May 9th, 2009

Hat & Headset

This could get hairy . . .

I was having a conversation with an acquaintance of mine. We work on a show together and I had been talking with some other show members about discrimination in the workplace, specifically around piercings and tattoos and how some workplaces disallow all of them and others are selective in what I consider a negatively discriminatory way. Said acquaintance joins the conversation and brings up the opinion that those are choices, and therefore it isn't discrimination. He then brings up that it makes sense for things like race and sexual orientation to be protected because those aren't choices and to him "the science is very clear on that."

His opinion really rubbed me the wrong way because I don't feel like it being a choice or not is a reasonable explanation for determining whether it should be legally protected, nevermind his disregard for the general meaning of the word "discrimination." I couldn't find the words to say what I mean, but it has really been bothering me. I think I meant to say something to the effect of it not being a good reason because it implies that if one could help being black, or if it were a choice, it should therefore not be protected and that not being black is somehow superior. I just couldn't find the words to explain it to him.

What do you guys think? I would really like to revisit this idea with him later, but I don't want him to feel attacked by me. I just can't seem to find the words to explain why I think it's crap. Maybe you can?

car show saturday

there's two pretty eclectic car shows today if that's your scene... it's mine... so here's the deal...

Portland Transmission Spring Classic
Saturday, May 9, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Southeast 11th and Clay, Portland
Hosted by Portland Transmission

Papa’s Toys Open House
Saturday, May 9, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
495 N. Holladay St., Cornelius
Benefits Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Hosted by Papa’s Toys


wire modular closet parts?

I'm looking to replace/add some parts to a wire modular closet that was in the closet of my house when I moved in (so I don't know where it came from/what brand it is).  I have looked at home depot but what they carry isn't quite what I have.  I've googled but all the modular closet companies seem much more high-end than what I have (they're showing me wood and this is wire shelves/hanging baskets).  Anyone have another idea of where I should look, in real life or online?


anyone know a low-key place some friends and I can do karaoke in SE tonight? Closer-in is better, we are near the Hawthorne district for reference. Or just your favorite karaoke spots.

If You Like Beer, You'll Love Monday Movies!

This Monday, May 11 at 8 PM, Monday Movies presents

Beer Commercials

Join us for an entire evening of vintage 16mm film television beer commercials. Among the rarities will be a kinescope 1940s Pabst Blue Ribbon spot, filmed from a live broadcast.

This is a 50-year history of beer television commercials by Schlitz, Budweiser, Pabst, Old Milwaukee, Olympia, Miller, Rainier, Hamms, and many more.


Monday Movies happens at 8pm, every Monday night at Old Town Pizza. All ages are welcome. Admission is free! Happy hour starts at 9pm, 7 days a week.


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking



can I borrow your battery?

Anyone have a Dell Inspiron 1140 that I could borrow the battery of for like 5 minutes (well, probably 30 seconds)?  Mine has stopped turning on  properly/at all and I suspect it's not the battery but wanted to double-check before bringing it into a shop, since a bad battery is something I can fix relatively fast & cheap.  I'm outer SE but visit other quadrants regularly, and am willing to travel some...


halp me, dp

i have finished finals! *fanfare!* as such, my brain craves fat after depleting so much. fat.

where can i get the best buttercream on the eastside? it can be in the form of cakes or cupcakes or i don't really care. i just want tasty buttercream desserts, but i don't want to drive really far. thanks!
advanced, stupid

Free furniture!

We're moving next week, and we need to get rid of some stuff. We've got a 3-seater sofa, two recliners, and a computer desk.

The sofa is old and not very pretty, but sturdy and comfortable. Ditto the recliners. All have some cat scratch damage, but nothing that a slipcover wouldn't fix. The computer desk is white, from Ikea, about 6 months old, has a pull-out keyboard tray and 3 glass shelves on one side of the hutch.

The sofa and recliners are free. They can be picked up Sunday or anytime next week in the evening. You need to bring a truck and whoever you need to help you haul them. We'd like to get at least $40 for the desk since it's practically new, but we'll consider giving it away if no one wants to buy it.

If giving away doesn't work, has anyone ever used 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Will they come and haul stuff away for us, or do we have to get everything into the truck ourselves? And are their rates insane?
C&H Fight

Bike Fix

I have a mountain bike and I just want it checked out and what not. Where should I go that will be friendly, not try and tear my wallet a new one, and has some sort of credibility.

(no subject)

Is it just me or has there been a big increase lately in Trimet drivers showing up, well, basically whenever they feel like it? Particularly, 3 or more minutes early.

This is not okay. I'm gonna start calling it in if I get the bus number, because it's happened to me and people I know quite a bit lately.
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Because clearly I need to spam the community tonight.

So, DeePee.

I like clocks.

Specifically, I like clock faces.

I found, at some antique store (I don't recall, it might have been in the Pearl?) a really cool clock face (just the plate) for like $5 a few years back.

I want more.

Where would I find cool antique clock faces / or even just clocks, for relatively decent? (less than $25)

Awesome, thanks!

(Cool clock faces like this!)

(no subject)

How do you feel about Mcmenamins?

COMPLETE SHIT---service???
I only go for the drinks
Still shitty
Tots are tasty
Quirky and fun-love it :D

I had a free meal tonight because they never brought a check so I just left. I wonder if they even know I've left yet??Chapel pub to be specific.

Apparently beggars CAN be choosers??

Earlier today a vagrant outside of Safeway asked me for money for food. (BTW I hate going in there but I was nearby and needed dog food.) I thought I would do a good deed and pick him up a bagel to give him on my way out. I came out side and handed him the bag, he's all "thank you so much, this is great" (and I'm feeling good because in my own head I was nice enough to think of someone outside of myself.. i've never done anything like that before). So I'm unlocking my bicycle and I hear him start mumbling.. low at first... then louder.. "it's not even toasted... where the hell is the creme cheese.. i can't eat this".. then he yells "hey lady, you just wasted your money, what am I suppose to do with this, i can't eat this, you didn't even get me creme cheese!" and then HE THREW IT AT ME. yeah.. let me say this again..
my random act of kindness was repaid with a flying object directed at me because apparently the preparation wasn't up to his high standard of food service. I was able to laugh about it and my faith in humanity isn't completely destroyed... but Damn.. I eat plain bagels like that all the time.. what a little bitch, am I right?