May 26th, 2009

Tea whores unite secretly

Sasquatch Review

I'm sure those of us have rolled in are bursting to tell their tales of the weekened- SO!

Share your stories of the weekend of heat, parking, camping, lines and pricess!

Who did you see? Who did you want to see but not get to and what other things have you to share and rant on!

birthday wonders

my 20th birthday is the 11th and I'll be in portland that weekend. my friends are from the city but don't really get out much. one doesn't drink, none of us do drugs anymore and we're all under 21. I'm getting sick of just going out to eat. so. I was wondering if anyone knows of something cool going on Friday the 12th?
I'm already seeing 311 and the expendables the week before, so expensive live music is out.

I know all of you DPers are awesome and know when really badass stuff is going down.
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hat-tip petzi
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(no subject)

So, is there any place in town that will open and clean a camera or am I stuck with having to mail mine back to Canon? Do they even have decent camera repair shops anymore?

p.s. never take your digital camera out on a windy beach.
blowing sand + moving parts = not good.
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(no subject)

Can anyone endorse a decent/affordable massage therapist that's trimet accessable? I live in Hillsboro and don't have the time in my schedule to ride the Max and the bus for 2 hours in addition to an hour long appointment, so something close by the Max is preferred.

I've done a bunch of googling and it looks like what I want doesn't exist, but there's always a few places that don't have websites. Any reccommendations?

And yeah, I'm super picky about stuff like that. haha.

Outdoor date stuff?

So I've got a date tonight and I was thinking doing something outdoors would be really awesome since the weather has been so nice lately. Unfortuntely, I'm at a loss for ideas.

Anything going on tonight that would fit the bill or any ideas at all? Thanks...
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Job Opportunity...

With all the Job Wanted posts, I thought I would post something a little more 'Help Wanted'.

The company I work for is going to be hiring a CDMA BSC/Switch Tech. Anyone here have experience in that field? Ever play with a Nortel DMS, or a Packet MSC? Maybe you're more a 5E kinda person, but want to see how the other half lives. Maybe you worked or work for a GSM carrier... CDMA is cooler, come learn!

Company has medical/dental/vision (The vision isn't that awesome, in my opinion, but it's better than vision plans I've had before.) and 401K. The pay and benefits are pretty typical of most corps.

Toss me an email at snmcbride AT gmail DOTTY com and I'll put you in contact with the hiring manager. Speaking with him, he's not looking at doddling during the hiring process.

Feral cats?

Does anyone have any information or advice on dealing with feral cat colonies?

There are 3 or possibly 4 stray/feral cats that are living outside in my yard. Basically they have claimed the space and are making my life miserable. I moved in last October and while I noticed the cats I didn't think much about it because I wasn't out back much. But now that it's spring I am realizing I can't garden, mow or be out back without cleaning up the space for at least 1/2 hour. They actually shit in the yard and do not cover it - kind of like dogs. It's really weird behavior. Thankfully they leave my garden beds alone because of the netting I put over it. I've tried everything but I cannot discourage them to move on elsewhere. I love cats but I cannot care for these cats.

I've called the feral cat coalition of Oregon and they told me I needed to take pictures, post them around the block, ask people if they are caring for them and then post pictures in a feed and seed store for people looking for barn cats. They said that the cats should go together. The two neighbors I've talked to have said they are feral and have been here for the few years since they've moved in.

I don't know what to do. I can't ignore the problem because it could morph into even more of an issue if they aren't spayed or neutered. I have two indoor cats, I am renting this house and my landlady is nice but she is not really offering to help besides to talk to some of the neighbors. I know it's not her fault and I'm just feeling frustrated since I didn't know about this until I moved in. She says she didn't either. I don't really expect her to take care of this but I feel very alone here.

Feral cat coalition told me I need to find them homes, borrow the traps, trap them and bring them into the clinic. They said I shouldn't be discouraged because people need/want barn cats, but right now I am feeling awfully upset. If anyone has any sort of information, advice or anything at all I welcome it. Hell if you even need a couple barn cats I would love you forever. help?


I'm on the search for a urologist. Insurance shouldn't be an issue because I've now got dual-primary coverage (ODS-OEBB and Cigna). I don't have a primary care doctor because I've been getting my primary care through PSU's SHAC clinic for the past few years, so I'll be going in without a referral (insurance doesn't require one anyway).

I'd like to see someone female if at all possible, but if you have a really good male urologist recommendation then I'll take it.

If they're affiliated with Providence, even better.
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Help! I lost my cell phone... :(

Basically, long story short, I was helping out some friends of mine move yesterday and didn't realize that I lost (probably dropped) my cell phone. It's my only way of communication and right now I don't have any money to replace it. So, good people of Portland, I was wondering if any of you would have a T-Mobile phone they would be willing to part with. It would help out SO much!
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Meetup Tonight!

Sorry about that whole was-supposed-to-post-reminder-yesterday thing, I was busy pushing the website I work for to new heights on visitorcounts. ♥

Meetup is TONIGHT at 7pm at the Deschutes Brewery, near Powells. The meetup FAQ is here and I'm sure you guys'll have a blast! The restaurant is set to expect ~20 people so hopefully we won't have quite the same staffing issue we had the first time we went there.

I hope.

fuck you anyway.

Get off that bus if you want to live.

Holy shit.

Ok, I ride the bus four times a day, and I have done so for a long, long time. I've ridden with some drivers who are fast and who occasionally accelerate or brake too quickly and knock people off their feet- but that's what happens on the bus. No big deal, whatever. I've even ridden with some drivers who were obviously speeding but did so in a safe manner and made the ride fun, not terrifying.


I swear to god I just got off a bus driven by someone who was either drunk or on a suicide mission. No exaggeration here- I was genuinely scared, and that's noteworthy because I'm pretty damn hard to shake and I've also always been a fast driver.

At first I just thought the guy was just confused due to the new downtown stops, but as we continued hauling ass through downtown and over the Ross Island bridge, swerving so hard people were getting knocked around and I damn near got thrown out of my seat, I realized that it was serious. Taking turns so fast I REALLY thought for a second we were gonna flip the whole mother-effin' bus over. Wtf.

Finally disembarked at 39th and Powell, in shock. Immediately called Trimet to inform them that a bus full of people were going to get killed sometime soon.

I've never, ever, EVER experienced anything like this before. Just a warning, people. I'm sure dispatch has already yanked this guy because there's NO way I'm the only person who called in an SOS, but just in case, stay the hell off bus 2556 on the 9 route.

I like rocks

So, I am looking around for some rocks. Do we have neat rock stores in portland? I imagine I'm looking for some kind of new-agey place or some non-new-agey retailers that are just geology enthusiasts. I'm looking for specific things for energy-work-type-stuff, as opposed to rocks for the retaining wall of my garden. Specifically, selenite wands and hematite. I like things that haven't been cut, drilled into, or messed with too much.

Preferably something other than fossil cartel in the mall. Central portland please. Oh, and vegan.
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On a lyric hunt!!!

We are looking for the lyrics to the songs on a Michael Murphy album, "Blue Sky, Night Thunder", and cant seem to find it anywhere e_e....
    google has generously given us places to get ringtones, however, these are not what we are looking for xD
anyone got any ideas? I have also tried plenty of type places, and again the web was flowing with ringtones and midis, but no lyrics. alas!
   help plz;

Come to my evening party June 6th!

Saturday, June 6th my friend Sarah and I are holding an evening party at Chaos Cafe! It should be really fun, chill, a good time. We'll be benefiting a charity that empowers abused women and children.

The cafe serves beer and wine, and Burgerville is just across the street for some quality "fast" food. Music playing will be 70's/80's remixes the first hour, electro-house the second hour, and electro-house and psychedelic trance the last hour. We will also be featuring a laser and colorful lighting, free stuff and other surprises!

The party's from 8PM-12AM so all of you who like to get an early night's rest have no excuse not to come by at least for a little while! Here's the full information...

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Skype help?

Okay, so after the discussion yesterday, I decided to subscribe to Skype's Unlimited US + Canada service. Seems cool so far -- EXCEPT IT WON'T WORK. The problem is that I use Ubuntu (lol) -- I love it, but as I'm not a tech nerd, I get easily confused by it.

The problem seems to be in my sound hardware (or something? I have no idea what I'm talking about). I have ALSA, which isn't "natively supported" (or whatever) by Skype. So, I need to install an OSS emulator for ALSA, using my terminal... Or something? Can someone please explain how to do this in simple, plain language? I'm totally confused. =(

Thanks damntechnerds. EDIT: Problem solved! But not by DP. Thanks for nothing! =P

Sweatshirt/Shirt Screening?

Anyone know of someone or somewhere I could take a design and have it screened on to a few sweatshirts for a group of my friends- about 6 people. I'll supply the sweatshirts, I'm just looking for someone who might be willing to help out, the most I'm thinking of possibly is two colors.

Anyone who might be able to help or knows someone who could, I'd love to chat.

It'd be a small graphic on the front and a larger, different graphic on the back.

Comment if you have any helpful advice or can help!


My cover letter!

Unless I haven't caught onto an LJ joke for the anniversary, I have no idea why upon searching for "resume" and "cover letter" in interests it came up with only Russian communities. Anyway, I need help with my cover letter for a bakery in Portland. I have never written one, but really want to land this job so I just want a final second opinion. Let me know if you wouldn't mind helping a sista out...
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(no subject)

This may seem like a silly question, and the answer could be as simple as "Get thyself to a Fred Meyer, thou rumpfed runion!" but I'm wondering where one can buy large tea trays? I have tea quite a bit, but I got a larger teapot and the damned thing takes up about half of my current tray. Cool designs a plus.
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Ugh, do not go

I went to Taste of Mexico (NW 21st and Irving) tonight for dinner and was amazingly underwhelmed. I ordered the vegetarian fajitas and they came out with barely seasoned mixed (tasted like previously frozen) vegetables. Cauliflower? Carrots? Zucchini? Um, I do not think that these vegetables belong in fajitas.

They did have good homemade chips, though.
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Devil Doll

Anyone know when Devil Doll might be in town? Their MySpace just says "Pacific Northwest Tour" after August 1st.

I figured you one a' all y'all might know better than anyone. ;}

If you don't know who I'm talking about, here yah go:

(no subject)

i know someone posted about this back in january....but i cant find the post for the life of me.

where is a good place to get prints made of art? my mother has a show coming up and needs some made. they don't need to be the fancy giclee, unless that really is the best. also cheap? does that exist?

thank you!