May 21st, 2009



Hey guys happy Thursday etc. I was considering going to either Ikea or Tarjay today to purchase some bedding as I am moving and in need of these things. I just need some new pillow cases and standard sheets. I already have a fancy queen sized mattress and down comforter/duvet. So that being said where can I find said items for a good deal? Thanks for any suggestions :)


Concerns over day-workers

I'm pretty sure most of you have walked past all the day-workers who hang out on E. Burnside around 8th ave through Grand. When I first moved here from Los Angeles I never noticed day-workers around town. Back home they are commonplace and never looked upon in any odd sort of fashion, but in the Northwest I basically forgot they existed. Then within the last 2 years with our Pearl District condo bulge and many other overly ambitious construction zones I noticed them here in P-town. I wait for the bus on Grand and Burnside every day when I get off work, and I must say I was quite surprised to see a white dude driving a huge truck into the Plaid pantry parking lot with 15 men running towards it in hopes of work.

I was just wondering what you all thought about this phenomenon? When I see them piling on the corners looking for work I feel sorry for them. I know it's dangerous to work undocumented and often times they fall victim to shady work practices and employers who don't care about their health or well being. I also think *well they came here illegally so that's kind of the deal you get* when you do something like that. I'd very muchly like to go to Canada or England illegally but that would definitely be impossible for a U.S. citizen to pull off without being discovered and or jailed. So Portland, what do you think about our day-workers and their increasing numbers? In an economy like today where most of us can't even find a job how do these people get by? I know when it comes down to it, they certainly are FTW! when compared to the lazy white street kids who beg in drugged out circles down town with pets. Day-workers come to work. Plain and simple. There's ultimately a dedication and sense of pride in never begging but offering to do a good job.

IN OTHER WORDS PRESENTS: A benefit for Gender (Free) For All! - Friday, June 26, 2009



IN OTHER WORDS PRESENTS: A benefit for Gender (Free) For All!

WHEN: Friday, June 26, 2009. Door at 7, Show at 8
WHERE: In Other Words Bookstore, 8 NE Killingsworth St., Portland, OR
COST: $5-20 sliding scale, costumes encouraged

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Hiking around Mt. Rainier

Hai DP,

Has anyone here hiked the 'wonderland trail' around Mt. Rainier? I have a few weeks free toward the end of the summer & it's something I've wanted to do for a while. But information about it is a mess of parks dept. websites with broken links and other fun.

What I'm mostly trying to figure out is the reservation situation. The website makes it sound like you need to have a REALLY exacting itinerary for your hike with all your campsite reservations made months in advance in order to have a place to sleep...which I guess means you can't decide to go slower if you realize you're getting more tired than you thought you would. Some places say you can only camp in campsites and that campsites are $12-$15 per night, and other places say you can get a "wilderness camping" permit that lasts 2 weeks for $20. Wtf, y'all? Can anyone help me understand what I need to do to get permission from the guv'mint to walk around a mountain?

Also, can the trail even be hiked all the way around? The site says there was a flood in 2006 and that "some areas" may or may not be accesible.

These are the facts of life.

1) The British aren't funny. This INCLUDES the original The Office, which just makes me wince and laugh out of un-comfort.

2) Biz Markee is NOT talented. "Just A Friend" is only good in the "so-good-it's-bad" way. This is a fact. If you disagree, name 6 more Biz Markee songs without Google. GO ahead and use your iTunes, because NO ONE has 6 Biz Markee songs on their iTunes.

3) Beer in green bottles sucks. Always and forever.

4) Everyone one is wrong, except you.
deary lou

News Flash! Mayor Sam Adams rides the bus!

I know this because I just saw him! He was sitting two rows behind me on the 20 Burnside on the eastside... looking like any average citizen – except – omg!!! He's the mayor! :)

I wonder where he was headed? And does he have to pay 2 bucks like everyone else?!?

Anyways, I think it's pretty rad that he rides public transit.
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Responsible smokers

On Tuesday, I was at PCC Rock Creek in the smoking section, having a cigarette, when this guy goes to put his cigarette butt in the Butt Stop. Apparently, the thing was broken, because as soon as he lifted the lid, the thing flew open and cigarette butts fell to the ground.

There was a sandwich bag in the ashtray and the guy used it as a glove and picked up the cigarette butts and put them in the ashtray.

So to that guy, you rock! Most people would have just left it there, but you actually cleaned it up! We need more smokers people like you!

Portland en español

There's a little article in Spanish about Portland at ... it was also posted at

I noticed this because they used my photo of electric cars in downtown Portland, which they found on Flickr. Since they gave me credit, I was able to find these on Google.

And, while I'm bragging, check this out! I doubt anyplace in Portland sells this Russian magazine, but if they do, for Christ's saké lemme know.

mystery spot

Does anyone know what this place is? It's on MLK, across from the liquor store and just before Fremont. It's painted all flat black, with double doors. One door says "private property" and the other one says "private party". Here's a google street view link: (under a cut, the link is really long)

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it has been decided by popular opinion.
the relationship rage-off will happen.
the space room
7pm sunday  May 24th.

Im bringing cupcakes.

i've never been but hear its full of campy furniture and space themed drinks.
i hope to see a few of you there!

cigarettes cases and money clips

I was wondering if anyone here might have any idea about where I could find these two things: 1. a plain yet classy cigarette case 2. a money clip. I used to have both of these things, thanks to a Camel promo mailing list I signed up for in exchange for a pack of cigarettes while drunk at a club in San Francisco. I have since lost them and find myself wishing I hadn't. I think a place like Red Light would have cigarette cases, but I want something un-embellished and not marketed as a card holder. Would a tobacco shop/head shop have this? As for the money clip, I am at a loss, but I find myself wishing I had one more often than I would have expected. Anyone seen one around town? As a wild guess, maybe a classy place like Nordstrom's would have them?


ETA: Thanks for the tips everyone, I now have some leads for acquiring these essential items.
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