May 28th, 2009


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Would anyone know where I could go buy some liquid chalk dry or wet erase markers here in Portland? The kind commonly used for bar/cafe/coffee shop/restaurant blackboard signs. I couldn't find them at Office Depot or Art Media. I know I could buy them online, but I'd really like to have them on hand this weekend and paying next-day shipping is ridiculous for a pack of markers.

Thanks in advance!
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So I got a new Sprint phone, "M320 by Samsung", and honestly I can't figure it out. Can someone tell me if it's in any way possible to load a music file from my computer to the phone to use as a ring tone? Because in here it only talks about loading from their site, and purchase profiles, and length of contracts, and a bunch of stuff that sounds like bullshit (it's my music and my phone--there has to be a way to combine those things).

And moreover, why is it you can't just buy a PHONE any more? I don't want a camera--I have a camera. I don't want a music player--I have a music player. At what point did cell phones stop being PHONES?

Credit junk

Alright DP, I think I'm about ready to finally deal with my credit.

I've gone years dodging collectors, I know I've defaulted on some stuff, I've had people call me saying they'll take money out of my paychecks (haha, I don't have one), but anyways, I'm wondering if there's some sort of guy who would be able to look up my credit and give me a comprehensive list of everything I owe and to whom.

Is this possible?

Also, would it be a good idea for me to get a credit card, pay off one bill at a time on it, and then pay off the credit card?

Thanks for helping, I know my credit is TANKED and I'd like to buy a home in a few years.

Kthx :D
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Job Opening

I work at HP in Vancouver and we have a position open for sales support. You would actually be working for MarketSource, a contracting company.

Basically, the job entails supporting the sales staff that sells to our vendors, like Best Buy, Target, Amazon, etc. When new products come out, we set up the information in the vendor's format. We run promotions a lot, like $50 off certain printers, and the vendors send us invoices for the activity they ran and it is our job to verify it and pay those invoices. That's actually the bulk of our job. There are a few other little things, too, but those are the biggest two.

The best parts of this job is that there is very little micromanagement, no one is really ever up your butt, no phone work with customers, and it's pretty relaxed here.
The hardest parts about this job is that it's a cube farm; the training isn't really thorough; there are some crazy people on the team; and the most frustrating part - HP is huge and bureaucratic and it can be difficult to get things done because things change constantly. They are working on this, but that probably won't change.

Qualifications - must be very proficient in Excel and be comfortable with computers, because we use a lot of different systems. They usually look for at least an associates degree, but if you have experience you'll be fine.

I'm not sure about pay, but I assume it'll be high 20's to low 30's.

Email me your resumes at evar78 at hot mail dot com and I'll pass it on for consideration.

**UPDATE** My boss told me that he is not going to be posting it publically. He's going to try to hire someone from within MarketSource, but he did encourage us to forward resumes of friends and family to him, so that makes me think he doesn't have anyone in mind yet. So, I'm sorry you won't be able to compose a cover letter, but if you'd still like me to forward your resume, feel free to email it to me.

International Fax: SOLVED

I posted this as an edit to the original post, but I wanted to make sure my thanks did not go unnoticed:

The fax was sent!!!!  Or rather.....the email.......YES Li'lBlueDawg...the first reply was a winner.....Go right ahead and make the  "Durrrr" sound. ;)
I stayed up late last night and called to check if I could send it by email: "Sure, send it on over"...............doyyyyyyy.
I've been dealing with these people for years now and I guess they're either relaxing their standards or this particular piece of information wasn't as crucial as other things I've sent them that they needed the original of. Whatevs.

So thank you all SO much for your location suggestions, offers of use of your fax line, stop-bys and schmoozing with hotel clerks: I feel pretty loved and all I wanted to do was to send a fax. :D So thank you  DEEPEE and all the wonderful people in it, specifically mr. Sunyata and Maiden midwife, you've been very generous with your time and resources! You are all lovely.


As the decades turn.

Hello all, today is May 28th, 2009.
Which means, this is the day that I turn 30!
Which means a few things in turn: I now have an excuse to dislike all your bicycles and knitting, because I am now an OLD MAN and the frivolous hyjinx of the Portland 20something are below me. And although this sounds silly, I mean it seriously. I consider my own 20s and the Turn of the Century to kind of be a pair, and both are now fading from view. We are opening up another world. The old fades away in importance.

And because of this, I am moving to Montana. Yes, I know this community is full of people posting about their plans to move TO Portland, so I am posting about my plans to move away. Portland is so Turn of the Century, Montana is the next big thing. Also, I am unemployed and I can live there for free. A while ago, someone netted 180+ comments and counting on their plans to move here, I wonder if I will get triple digits with people warning me against moving away.

Also, is anyone here a resident of the Missoula/Bitterroot area? I might get bored all alone in Montana.

cats everywhere

it seems the people living down the street from me moved out and left three cats behind. all day long, they sit out front waiting for someone to come feed them. which I do, nightly.
I don't know what would make someone so heartless as to abandon their animals (one only has three legs) but I already have far too many animals to take them in.
the local shelter here is full, and will have to put down the cats if I brought them in.
does anyone need a kitty?
they are very shy and lonely, but have finally let me start petting them.
if nothing else, is there a no kill shelter in portland? will they let me bring them in even if I live out of town?

please help.

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Hey DP what do you use to look up the owner of a phone number? I've googled it and every site that comes up wants $15 to tell me who it is. I keep getting called by a specific number but they never leave a voicemail.

Yes I know the obvious solution is pick up the call but I'll have to wait for whenever it is that they call again.


Used and it's that stupid car warranty scam. Fuckers, die in a fire.

Free Kittens!

Hey, DPers

So the homes we have for our adorable kittens have fallen through (college kids! as a recent grad I can curse the flakiness even as I recognize my own), and we’re looking for responsible and loving homes for them. They’re ten weeks old, litter-trained, dog-friendly, playful, quiet, charming, smart as blazes half-Maine Coon (we think) kitties who would love you so very much and are in need of good homes (the mamacat came to us as an apparent runaway from a home we never found, but was so amazing that we've kept her). They’ve lived in a small house with eight people and constant visitors, so they’re very well socialized.

There are three. We have a home for one (so we need another home or two), but the potential owner can’t decide which to take, so I’ll just describe them all quickly:

Dark kitten (aka Indiana Jones): Very, very playful and adventurous and brave, never rough with humans (none of them are), very sweet and very well-tempered mama’s boy who particularly likes male humans.

Medium gray (aka Will Smith): incredibly smart kitten who is as cuddly as she is playful. Likes to sleep on other cats and humans, play with everything, sit quietly with you while you read, whatever. If you pick her up, she generally just collapses into a sleepy pile of adorable.

Light gray (aka Angie, aka Joan of Arc): loves to sleep on humans, and will run up and lie down on you if you give her half a chance. Very sweet and fluffy and fond of chasing string; so gentle that if you’re playing with her and try to get her to attack your hand, she’ll grab you and just lick you. Probably gets along with dogs the best out of all of them, though they all live in peace with our very calm dog.

Photos of all of them can be found at; I was going to post them here, but I'm inept and they are huge (photos. The cats are tiny.).

Those are the kittens, DP, and I’m hoping we can try to find some good homes for them with your help. If you, your friends, or your family are considering taking in one of these beautiful and brilliant kittens, or if you have questions, please let me know at verbyournouns at gmail (I’ll also be checking the comments here). Thank you so much!
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There's no customer service phone # for the IRS to contact regarding refunds, is there? The only way you can communicate with them is by downloading pdf files, printing them out, filling them out, then snail mailing them and waiting months for a response? This is crazy.. please tell me they have a phone number somewhere? Why does the IRS insist on operating like it's 1985??? 
square pegs


Has anyone recently taken the Coast Starlight from Portland to Southern California?  If so, did you arrive at your destination on time?  (I ask because I know they've had problems in the past).  Thanks.