May 27th, 2009

C&H Fight


Ive lost it, tonight was my first meet up. Though I was explained it was rather on the lame side, it was the most exciting tuesday for me in a while. Thanks guys.

Abandoned Buildings

I was searching the ORS and I couldn't find anything, but I'm not convinced that means nothing exists.

Does the City of Portland, Multnomah County, or the State of Oregon have any kind of rule pertaining to abandoned buildings, real estate, or construction zones?

Not the Red Baron, but something close...

Hey DP.  My fiance loves old airplanes, and his birthday is coming up.  I'm looking into getting him a biplane ride (or something similar, doesn't have to be a biplane) in the area.  I feel like someone has mentioned doing this here before, but of course I can't find the post.  Google is giving me a lot of charter companies and a listing for Jim's Bi-Plane Rides based in Hillsboro, but there's not a lot of information besides names and phone numbers. 

Has anyone done something like this before?  Ballpark ideas of how much it costs?  I'd love any info if you have it.  Thanks!
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Parks & Summer fun

Can anyone recommend fun/cool/neat parks in the Portland area?  I'm looking for something with unique play structures (not just a set of swings), bathrooms are a plus and so is parking.

We've been to Ibach Park and I'd love to find more parks like that.  I've been to the Portland Rec website, but I'm looking for personal experiences.

Swimming - where do broke/poor/cheap Portlanders go to swim?  River?  Lake?  I know there are lots of pools too, but I am looking for something more in the "free" lane.

And a random question - were any DP families at LIFE is Good this past weekend?
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bibbity bibbity bicycle

hi all!

last week, I got the flu, and I didn't ride my bike for about 4 days. during that time, I left it locked up on the street and someone jacked it! so I need a new bike.

my old one was a 24-speed raleigh cross-over. my parents bought it for me about 4 years ago, and I didn't pick it out, so I kind of have no idea what I'm looking for. the cross-over was great before I lived in Portland, but its heftiness was waaaay unnecessary in the city (and a burden to carry up 3 flights of stairs, hence its location on the street and its subsequent theft).

basically, I'm looking for a road bike, a light one, for about 200 bucks. that leaves me with Craigslist. I like the look and the size of the Schwinn Collegiates I've seen, but aren't there other factors I should be considering? fixed gear vs... not fixed gear? what?

so if you could recommend some bicycles / styles of bicycles / things to look for, that'd be awesome! if it helps, I'm 5'9" and I'll mostly just be riding my bike around town. I'm looking for something smooth and uncomplicated, something that could never be described as "chunky."

I don't really like shifting. does this mean I'm looking for a fixed-gear bike, or a single speed? I don't want to have to stop with my feet.

jesus, this post is all over the place. excuse me.
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I'm going to storm Salem, torches burning, and destroy the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, an evil entity that, despite its "good intentions", really exists as a front to harass vendors, fine servers ruthlessly and murder livelihoods. I'm all for keeping drunks off the roads but c''s really about the money with these fuckers.

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PODS...make them stop!

I've noticed a lot of those "PODS" storage containers sitting on people's driveways or lawns. When I told my boyfriend--half jokingly--that I think that it should be illegal for people to have those eyesores in their yards long-term, he said that I was a grump. I just think that they look hideous and ruin the look of cool-looking neighborhoods.

And then I thought, hey! Damnportlanders is full of level-headed, intelligent, kind and caring folks! I'll ask them!

So, am I a grumpy old man who wants his neighborhood to look good?

So, do you think those goddamn PODS are an eyesore?

International fax?


The fax was sent!!!!  Or rather.....the email.......YES Li'lBlueDawg...the first reply was a winner.....Go right ahead and make the  "Durrrr" sound. ;)
I stayed up late last night and called to check if I could send it by email: "Sure, send it on over"...............doyyyyyyy. I've been dealing with these people for years now and I guess they're either relaxing their standards or this particular piece of information wasn't as crucial as other things I've sent them that they needed the original of. Whatevs.

So thank you all SO much for your location suggestions, offers of use of your fax line, stop-bys and charming hotel clerks: I feel pretty loved and all I wanted to do was to send a fax. So thank you  DEEPEE and all the wonderful people in it, specifically mr. Sunyata and Maiden midwife, you've been very generous with your time and resources! You are all lovely.


Hello foxy DeePee,

Does anyone know where I can send a 2 page international fax that's not at Stinko's at $6 a page? My friend that works at City Hall used to do it for me on the sly but now he is in Chile I think so no free faxes for me. Actually, it's 1 page + a cover sheet.

Anyone? Suggestions? Fax machines at home? Bueller? I really need to send it ASAP (no later than 5/28) so DeePee, I beseech yee!!

Thaaaaaaank youuuuu!!

Always a pal,
Winston C.

OK littlebluedog, here's your more legit rant

Pasted from my journal.

I'd love to take up yoga, or martial arts, or something like that. Let's face it- walking a lot just isn't cutting it.

Trying to do too much by myself at home, I'm liable to injure myself I want to take a class, but I get extremely self conscious about being the only one in the room, with a visible physical handicap... I mean, beyond the level of not being able to do certain stretches. I can't even go to the gym by myself, anymore! All those people watching me--

Adaptive activities, aside from physical therapy, are hard to find outside of a high school or community college setting. Despite the local DHS office being about a block away, anything adaptive always seems to take place at least an hour away from me. No matter where I live, it's always far away! Cal State Long Beach didn't even have adapted PE classes

Moving a king size bed

What is the best way that isn't spendy to move a king size bed (mattress and box spring)? They're about 82' x 78'. I have zipcar credits to burn and can get a Toyota Tacoma from them, but their beds are about 73' x 55' and only 18' deep.

Is a UHaul utility trailer my only option? 
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(no subject)

cheap good place to get a massage? we dont have a lot of money but my boyfriend could really use a good massage to make his back feel better. we are in downtown but are wiling to travel to the right area for the best deal at a good place. bonus if they will also work on me while im pregnant (though i think i need a chiropractor more).
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