations for this sort of thing.  So I turn to you all.

Has anyone had roof work done recently?  Who did you use?  Were you happy with them or not & why?

Meta question: is there some website I just haven't found that's like Yelp for home improvement / repair / maintenance?  (Well, I guess Yelp does have a Home Services section, but there's almost no listings in it.)

G4 ibook for sale

Selling a used G4 ibook. 12" monitor. White case. Purchased in 2005; yes, I know it's old-ish, but maybe you or someone you know want(s) it. I upgraded the hard drive a few years ago
$425; includes padded case. email motard66 at gmail dot com if you are interested.

No AC lvin'

you're supposed to keep your windows closed during the day, then open them after dark. And that will keep your place cooler? Every apartment I've ever been in, I have the thing where it feels 10 degrees hotter inside than it does outside in the evening.
EDIT: thanks for the replies.
I remembered I had a space blanket in some survival kit I'd got for free and tossed in my car. haha.."tossed"..
Anyway, I just blutacked it up in my giant window. I'm sure it looks as ghetto as hell to the neighbors. Someone's probably going to knock on my door asking to buy heroin any minute.
shut up

Creepy Columbia River Crossing

So I got this survey in the mail today from the Columbia River Crossing project. It starts out with: "Your northbound trip across the Columbia River on I-205 was recorded as part of a survey on Saturday, April 18." I know I don't expect privacy when I'm out in public, but I also don't expect to be "recorded" covertly and then notified about it.

Holding Hands

Greener Paths

I need help DP's! I am writing a speech on "Why people should put their car keys down and bike, bus, Max, or walk," to get from here to there. But I'm having a HARD time finding any valuable information I can use to back up my argument. In a city known for it's "Green" ways I'd think there would be TONS of information on this subject. The TriMet website is of no help and so far the ONLY site I've found that has helped is ZipCars website.

HELP!?!?!?! Any suggestions or idea of where I can find stats, articles, or anything of the sort would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance! :)

Big Thank You

To whomever commented on here about Aveda Institute. $10 haircut, and completely fixed the disaster that was my Bishops haircut- I was nervous about having a freshman work on me, but there was really no need. Instructor came by before, during and after the cut. The scalp massage was pretty nice, too.

Thing I notice about the Pearl that is so TOTC:

There is one thing I notice in the Pearl that is SO TOTC.
Actually, just about everything in the Pearl is TOTC.
But one thing that is especially curious is every time I have gone there it seems there is some sort of photo shoot going on. Maybe it isn't as often as I notice, but it seems pretty often.
Has anyone else noticed this?

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 Howdy, howdy DP. I have an interview on Monday for an acting instructor position with Immortelle Modeling Agency/School in Vancouver and I was wondering if anyone here has worked with them before.  I've looked all over the web, but can't find any reviews on how legitimate they are. I think the owner is somehow connected to Barbizon, which I've heard terrible things about. I don't like the idea of scamming little girls out of their big dreams, but I do need the money. It would be nice going in before the interview knowing exactly how much integrity I'd have to part with to work there. 

Bicycling question

Sooo... this is more of an opinion-type question regarding a certain style bike, I guess. Currently, I have a Giant Suede 7-speed. While I LOVE the upright sitting position, I hadn't realized what an absolute tank it was until I recently purchased a new (to me) 10-speed road bike that weighs next to nothing! Suddenly, riding up the Burnside Bridge heading east no longer sends me into asthmatic convulsions (I've never really been "in shape," but neither am completely unphysical).

However, while I love the newfound freedom of speed and lightweightedness of my new 10-speed, I'm not ready to give up the comfort of my other bike. So, today I went over to Joe Bike and test-rode a Flying Pigeon. What I like about it and REALLY want are the chain guard, fenders, coat guard, and (of course) the riding style. Also, it has thin tires! So... here's my ultimate question. Even though this is a 50-ish pound bike (or so it feels like), will it be that much different from my current beach cruiser? I'm wondering if the big nubby tires on the Giant are what make it feel so slow and cumbersome? But, I know there aren't many other options for changing the tires.

Do any of you have any experience with the Flying Pigeon? Do you also have a 10-speed? Do you ride a beach cruiser around town (please don't laugh, I brought it with me from Florida... where it was quite practical)? What are the pros and cons of the Flying Pigeon (if you have one) or any other upright city bike for tackling Portland's hills/bridges? Any general thoughts or comments? Thanks in advance!