May 29th, 2009


Another Statistic

Add one more to the record number of people receiving unemployment checks. I was let go from my job yesterday. (Make that 3 more, 2 others were let go as well.)

Besides the lack of income I now lack a cell phone. For the last 3+ years my only phone was a company phone and they won't let me keep the number due to client contact blah blah blah. SO, where do I get the absolutely cheapest deal on a cell plan? Unlimited local for local and preferably no 2 year contract would be my priorities. And yes, I know this has been asked many many times on here but, things change and I need to put today's energy into my resume and filing for unemployment.

Thanks DP!
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Something not about moving here or a job?


Anywho, I know that biodiesel stations can use vegetable cooking oil for fuel.

I'm having not much luck at all on finding any info on a place to take my non-commercial quantity to get it turned into fuel. The one place I found last updated their website in '06.

Any DPers know of any place for me to take it so it doesn't just wind up in a dump?
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Hey Dianetics Proponents!

Does anyone know if Stumptown offers barista training or workshops to the general public? I've come to understand they'll provide training to the crews at coffeeshops carrying their brand, and getting a job at a bonafide Stumptown would be the obvious, but unlikely, course to undergo such training. I have a solid three years of coffee shop experience at a couple of now-defunct spots in New Mexico, but that was years ago and not terribly fancy experience (aside from finely honing my counter-monkey snark reflex). Who's pot does a person have to percolate in order to properly prepare one's (coffee) prowess?

Pardon the alliteration. I just finished my morning pot.

another yard sale post - May 30th

Yeah, so anyway, we're having a yard sale tomorrow. Trying to make the house less stuff-filled. We're getting rid of: Lots of cd's (and not crap, either - your favorite alterna-bands for the last 20 years, jazz, blues, r+b etc.) dvds, furniture, guitars/stringed stuff ( a beginner electric bass, a mandolin, a dobro, a Taylor or two, and, sadly, the bf's first electric guitar he bought when he was 12. I keep telling him he's gonna feel bad about that later, but whatever), kids clothes and games/toys, adult clothes (vintage and new), the ubiquitous fish tank and nearly every New Yorker for the last 4 years, a pile of spoons, etc.

2565 NE 33rd - across the street from Grant Park. 10am until we get sick of it.


i don't miss much about my hometown, at all. but one thing i DO miss is the ability to go swimming in a river or a lake without having to drive 2 hours to get somewhere.

there HAS to be somewhere in or close to the portland area that is nice for swimming that is something other than a public pool, right? i haven't lived here long enough to know. share the wealth guys! i want to go swimming!
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Mix CD!

Dudes! I'm trying to make a good mix CD for a dance party and for some reason my mind has gone totally blank!  Other than Lady Gaga and "all the single ladies" I can't think of a fuckin' thing. So! What's your fave dance party song? I like all kindsa music so no real preference, just stuff that's fun and good to dance to. Share your awesome taste in music with me!!

Thanks, Deepeeps! :-)

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dearest damned,

i'm gettin' married at the beginning of july and the event is about as diy as they come. i'm making cupcakes and cookies (tres leches and red velvet cupcakes and mexican wedding cookies if you were curious) in place of a traditional wedding cake, because i don't feel quite up to that particular challenge. and so i'm in need of some baking supplies that i've never sought out before.

i am looking for two things:

gum arabic, for making candied flowers and edible leaves


red liquid food coloring in a bottle considerably bigger than the 1 oz package i found at frederick meyer for the ridiculous price of almost 3 bucks a bottle

any suggestions? thanks, portland!

Pubs in NE

A friend of mine will be in town next week and we're meeting for a drink/munchies. Can you recommend a good pub in NE? Close to the airport/Max station extra bonus points.
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Cupcake Recommendation: sistermaryeris' tasty wares ROCK MY SOCKS!

Because the sale is back on, I just want to take a moment to mention that sistermaryeris' cupcakes are absolutely phenomenal. Matched only by drjeff's delivery service and gummy frog application. :) These two make an excellent team and they put out a gorgeous, delicious, high quality product.

I have had the pleasure of tasting quite a few of sistermaryeris' cupcake flavors (the "candy corn" multi-layered Halloween delight being my favorite so far. Trust me, you can't wait for autumn.) and most recently purchased a dozen during the coconut cupcake with lime frosting fire sale. They were absolutely fantastic. Rich, mellow, flaky coconut cake topped with a light, zingy, sweet (but not too sweet!) right-out-of-the-rind-tasting lime frosting. To. Die. For. The perfect summer cupcake. Soooo good.

Beyond the taste, I've got to mention that they look gorgeous. Those mouth-watering pictures aren't just Glamour Shots, y'all. That's exactly what you'll be popping in your Pie Hole! I mean Cake Hole. Er... Cupcake Hole? I digress.

They are also packaged in a cool transparent cupcake box so they'll arrive to their destination all safe and sound and I bet that if you're careful, you can keep the box to reuse and return it to be refilled with your next favorite flavor combination! :)

Seriously, these babies rival any Saint Cupcake or Cupcake Jones treat on all levels and at HALF the price.

They're a steal, folks.

Someday sistermaryeris' is going to be even more famous for her cupcakes and now is your chance to say "I ate them way back when..."


Omnomnomnomingly yours...

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Dear Whomever (sorry, but my memory is so very shot),
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the picture of Willy.
I had a really crap day, and the picture brightened it considerably.
It's now on my fridge.
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G1 for BlackBerry

yes, i realize this isn't Craigslist, but i have tried that as well but...

wanted to know if anyone in DPland wants to trade their BlackBerry for a G1 phone? i have pictures and specs if needed. excellent for web browsing and videos, which the BB's lack in. i am looking for the curve or higher for T-mobile. let me know, thanks :D
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help me, damned portlanders, you're my only hope.

damn, when you lie in the subject, it's hard to be sincere about the post. because i am also asking my realtor and my favorite mortgage broker. so you're not precisely my only hope or even my best hope. BUT! you are my most unbiased hope! love you long time?

i'm horny for this house. i want to buy it. it's expensive. yeah, i qualify for the mortgage no problem, and i'm gonna have roommates so i'll actually be able to afford the payments without resorting to 30 years of ramen. here's the dilemma:

my realtor found me the house, and hey, she's my boss's wife. so, yeah, gonna stick with her because i don't wanna be on the boss's bad side with a new mortgage. she and i don't communicate awesomely (but she found me the house, which my other realtor didn't so much, in 3 months). what i have trouble asking her is stuff like "what do you recommend for financing? options x y and z seem good, what is the difference? how can i restructure my income tax withholding to make that less painful?"

taking that as given, i need external advice. i qualify for a dizzying array of possible tax credits and government subsidies, and obsqurity put the bug in my ear that i might want to screw with my income tax withholding to help my month-to-month be smoother. at this point, i need someone who understands taxes and oregon real estate to untangle this mess. i sat down to do the math, because numbers aren't scary, but tax law is--and worse, it's unexpected--i could be blindsided by something i haven't even heard of, and i'm afraid my realtor will be too. and she can say "sorry" but i'm stuck holding the bag.

several of my mortgage brokers have advice for me, but of course, they have a personal interest in what i do. so their advice is interesting but perhaps not useful.

so i want a professional to help me figure out which option to take on financing, and tell me how to handle taxes so i end up not paying both an arm and a leg every month. and it needs to be someone local, i have a feeling, who understands the oregon situation (bond versus Mortgage Credit certificate) versus that whole obama stimulus situation versus FHA, and closing costs, and OMG BBQ (i'll save the WTF for the first time the toilet breaks).

are you that person, or do you know them? i suspect i want a CPA or tax guru who knows something in particular about real estate. i'm not complicated--i have one job and no debt and i want a specific house at a specific price point. it's the laws, rules, conventions, etc, that are beyond me. i'm willing to pay top dollar now so that i'm not for the next 30 years.