May 24th, 2009

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I found some lost books at Union Station

I found three books leaned up by the elevator up to the bridge connecting Union Station to the Yards At Union Station last week, at about eleven at night, in the rain. One of them is dedicated 'With Love From Mom' inside of it, and they aren't library books.  They also aren't apparently affiliated with bookcrossing, so I figure someone out there probably wants them back.  They've got pretty minimal water damage.  I meant to drop them off at the front office at the Yards and post a sign up by the elevator, but I forgot. 

I'd say what the titles are, but if you lost them, you already know.

Did you lose them? Do you know anyone who might have?
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Anything cool happening June 3rd-8th?

Coming back home for a few days (yay!!), and since I have virtually no idea what's happening in town (haven't been back since October), I was wondering if there are any good shows/events/new bars/great bars I've never heard of, etc...that I should check out. I'm from the east side, and will probably spend the most time there, but I have been known to cross a bridge from time to time. (Just don't send me into deep SW or anything, I lived in Portland for 18 years and still get lost over there.)


Long walk is looong.

I got home at 11:30. I left my house at three.

A couple three hours in there was me stopping to browse and take pictures at various places along the way, but dude, I walked from my apartment in Goose Hollow to Ikea and back. Holy fucking shit.

Here's my route.

And by the way, that whole area from 82nd and Killingsworth up to Alderwood Road can eat a giant bag of dicks. Both Gmaps and my AAA map are just wrong--some recent construction up there rerouted some stuff and the railroad underpass is in a completely different place; I added an extra mile or so just hiking around and cursing, in part because one of the streets I wanted to take had no shoulder and no sidewalk.

My calves hurt and my butt cheeks are kinda mad at each other, but I think I came out of it pretty well.

Oh, side note: that bit where I cut that corner north of Alderwood? It's right under the flight path of low-flying landing aircraft. There are no fences and there is no signage telling people to keep out. It's very flat ground covered in scrub meadow grass dotted with really lush greener areas and putting-green-sized patches of what might be purple loosestrife. It would be a great spot for a picnic.

ETA: Actually, I'm full of shit WRT the railroad underpass. Gmaps is accurate. The route I took is new and not on my AAA map. The underpass at 92nd is on my map. That's what fucked me up. compromised?

So, in the past five minutes, I've gotten four messages in my e-Mail saying people have sent me facebook messages saying ""

Have the Belgians taken over our intarwebs? They should stop trying to viralize my facebook and go back to making waffles.
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Now I want to know.

I went to a grocery store this morning with my friend to purchase some wine and breakfast fixings. He was making the purchase and at the register, he presented his out-of-state ID card that had a bent corner. Because of this bent corner, he was turned away because apparently the clerk could not legally accept it as valid ID. I was not asked of my age or to present ID at any time.

We went outside, I offered to buy it, but he gave me some money and I went back to the clerk. She refused to sell me the wine because my friend had been turned away. I said that I was in the store alone buying wine for myself. She didn't want to sell me the wine (technically her right to refuse service), but she reasoned it with having denied my friend. I asked her when would I be able to purchase wine then, but she informed me SHE couldn't sell it to me, but another clerk could. She handed me the wine and I went to another clerk.

That clerk also refused to sell me the wine stating that I had been refused already for having a damaged ID. I told her that was someone else and that I had not been asked to present ID nor had I been turned away, that I am by myself purchasing wine for myself. She wasn't sure if she could sell it to me, so she called a manager to check. She said some things to the manager before she got to me, but the manager basically tried to say that it was illegal for them to sell me alcohol since someone I was with previously in the store had been turned away. I asked her what would be an acceptable amount of time before I could purchase alcohol again from the store. She did not know. I suggested ten minutes, perhaps a year, maybe twenty-four hours. She then said yes, twenty-four hours. She did not seem confident in that answer.

I want to know, what is the law here? I know the store can have its own policies and they can choose to sell or not sell anything to anyone that wishes to make a purchase. However, these later two individuals chose to incite the law, which I'm not entirely convinced they fully understand.

I feel like they think I was trying to pull a fast one on them or something, but we just wanted to buy some wine and we're both of age, so technically selling it to us isn't illegal anyway. I also think they're trying to have it both ways, seeing as how I was excluded from the initial transaction (not paying with my money, not asked of age, no ID requested), yet they refused me on the second transaction when I'm by myself. Do I really have to even wait a certain amount of time? They seem to think the OLCC has a set amount of time, but they don't know what that is until I made suggestions.

I just think their reaction was sincerely ridiculous. Not that it justifies it, but we don't look like hobos or anything and we were buying moderately-priced wine with foods to make breakfast. Are they just really proud grocery store clerks? Was this some kind of weird twilight zone thing? What the hell?

dying possum in my yard.

hey dp,

this morning we woke up and found a possum with a fucked up back leg (maybe fucked up back?) in the bushes outside my house. it looks like it's doomed to die a slow and painful death. we called animal control, they told us that they "don't deal with wild animals."

is there anyone we can call to put the poor thing out of its misery? do you have any suggestions for how we can make it more comfortable?

EDIT: dovelewis will euthanize it (thanks!) but I need to get the animal there. uh. any suggestions of how to do this? they suggested a towel or blanket, or putting a box over it and then sliding it in. am i right that this sounds like a two-person job?
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Can anyone clarify what time Sinferno at Dante's starts tonight, and how much cover is? I looked on their website and found conflicting reports. I'll delete this post if I get a sure answer. Thanks :D
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Need a new roommate!

Hey dp!

So, my roommate just told me she is going to move out by July 1, which is cool, as long as I can find someone else to take her place. I've posted on craiglist and some other places but I figured I might as well spam the whole internet.

So, my apartment is awesome and beautiful and amazing, and near E Burnside and 20th, which is a pretty great location. Two (smallish) bedroom, two bathrooms, big kitchen with tons of storage space, huge windows, spiral is a little under $500 each, plus utilities, so it usually ends up being between $520 and $540 per person.

I am 21 (almost 22!), a student, vegan (yeah, drink all you want), mostly not that terribly noisy but I do like having friends over sometimes...I like to listen to music and cook and have potlucks and stuff. A vegan roommate would be super extra awesome but not required.

Let me know if you're interested!
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Are there any bars that have trivia tonight? I'm feeling restless and like harassing my sister to come out/showcasing our useless knowledge. We're both in NE, but I'd be happy to drive a ways in order to attend a trivia night.
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How long have you lived in Portland?

Poll #1405041 Portlanding

How long have you lived in Portland?

less than one year
1-2 years
3-5 years
6-9 years
10-20 years
21+ years
I don't live in Portland but I used to
I don't live in Portland but I want to

Portland outer counts too.. Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Gresham, etc. Within a 25 mile radius, I guess.

...Or less? or whatever, use your best judgment. I just thought it'd be neat to get an idea of the community's residency longevity and such.
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i have a desk. i do not want the desk anymore. it is in very good condition. it has a lot of space and works well. i would like to give it away. all you need to do is come get it. in the picture i know it has stuff on it. i obviously will move all the stuff off and wipe it down before you arrive. nothing wrong with the desk at all. so, anyone need it?

*the computer monitor also needs to go. anyone need that?
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So, bellybalt reminded me that I forgot about the LJ meetup announcement last week-- sorry guys! I'm out of town and shit's craaaaazy here right now @_o; --so you'll just get one a day for three days (today, tomorrow, and day of).

So, anyway! LJ meetup at 7pm on Tuesday at the Deschutes Brewery.

Slightly outdated meetup FAQ is here.

Hope y'all have a good time! :)

Oh beehive!

So what the hell was up with this beehive on a curb near SE 44th & Clay last weekend? Yes, there were bees. No, there wasn't a "free" sign on it.

I've walked the streets of this town many times, but this is the first active beehive on a curb that I've encountered.

I suppose I could've knocked on the door of the nearest house and asked, but I didn't.

Can you name this movie?

Not Portland-related at all, but:

Awhile ago someone recommended that I see a specific movie/TV show. It sounded pretty cool. The problem is, I don't remember the name of it so I can't google it, although I do remember a very basic plot summary. Can you help? The basic plot is that there's this guy, and something happens to him and he has to recreate/re-live his life based on a certain set of objects (like the contents of his wallet, or what he was wearing that day or something like that) down to the very last molecule. If he loses any of these possessions whatever he's trying to do won't work.

That's about all I remember...sound familiar?

May 30th Bike Fix-It

The SUN programs at Marshall Campus and Clark K-8 @ Binnsmead are teaming up to host a Bike Fix-It Fair on May 30th. We will be providing simple bike repairs free of charge as well as distributing helmets to those who need them.

We would like to help some members of our community acquire a bike. If you have a bike sitting in your garage that you do not use, and it is in good or easily repairable condition, please consider donating it to our Bike Fix. We are accepting donations 9am-6pm Monday-Friday at Marshall Campus. All donations are tax deductible.

Also! We would like to have some sort of entertainment for people waiting in line. I'm trying to cajole my friend into bringing his ukulele and accordion. If you think you could keep people excited, we'd love to have your help.

If you can help out, please call 503-916-5240 Ext 71251 or email

Bike Fix-It
Saturday, May 30, 2009
Marshall Campus
3905 SE 91st Ave.
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Sarah Jo's Buttercream Caramel

Is there any place around town that I can buy Sarah Jo's Buttercream Caramels, or are they only available on the coast (Nehalem/Wheeler/Rockaway Beach area)? They are delicious and I will want more when I run out of the small stash I purchased but I don't want to have to go to the coast each time.