May 13th, 2009

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Bed & Breakfast recommendations?

Hi Portlanders!  My partner and I are visiting Portland for six nights in early June, and we're looking for a place to stay.  I started looking at hotels, but then thought we might enjoy a B & B more.  We will be renting a car for the week, but we'd still like to be close in.  We'd prefer a B & B that is queer-owned or queer-friendly.  Private bathroom is a must.  I've been searching the interwebs, but I'd love to hear some personal opinions as well.  Any suggestions?

Alternatively, we're thinking of staying at the Paramount.  Jetted tubs and in-room refrigerator.  Mmm...

Edit: I just went the Hotwire route to save some $$ and we're staying at the Westin, downtown.  
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I know this will come off as super dense, but does anyone really have an idea of what a "nerd" truly entails?

Based on how loosely I've seen the term used, I'd imagine myself and basically every male friend I have in Portland qualifies as one because we're not computer illiterate, don't mind artificial lighting, and we may live in our parents' basements. Why is being one so bad? Why do hipsters call people nerds?

Not trying to troll or flame, I'm just really confused as to what the word really means.

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Every office I've ever worked in has a graveyard of binders. I need a bunch of those, 1/2" (or .5 for you metric types) size, preferably in white. If you've got some you want to get rid of but haven't figured out how, post me a post and I'll run pick 'em up today.

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Stolen Backpack from my scooter left on SW 1st and Meade

Yeah, I know it was stupid of me to leave my backpack on my scooter all night long.

But I didn't expect to stay at the place I was staying at all night long. Just a few minutes, I thought, to pick up some cookies. Maybe you stole my back pack 'cause you thought I had sweet stuff in there, but now that you know it was just a bowling ball and some electrical tape, you'll give it back? No questions asked, no police, no nothing.

I have a few a few poems I wrote in there I'd like to get back. I think I have an 1/8th" adapter which would be nice to have back too.

Hell, you can keep the naughty dice if you want, and the electrical tape. Those were both from a relationship gone array. I ain't got no use for those anymore.

Just please, that bowling ball was awesome. And I use that beat to shit backpack all the time.

Do an anonymous dropoff, I don't care. But I can't fucking roll without my ball.
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Pet Travel

Can anyone recommend an awesome type of pet carrier to take for an in cabin flight? I've never taken my pet on a flight before and I'm making it a bigger deal than it should be I'm sure, but my kitty is super special to me. He has a carrier but it's about a 1/2 inch larger than the airlines allow and I'm not chancing it!

My budget is anything under $50 and my time frame is less than a week. Also, any tips on helping your kitty have a more comfortable ride please let me know. (The vet gave us some sedatives to help and I bought him some diapers.. just incase)

Portland related because... "hey look, Elvis!"

Please help!!! I need to find a good camping spot!

I am re-posting this because I only got one response last time, and I'm getting desperate.

I'm looking for somewhere to go camping in June. Ideally, it would be a place that does not allow RVs, but can accommodate a group of no more than 20 people. I would really like to find something that's pretty secluded and close to a water source that is good for swimming. If anyone has any suggestions, I could really use them. Thanks!!

junk yard yard

If you had an old van with a broken transmition, what would you do? Should I just try and give it away on craigslist or is there any chance I could get some money for the parts? It's just taking up space in my yard and I'm starting to feel a little too white trash.
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My girlie friend and I were ruminating on the surprising lack of seafood restaurants in the inner-SE and we've come to the decision that they must exist, albeit outside of our periphery. So Daisy Pinkertons, we turn to you: where might one find some tasty, no-reservation-necessary seafood restaurants in the land of May showers?
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It won't hurt.

I placed an ad on craigslist so I may as well ask here since there are so many musicians around.
Do any of you have an old ADAT recorder laying around you would not mind parting with for money?
If so, talk to me. I need one for work. Thank you.

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One of my ladies asked me to check into popular techno/electronica songs from the year 2000, so she can put together party music for a birthday. I was either sick or in love or both in 2000, so I am pretty much no help on what came out that year.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Estate Items for Sale

Estate Items for Sale - Cash only and you must pick up

Outdoor furniture:

One green plastic loveseat with three matching chairs and ottoman, a 42" diameter white metal round table with a glass top and 6 white plastic/one white metal chairs. Great for entertaining! Have been outside for years and need a good scrubbing. 30.00 for everything.

Decorative Items:

Decorative lighthouse assortment - several ranging in size from 3 inches to 1 inch. High quality and well detailed figurines. 20.00 for the set.

Decorative boats - five classic style model ships and one wooden cruise ship with an average size of 4 inches high and four inches long. 25.00 for the set.

A 2 foot tall wooden rowboat that stands vertical with shelves for displaying items. 15.00

Wooden birdhouses - set of twelve 1.5 inch square houses in fall colors. 20.00 for the set

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Poll #1399608 What drives you?

What goal inspires you to leave you bed each day?

Financial success
Desire to have/support/participate in a family.
I want a taco
I want a vegan taco
I want a cigarette
I want to copulate/perv out etc.
Finsih school and not think about what comes next
SImply avoiding death
I really love being alive, and have not yet burned out on life, and the world.
Why are you asking this? Are you a sad nihilist?
My favorite TV shows!

Edit: I like all you guys a lot. As much as personalities can clash, I think they're all charming and I appreciate them.

Workplace etiquette?

Hey DP. I don't know who to ask this question so I am asking here.

I work at a k-8 school and I injured myself there on Monday. It is obvious that I am injured; I have a boot and crutches. People around ask what happened and I just tell them something simple without going into details. I don't like attention and don't want to discuss the details with random people who work in the building.

I did tell my supervisor and several people with whom I work closely. My supervisor, however, has no taken it upon herself to loudly proclaim to people who don't know, in my presence, how I hurt myself. And today she told someone I fell off a ladder, which is completely false. There are no ladders at my school.

Anyway, is there something I could say to get her to stop broadcasting my medical information to anyone who happens to walk by? Usually that person will have asked about what happened and I will say something like "oh it's just a sprain" to make them happy. But then she jumps in! Argh!

Any thoughts? Should I just let her be a boundary-less weirdo until I heal? She is not someone I normally have issues with...

Doomed to a cardboard box? Or are there other options?

I was laid off in March and will collect my last severance payment later this month. I have June's rent covered, but after that, my lease is up. I'm really starting to worry about where I'm going to live after the end of June. I'm working part-time and am eligible for unemployment benefits, but obviously, I can no longer afford an apartment on my own. So my question is, what options do I have? I'd like to avoid sleeping in my car, if possible. I do have some income -- I just can't afford $800 per month, especially since I'm trying to keep my car payment current to avoid a repossession. Is a shelter my best option? A rooming house? A cheap roommate situation? What are other unemployed Portlanders doing to keep a roof over their heads? I'm really, really worried about this. if anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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