May 17th, 2009

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Root Canal help

where can a person with no health insurance get a root canal from an affordable dentist/ endodontist in Portland? i have a tooth that needs attention soon, but need to be able to afford it. any suggestions would be great, thanks!


Holy cow, I just looked up haircut prices the Paul Mitchell school on Broadway. They are what I've always dreamed of paying for a cut--so much so that I'm worried. I've never had my hair cut at a school before. Have any of you been there? How was your experience? If you've been there lately and you had a good stylist, who was s/he?

Do you know of another hair place with reasonable prices?

Tell me about your haircuts!

The 74.

Dear random bus person:

You were the blonde guy with the ponytail, goatee, torn jeans, and amazing smile, on the 74 headed north at 1230 am.

Yes, I was flirting with you.  And I hate myself for not acquiring your number, because I noticed you kept smiling at me too.

Will I ever see you again?  My imagination has great plans for us.


The girl in the black dress and combat boots.

Dear Trimet:

Why is it I got downtown so fast from 39th and Hawthorne, but when I realized I forgot my ID, I couldn't catch a bus back up to save my life?

That was a really long walk, and I didn't appreciate it.  It is hard to stay drunk when you don't have your ID for walks like that.

Also?  Passing us by as we flagged you down on Glisan?  Also very lame.

I spent six dollars on your bus service last night and somehow ended up walking pretty much from SW 2nd to NE 71st.

Why Trimet, why?

No love,

blue hair, freak

Will sew for tattoos....

Since I just graduated from school and will be just working for the first time in my life soon, I find myself picking up little things I should have picked up earlier in life. Like sewing. I have a very basic understanding from growing up around my grandmother and would like to work my way up to Stitch'n'Bitch levels.

That being said, where you would recommend a place to get a good, basic sewing kit either in town or on-line?

Or would it just be easier to put it together myself at JoAnn's?

[insert dp cliche here]

ETA: working FULL-TIME, not working for the first time. Definitely not.
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Jade and I could not work out our dual carless situation, so it's back for sale again:

Soapmaking supplies including four sheets of heart shaped soap molds, approx 18 containers of various color soap colorants and approx 22 bottles of soap fragrances of different types. The fragrances are mostly medium to large bottles and most are at least 3/4 full. The whole schmear can be yours for $20. Thanks! Merci!
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Craigslist lol?

I apologize in advance if the tone of this comes off as patronizing. I've never used Craigslist before but I'm renting out my condo before moving to SF and the responses I'm getting are stunning.

1) Why does someone ask for the address when it is clearly stated in the ad?
2) Why does someone ask for the square footage when it is clearly stated in the ad?
3) Why do people ask when it's available when it is clearly stated in the ad?
4) You want to know if your pet is allowed? It clearly states this in the ad!

Is Twitter turning everyone into mindless drones with five second attention spans? As much as I want to rent my place, I'm almost scared to rent it to people who can't be bothered to actually read the ad they're replying to. So, a quick note to apartment hunters: please read the ad you are replying to in its entirety before responding. If you don't, you risk the recipient of your message losing yet more faith in the intelligence and competence of his or her fellow humans.

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okay kids.

Tomorrow is my first whole day off (by myself, without plans) in like 12 years.

What should I do?

(Things I normally do: ride trimet downtown, walk the park blocks, spend about $20 on earrings at forever 21, wander goodwill & little finnegan's, go to powell's, go home.)

Trimet accessible. Cheap as free. Involving cool people?
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Long, rambling post on tall ships, old planes, and alcohol

(cross posted from my LJ, 'cause you might find this interesting or worthy of snark)

The Honey and I were all set to head to the coast for a romantic weekend of backpacking – hey, you do romance in your way, we’ll do it in ours. Anyway, we were going to pack our bags up on Friday night, but during a routine visit to the local Chamber of Commerce (TH is there IT support), our plans altered slightly. Okay, a lot.

Outside of J’s office is the marina. Docked were two old fashioned, two masted sailing vessels. The tall ships, that have two square sails stacked on each mast, were visiting towns up the Columbia River as part of their educational program. J, in her role as CoC communicator, walked down with us to see what there was to see.
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Where's the best place in Portland to get jambalaya? Bonus points if it's within walking distance of public transportation. Thanks!

(I will also take favorite jambalaya recipes.)