May 20th, 2009


Larch Mountain snow gates

Are the snow gates on Larch Mountain Road still in place? The Columbia Gorge National Recreation Area website has a news item about them being closed last year, and mentions they're really maintained by Multnomah County; MultCo's website is a maze. What's a good place to actually find this out?
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Cheap haircut.

What's the cheapest place to get a haircut?

I messed my hair up pretty bad, basically by cutting it too short with scissors and putting inadvertent steps/patches/mess into it. All I really need is someone to go over it with some clippers to try to even it out, but I don't have any and am just ready to put it into someone else's hands.

So really, I just need a place that can handle using clippers, and hopefully for under $15.


fake blood?

i need some capsules of fake blood, stat!

where do i go to find these in the halloween off-season? i need them locally. my project i'm working on will not be fully complete until i have them!

edit: thanks guys :) got a couple places to try. you win.
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Rock out with the Rose City Rollers on Saturday

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It's a Rock Show! A benefit for the Wheels of Justice!
Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 9:00pm
Location: The Know
2026 NE Alberta Street, Portland OR

The Rose City Rollers All Star Team Presents:

Mean Jeans (10pm)
Thundering Asteroids (9pm)

PLUS a get down dance party with DJ Lob Robster (our illustrious coach) and Sir Render.

Rollergirl Auction, Antics and Mayhem. All. Night. Long.

$5-10 sliding scale
All proceeds go towards the Wheel of Justice Travel Fund.

A sampling of possible auction packages will be posted soon. You WON'T want to miss out on some of these special prizes!

(Some of the packages may require a minimum bid, and are subject to change before the event.)

apologies for massive crossposting
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Yard work?

I'm looking for someone to weed whack and mow my yard this summer.  Because I really don't want to because I'm lazy.  Anyone do yard work on the side or know someone who does?  The craigslist section for this kind of thing was an un-navigateable wreck.  Pay would be $15 per mowing session. 

Chemo Haircut

My better-half is currently in the middle of chemotherapy treatment, and has lost most, but not all, of his hair. He's looking to buzz off what's left, but due to money being tight because of medical bills and whathaveyou we'd rather not spend the 15 bucks on a buzz cut that most places charge.

Anyone know of anywhere in Portland/Hillsboro/Beaverton/anywhere really, that will do free or cheap "just shave off what's left" hair cuts for cancer patients?

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Wanted: charger for Treo 650

Since everyone's playing the give n get game, I'd like a second charger for my Treo 650. I know when last I switched phones, I was storing old accessories that I had no use for over the next year or two. Since so many people have gone iPhone, there have got to be extra Treo chargers floating around Portland.

Heck, extra batteries would be useful too, since mine's beginning to not hold a charge long (and by long, oh iPhoniers, I mean less then a week. I still don't have to charge daily. Thhrrp!)

ITT Technical Institute

There's an ITT commercial that they're playing a lot on the WB about some dork who goes back to school and gets his degree. I'm sure you guys have seen it... you know the one. The guy who's afraid of having a 'MONdane' job. Does that drive anyone else completely crazy everythime they here it? He's trying to say mundane but for some stupid reason he can't read the cue card. Some statement for education, eh?
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Morel Mushrooms

Anybody know any stores in the area that carry them? Or Farmers Markets? Must have Morels!

Thanks everybody for the comments! I'm going to hit the markets mentioned and if that doesn't work I'll try the grocery stores. Don't have time to hunt the woods for them this year.
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Tomorrow! Noche Latina :: Latin Night :: A night to benefit the Institute on Aging Nicaragua Trip

Hi all,

I am personally going on this trip and am getting more excited by the minute. We'd love to have you out to support us at this event! If for some reason (broken foot, swine flu, out of the country ;) ) you can't make it on Thursday, but still want to get involved with supporting this great cause improving the lives of the elderly in Nicaragua, contact me for information on raffle tickets, silent auction, or donating your Peruvian grandmother's entire kitchen.




Noche Latina :: Latin Night :: A night to benefit the Nicaragua Service-Learning Program partnership between Portland State University and the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation.


The PSU students of the 2009 Nicaragua Service-Learning Program and the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation cordially invite the Portland community to a night of Latin music, dancing, and fun.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Village Ballroom, 700 NE Dekum

8pm to midnight




• FREE SALSA LESSONS 8.30pm - 9.30pm


• $10 in advance/$15 at the door

• $20 in advance/$25 at the door for Couples

• $5 in advance/$7 at the door for Students


For advanced tickets or more information, please contact Betsy Nolan: betsynolan at

Help us make a difference and come have a ball.

We hope to see you there.

PSU and JFR thank you!


The Jessie F. Richardson Foundation (JFR) in partnership with Portland State University’s (PSU) 2009 Service-Learning Program involves students with hands-on work with community elders and those residing in hogares (elder homes), as well as those who work with elders. However, these self-sacrificing and dedicated students need your help in order to help others! They recognize that as hard as times are here in the United States, there are more difficult in places to live in, like Nicaragua…and they want to help! To work with the elders and fulfill the requirements of their class, the students must travel down to Nicaragua. Because of this expense, we need assistance from generous community members like you to raise money for necessary student scholarships.


During this service-learning program, students are given the opportunity to evaluate needs, identify viable interventions, to implement interventions and, more importantly, assist in capacity building activities such as training and micro-enterprise development. Students not only have the opportunity to improve their professional skills, but also experience the challenges when the solution to an identified need is hampered by lack of resources to address even basic needs such as food, shelter, water and medicine. In conjunction with cultural, educational and, possibly, language barriers, students develop additional communication techniques and problem solving skills.


JFR, a certified 501(c)3 charity, set out many years ago to make a difference in the lives of elderly adults in need, both in the United States and abroad. With the cost of housing rising, the need for resources and eldercare providers growing, and an ever-expanding elderly population, the global aging crisis is becoming more and more relevant in the lives of many people around the world. With the help of generous people who have donated both their time and money, JFR and PSU have together made huge strides in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

15900 SE 82nd Drive Clackamas, OR 97015


SE 82nd Ave. Accident

I just came home from Winco and on the way back the road was blocked ALL the way across. I could see about 10 police cars, 3 or 4 fire trucks, helicopters overhead, and ambulances. I thought I could see a burnt up van plowed into the car dealership lot, but it was from a distance and there was a glare. Besides that I couldn't see past the barricade of vehicles. Anyone know what's going on?
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Anyone looking for a place to live?

Batty gave me the idea to post here, so I figured that I would give it a go. Sadly, it doesn't have the charm of a crawlspace. Despite that, it is still pretty nice.

NE portland (24th and Broadway), decently sized, 480 a month for everything. Free heat and hot water, and it's month to month. Don't want to sit here and wax my car all day, but if you are looking and wanna know more, lemme know or just email.

Fnarr! Fnarr!

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So...I tested positive for swine flu. Seriously.
While the flu in general is shitty, this particular strand is no big deal, though I am enjoying the shock and awe of my friend's reactions. The health department even called me personally!

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