May 19th, 2009


I have a problem... the bus and me do not get along on Saturday mornings so I keep ending up to work late.
Is there anyone that drives that works at or near 185th and NW Walker at 8 in the morning on Saturdays and would be willing to pick me up on there way? (My location is SW Murray and Farmington).
Message me if you this would work out.
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Suitcase problem.

This may sound like a strange question, but I'm having troubles finding the answer on google.

The last time I flew with this particular suitcase, it had burst open and my belongings were left strewn about all over the place. It wasn't overstuffed by any means. Although the luggage carriers had taped it together before I got it back at the luggage claim, it was still a pain in the ass/embarrassing to carry my luggage through the airport with all my clothes falling all over the place. The luggage itself is fine; there just seems to be a small issue with the zipper.

Question is: if I throw a couple bands of duct tape or packaging tape around the suitcase before I check it, will they get all pissy at me? I don't mind if they search it; I just want to avoid the zipper breaking open again.

I don't have time to get another suitcase before I leave. I looked into luggage straps but I'd need 2 or 3 and they were like ten bucks a piece.
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Recommendations for someone who can fix my Kitchenaid Pro 600 mixer? I bought it refurbished, so it's out of warranty. The Kitchenaid customer service person recommended Cascade Electronics, but they're estimating a 2 week turnaround, and I really don't want to be without my mixer that long.

Free Stuff!

There's free stuff on the sidewalk outside of 2102 SE 12th Avenue,three blocks south of Hawthorne. I sold what I could and the rest is yours to take. Shelves, end tables, shoes, clothes, odds and ends, dishes, cat stuff, etc. I will be putting a bit more stuff out tomorrow morning, then that's it. Please don't disturb the tenants in the building, just take anything you want. Thank you and hasta luego!
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Kerr Bikes!

If you've been down to the waterfront, you may have seen the bikes and surreys that are availible for rent. The cool thing is, when you rent a bike or surrey or coupe (among other things), you're supporting Albertina Kerr Centers!

"All profits from Kerr Bikes goes to support Albertina Kerr Centers, a 100-year old nonprofit agency supporting youth and families with mental health challenges and children and adults with developmental disabilities."

KerrBikes website


Systema in Portland!

Who's up for some good old Russian Martial Arts?
I'm moving from Toronto to Portland this summer, and I've been training in Systema up here for the last 2-3 years on and off- and just when I'm getting into some serious flowage I've got to move away. To Portland. But I'm determined to keep it up, so I want to join, or put together a regular and dedicated Systema study group.

Any interest? Has anyone here even heard of Systema?
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Any ideas on where I can buy a decent-sized teapot with an infuser? I bought a cheapo one the other day at an Asian market, but the glass cracked the first time I poured hot water in it:( So I'm looking for one a bit more expensive that will last more than one pot of tea:)