May 23rd, 2009

C&H Fight


Guy in van wearing clown outfit with a puppet monkey. He sings really loud, has metal sculpting on the van, whats the story PDX?

*edit: I mean no ill ideas by this, Im purely interested no poking fun in the least.
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athletic injuries.

Well, I said it couldn't be done, but here I am posting on DP about an athletic injury. At least, I think it is.

Basically I'm being more active and running (almost) every morning, but when I wake up in the morning (before) I excersize the muscle on the top of my foot hurts like a mother. Serious. It's really the muscle on the top of the joint of the ankle-- A few drawings of the foot reveal this to be most likely the "superior extensor retinaculum"?

At the moment, the only way it's physically possible for me to go down the stairs is to walk on my tip-toe, like I'm wearing a pair of heels, which really isn't fun or safe.

I'm convinced this injury is happening while I sleep, since I have a habit of twitching and sometimes sickling my feet while I'm asleep/zoning out.

Please tell me there's something I can do to help this, short of wearing a boot to bed.
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thumbs down to pollen, thumbs up to Claudia's

jeez. who else woke up this morning with the worst allergy attack ever? i can even hear my neighbors sneezing and coughing!

and on an unrelated note, many many thanks to everyone who suggested Claudia's on Hawthorne for my hockey-watching pleasure. my friend and i went for the Hawks/Wings game last night, and while we were indeed in the minority as Hawks fans, everyone was really nice, and the vibe and energy were awesome.

happy long weekend, everyone...
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(no subject)

So... has anyone ever eaten at Husky or Maltese Whatever on 36th and Powell? I pass by it often and have never seen it open and it's made me quite curious.
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(no subject)

what is the most cheap place in portland to purchase a inner tube? preferably somewhere on the south east side, but i don't mind traveling for the right price. perhaps someone has an old inner tube laying around in their garage that they'd like to get rid of?

Memorial Day activities

I just started volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and I'm looking for something to do with my little sister this weekend. We meet on Mondays at around 6pm and I'm wondering if anyone knows of activities going on this Monday since it's Memorial Day. Prefer free/cheap activities.

Thank you!
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I desperately need about 14 folding tables for this event I'm planning. Anywhere from 3 x3 feet to 3 x 6 feet. Do you have one that I could borrow? Please? I'll come pick it up, and I can return it after Sunday June 7th!

Also, if anyone knows a catering or party service that might be willing to rent me some tables for CHEAP, please let me know! Thanks! <3<3

Cold desserts

My sister is coming into town this evening and I thought it might be fun if we got desserts somewhere.

My requirements are: I'm thinking frozen yogurt mainly but maybe gelato. I'm looking for good places around Goose Hollow/NW 23rd (Nob Hill) areas. It also has to be cheap (under $5 each). It has to be open until around 7pm or so. I'm wanting personal recommendations and not "I saw this place once that looked good". I just would prefer actual recommendations.



Where can I get macaroons in SE Portland (the closer to SE 20th and Hawthorne, the better)?? I need the cutesy little colored ones.. pink, yellow, green, chocolate, etc.. I need about 200, and need them by 5pm

Hotel Legal Help

So me and a few friends are in Newport for memorial day weekend and we get to the condo/hotel and we're told that two of the five of us will have to leave. The manager says that it's Oregon state law that only three peopoe can stay. We've all paid our portion, but suddenly we have to find new accomadations. My question to you oh wise damnportlanders is this: Is he bluffing or do we seriously have to spend $65 a night to sleep in our cars?

french fries

sorry, i always ignore these posts when i see them but i've been thinking about french fries all day. and i don't have a favorite place for french fries at all. i may just go to skyline burger because at least it's pretty in the hills.
any recs?
beatnik betty


Dear Damn Portlanders,

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Bethany, or Beatnik Betty ;).
I've been living and thriving in the Washington DC area for the last 10 years and have finally decided to make my move out to the west coast. I've had my eye on portland for several years and now have a friend who's offered me a room to stay in. I was laid-off from my job as a marketing director at the end of January and have had more trouble finding replacement work than I expected to. I realize the job market in Portland is no better right now, as everyone is suffering hard, but I feel at least that my talents, skills, background, inclinations, etc are more in line with the Portland/West Coast mindset.

I mean... Bitch Magazine is headquartered in Portland, need I say more? :)

I'm a communications, media, public relations/client relations, writing/journalism, audio/sound production, voiceovers, etc, type of person, with non-profit experience, project management/campaign management experience, etc. Essentially, I have a lot to offer and can do a lot of things, but I'm not a graphic designer, nor am I an IT/technical person. I'd be MORE than happy to tell you more details about my professional experience ....

So I'm MOVING to Portland in late August this summer.

I'm VISITING this week, arriving Monday afternoon, and leaving Thursday.

TUESDAY May 26th and WEDNESDAY May 27th are my two big days to see portland, introduce myself to potential companies to work for, make networking connections, etc etc.

I just can't wait to live and work in Portland. I realize I won't get another dream job right now until the economy improves, but as long as I can find something to pay my bills, I'll be ecstatic. Now I'm just ready to start shifting and transitioning my life to Portland and see if I can do a lot of the same things (or more) there as I have been doing here.

So my purpose for writing is to request the following:

1) Any new LJ friends from the Portland OR area that I can add to my reading list

2) Any advice about finding work, offers to take a copy of my resume via email

3) Any general advice about Portland, tho I've been researching it on my own for a long time

4) Info about the Poetry & Spoken Word scene in Portland...

5) Medical Marijuana advocacy groups? I have volunteered significantly with them here in Maryland...

6) Pagan/Wiccan/Nature-based womens groups?

7) Blessings? Karma? Luck? New friends? Ideas? Inspirations?

8) Any questions you have about me?

Many thanks to you all, I look forward to reading more posts about Portland and hopefully getting to know more of you before I move there in August. I'll be all over town Tuesday and Wednesday this week if anyone wants to meet up at a coffee shop to introduce themselves...

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A 'Where can I find? & What happened to... ?' post.

Hi there fellow Portlanders! I have two questions that go together:
1) Does anyone know what happened to the restaurant 'Miso Happy' on 23rd? I was craving some Bento from the restaurant, and when I was looking for parking to go and get some, I realized it was gone!

2) Which now leads us to the second questions -- where can I get some amazingly yummy take-out bento (vegetables, rice, teriyaki chicken (or peanut curry chicken that Miso Happy had)?

Any help would be fabulous!

Thanks :)

Sorry for the spam...

...but for the garage sale hounds, here you go:

Garage Sale to raise money for our fall wedding!

Includes: Golf clubs, exercise bike, weight machine, bicycle, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, clothes, knick knacks, gifts and more!

Many items $1!
902 NE Grace Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604
Monday, May 25, 9 AM

(no subject)

 From (a 20 questions game):

You are Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Are you help enforce the law? You said Yes, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is No.
Are you comedic? You said Sometimes, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is No.
Do you lack emotions? You said No, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is Probably.
Are you skinny? You said No, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is Yes.
Contradictions Detected

Have these "other players" actually watched the show? I can't believe some of these answers! He's not comedic? Picard was hilarious at times! And come on, he lacks emotion??? Pfft...


Call me a cab...

I've always wanted to drive a cab. Does anybody know anything about driving a cab? Is the money any good? How does one go about becoming a cab driver? Any special license requirements? Which company would be best to approach about a job? Anything else I need to know?

Rose Festival carnival ride prices

Anyone know what kind of (ridiculous) prices they're charging for rides at the Waterfront Rose Festival Carnival?  Better yet, anyone know if there's any kind of wristband/all-inclusive pass you can get?  While I loathe paying $2-5 a ride I am dearly in love with amusement park rides/carnivals and, having not been able to afford to go the past several years, I haven't been able to get my summertime fix in a while.  Considering Oregon doesn't have anything like Six Flags or the like this will have to do.  I tried looking around the website and doing some goole-fuing but either they don't really list prices anywhere or my (still present) hangover is getting in the way of me noticing incredibly obvious things this evening.

P.S. Yes, I know about Oaks Park and plan to go there sometime as well, but I really like walking around Waterfront and being downtown for the moment.  I don't know why, but I just do. 
stop it

oh Portland

On the way out to 82nd and Holgate on the 17 earlier tonight, hipster kid gets on, doesn't have change for a $20 on the bus to pay fare. ALL THE BUMS IN THE FRONT OF THE BUS POOLED THEIR CHANGE TO BUY THE KID A TICKET.

Kid: OMG this is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me ever.
Oldest, stinkiest bum: Don't worry, it'll get worse.

This is one of those things that reminds me why I love this town.