May 25th, 2009

Coffee Shop info

I have had my typical coffee shop haunts but I would like to explore more places. The problem with the current places I hang out in is either they are on a busy road or don't quite have the right vibe. I discovered Palio's recently and appreciated that it was off a busy street but the ambiance is a little stale.

I was hoping you guys could give some tips of chill coffee shops that are:

1) Off a busy street so you can sit outside and enjoy the stillness
2) Have interesting ambiance
3) Offers a little more than muffins and scones
4) Preferably on the East side ~ inner southeast/Sellwood... but can travel and will!


deadfromcon--by me

So who's coming this year?

So guys remember waaaaay back last August when Kumoricon was about to happen and we all said that those of us who were going to the con would post our pictures? And remember waaaaay back last September when a few people actually did?

Uh yeah. I'm totally late to the party, but here are three hundred and eighty-two pictures encompassing Friday-Monday. It goes backwards, so start from the bottom (or if you view the pictures cut up, the last page) and work your way up/back. Feel free to point yourself out!

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DAMN! I wish I had a wireless rouuuuuter

Hokay so here's the deal. Dannybear loves his home on the web right here in good ol DP. The problem is he has to move into a new apartment. New roomie has laptop hard wired per bad wireless reception. Dannybear has desktop with wireless antenna...but no WIRELESS ROUTER!?!?! Does anyone, oh glorious Portlanders of the Damned, have a wireless router lying around they'd like to sell for DP discount or give to a new home? Let me know!

<3 ydb
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Cat Tuxedo

Yes, you read that right. I am in need of a tuxedo for a cat. Not a tuxedo cat. I know, I know. It's a long story but I need to find a tux for a medium sized kitty by Tuesday. Any suggestions? At this point location does not matter.

This is what I am talking about (a tuxedo cat in a tuxedo):


Edit: I checked out PetCo and PetSmart online and it looks like their online stores have everything from santa suits to college sweatshirts but no tuxedos! I'm thinking this will require the knowledge of what I imagine to be the bazillion pet boutiques in the PDX metro area. Please halp!u

Pub trivia?

Does anyone know of any places in Portland that host pub trivia, or anything like it?  I played with some friends in Boston recently... you show up and compete against other teams in the bar for prizes.  By "prizes" I mean cheap beer, t-shirts, and tickets to soccer games, but it's a pretty good time!

Here's the website of the company that does them on the east coast, if anyone wants a better idea:

Two Movies About Urban Decay and Renewal, Tonight at 8pm, FREE

Tonight Monday Movies is showing two great vintage films about city life:

The Will And The Way, (1959, Goodwill Industries, B&W, 20 minutes)

If you like thriftstore shopping, this is a must-see movie produced by Goodwill about the various programs it had at the time. Shot in 1950s Baltimore, Maryland, when John Waters was just a pup, we follow the life cycle of donated items as they make their way from donation to repair to retail. There are several vignettes of Goodwill employees, with varying degrees of disability, talking about the specific departments and skills they use to refurbish some of the best vintage furniture and appliances this side of Hawthorne. Good shots of 1959 downtown Baltimore, which was just as, uh, lovely then as it is now.


Lewis Mumford on the City: City As Man’s Home, (1963, National Film Board of Canada, B&W, 60 minutes)

This is part 5 in the series Mumford hosted about the troubles of urban growth affecting 1960s Canadian cities. The film covers the range of urban residences, from slums to luxury apartments, and asks the questions how did this happen and now what can we do? Several thought-provoking points are raised, including the fact that the communal standard of living was falling, even as personal living standards continued to rise.


Lewis Mumford (1895 –1990) was an American historian of technology and science. Particularly noted for his study of cities and urban architecture, he had a tremendously broad career as a writer that also included a period as an influential literary critic.


Show starts at 8pm in the upstairs loft. Admission is free. All ages welcome.


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking for bikes and cars



Skype Skype Skype.

I just decided to sign-up for Skype's Unlimited US & Canada plan. I'm pretty psyched -- I was considering getting a cell phone, but I'm not a big fan of the technology, and Skype offers a great (and cheap -- $2.95 a month!) alternative.

Anyone else using this service? Any complaints or praises? Advice? Thanks!! <3

Re-posting one last time before I compile all the data...

Students in the Women's Studies Senior Seminar at PSU are conducting an unbiased & anonymous survey on violence within female same-sex relationships. If you have personally been in a female same-sex relationship where violence of any sort occurred, at any time, for any any period of time, we encourage you to participate. Please pass this on if you know anyone who might want to participate. Thanks!!

I posted about this a while back and have gotten all the logistical kinks worked out, thank you to folks who gave me advice! This has turned out to be some of the most emotionally intense and incredibly interesting research I've ever done. If anyone is interested in this topic, I recommend Claire Renzetti's Violent Betrayal as a good starting place.

Thanks again.
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Okay kids, tell me two positive things (no matter how small) that happened to you this week,


Tell me about your dream job. The sky is the limit. What would you like to do with your time? How would you work to make your life or the world better?

PS: I am taking suggestions for positivity topics, feel free to send me an LJ message if you have an idea for a topic.
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can i have your lemon balm?

it's getting to be time to harvest lemon balm and while i have a good amount growing in my garden i'd really like more. if you have some growing in your chemical free garden i would really appreciate if i could come and get it. i can gently harvest in a way that will NOT negatively impact the plant or i can clear it out of your yard if you'd rather have the space for other plants.

we can possibly work out some trades (kombucha, cookies, tincture, garden work), but primarily i'm looking for lemon balm that no one wants and i can just come and turn into medicine.